Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kambria's surgery

So I have not mentioned it a whole lot before, but today Kambria had her eye surgery to put stents in her eyes so that they don't water and make her look like she is crying all the time. So we started he whole process last night. She could not have anything to eat or drink once she went to bed. She did not eat much fro dinner so I tried to get her to eat some milk but to no avail.
Sow she woke up this morning...asking for apple juice. Of course she could not have anything and that was so hard for me to have to tell her she could not have anything. We drove out to Children's Hospital in Aurora and began the process. We had to be there at 8:15 for her 10:15 surgery. Bryan and I were VERY impressed with this hospital. You can tell it is a newer hospital, but none the less, VERY friendly. We checked in and instead of them pointing to where you should go they walked you there. And then they were so friendly and nice when they checked us in again for insurance. Th lady was very impressed with how Kambria was talking at not even 2 years yet. We think she is smart but it is nice to hear it from complete strangers too. ;o)

Then we got escorted to the next waiting area where the surgery would be. We waited for a while and then went back to the prep room. They gave her some little pajamas/gown to put on. They were quite cute.

Then we were allowed to go to the little playroom and got to play for about an hour while we waited for the surgery to begin. They had a lot of fun toys, but the one Kambria liked the most was the big playhouse. There was even a doorbell on it.

After waiting for a while, the surgeon came and talked to us as well as the anesthesiologist. Then they had Bryan put his jumpsuit and hat on as he wanted to go back into the room with Kambria while they put her under. I did not want to go back for fear I would break down crying. so it was good that Bryan was there.

The operation itself took only about 20 minutes and then they came and got us to tell us that Kambria had woken up not but a couple minuted later. She of course was crying, but immediately wanted apple juice. She downed it quite fast and then we gave her a Popsicle. She downed that one and wanted another...and later in the recovery room wanted another. So she ate quite a few of them.

We watched some TV in the recovery room while they periodically checked her vitals until it was time to go home. We were discharged around noon and as we were coming down the elevators, we noticed a bunch of people in the atrium. So we went to check it out. They were having an ice cream competition. so we got to taste 3 different flavors and then vote for our favorite. So that was a fun treat.

As we were walking out the front doors, Kambria said she wanted cheese...unusual request so we took her to get macaroni and cheese from Noodles, while Bryan and I got Chipotle. It was a successful day! Now we just hope that the stents stay in her eyes for the required 6 months and that it clears up her watery eyes. Wish us luck.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

not much going on...

Bryan's graduation day from Northwestern University...

Bryan with his instructors.
So I have been told that I need to update our blog. We are now back in Colorado...just waiting around. We drove back from Chicago on June 28th and made a quick stop in Carroll, IA to see our friends Nate and Sarah and their new addition Allison.

Then we drove to Fort Collins, to spend time with Bryan's family...which the turned into a fun weekend driving to Utah to spend time with the rest of his family, but Kambria and I got to FLY!!! it was so much better than spending another 7 hours in a car.

Kambria ended up getting a fever. And then Madalyn got a fever and ended up having hand, foot and mouth disease. poor little girl! But it was a fun weekend trip.
We also got to spend a little tiem that sunday afternoon with my Grandma Jetta and Aunt Sherie! It was fun to have Kambria see her great grandma, and great aunt. It was time well spent.

Then we came home and have been waiting for this little baby boy to come...I am getting all the more anxious and he could not come any sooner... I told the doctor today that I would like to have a scheduled c-section after much thinking and praying about it...but after talking with the PA, she said they would not take a baby any earlier than 1 she said August 5th...but we will have to see what the scheduler says later this afternoon...i would prefer um Monday!!!
Here is Kambria with her favorite snack...popcorn!
And so we have just been trying to stay are Bryan and Kambria at a friends pool...while I sat and watche don the sidelines!

As far as Bryan and information on his residency...we have none. We thought there was a couple that might work out, but nothing has thus far. So we are just praying and waiting and hoping that all his diligent efforts in searching for one will pay off...sooner than later.