Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good news~

So yesterday we went to the doctor in Denver and had GREAT news. It looks like I get to deliver in Fort Collins and that about two weeks after the baby is born that she will just have to have her ureter stretched!!!! We can handle that! I was so thrilled with that news. It looks like the left kidney is perfectly normal, but the right one is still dilated. So that is why the stretching needs to be done.

Now all of this is pertinent that things go well with the delivery, but the way I have been feeling, I think things will be fine. I was so thrilled to hear that I can deliver in Fort Collins!!! It made my whole day.

And then on top of that we went to the temple and had a wonderful time. Then we got Bryan's car looked at, eventually fixed it with my fathers help and had a wonderful time chatting at dinner with Leah and Dre. I got to play with my nephew Hayden and that was fun since I could play with him this time instead of being sick...

Well that is all for now.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Slow moving day....

I thought I would take a minute and waste some time here at work...I do not feel like working today at all and am in no rush to get on the phones. My boss basically has told me that sorry she does not make the pay rate decisions and that I am not worth a pay raise...well then they are not worth working hard for. That is the attitude I have today.

I went to the dietician yesterday and she thinks things are going good. I just need to get a half hour of exercise in each day and she wants me to do it at lunch...but I can not otherwise I will be SO hot and sweaty...and then have to come back to work. So I talked to Bryan about it and we are going to get up int he mornings and go for a walk toegther. We will see how long Bryan continues to get up with me.

Wish us luck with all the unknowns!