Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our new home...only a month late

June 2011
I can not believe that we are finally home owners~! This is what our cute little house looks like
This is the most important part! The kitchen and eating area! This is where we will have all our dinner parties and invite all our new friends over. This is waht sold the home to me..

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kambria's first dance class

These two cuties were Kambria's first dance class instructors! These two girls are 11 years old and are in our new ward and as a way for earning some summer money, they put together a weeks worth of dance classes/ craft project for girls ages 4-8! it was great. They did it for three days and then had a little performance for the moms at the end. Kambria had a blast and even talks about it whenever she sees them at church!
Thanks for making Kambria feel welcomed and teaching her a few dance moves!

This pictures was taken after the frist day of dance class. She got home and was SO tired that I found her like this 15 minutes after we got home. She had fallen asleep on some blankets with a stack of books she was wanting to read!

Ainsley is 3 months!

I can not believe that 3 months has FLOWN by. I have no idea where this time is going. I try to cherish everyday with my sweet girl. Sometimes I feel like I do not get enough time with her with all the organizing and trying to deal with her siblings...She is so easy going and just loves to be around us doing what we are doing. We love her so much. Enjoy the pictures! These are the ones I took on her actual 3 month mark...her official 3 moth ones were taken at jcpenney. I will add those later!