Monday, March 26, 2007

Different weekend than expected

So we did not move out stuff this weekend! It poured rain ALL day on Saturday! And usually you would be able to still move some stuff wen it is raining, but I thought that if anything got wet and then you put it in storage it would mold and ruin no moving happened. We got the storage unit, but don't get charged until April 1st so that is nice. So we hope that the weather will cooperate this up coming Friday. We would move on Saturday but it is general conference and did not want to do that, just in case anyone who was helping us wanted to watch or listen!

So we just played up in fort Collins instead. We went and looked at some new model homes! They were so much fun to look at and dream! They are REALLY good prices for the amount of home you get.Too bad we are not in the market for a house right now. We would definitely look into buying a house in this part of town! There was one house we fell in LOVE with. It was about 2700 square feet not including the unfinished basement. And the price was $280,000. But it was GORGEOUS!!! Bryan and I want to go back sometime soon and take pictures of the decorating so we wont forget what we liked when it does come time for us to look into buying a house. One day it will happened...we are determined. So for now we were just dreaming!

And then on Sunday we had a VERY long day. We were at the church building from 9am to about 5pm..yes we had lunch/dinner in between but we went to the bishops house for it and then went back to the church for choir the point of telling this is to say Kambria did not get her morning nap due to it being too entertaining at church and then she did not get her afternoon nap...and she was a GRUMP! And then on top of that because she was so tired she had a very rough night... Which makes a rough night for me too. So today she is sleeping!!!! I put her down for her afternoon nap around 12:30 and I HOPE she does not wake up for quite a while... I might even consider taking a nap here soon. Yep I think I will head that way. Until next time!

Friday, March 23, 2007

This weekend...

So this weekend we are going to be moving again! No not to another location for us, but another location for our STUFF! We are moving all of our stuff that is still in boxes to a storage shed instead of in my in-laws garage. We decided it would be best to give them back their garage for the summer. So we are going up to Fort Collins today and thinking about what we want to have come down to Denver and then the rest goes into a storage shed. We will still have access to it, just it will not be as accessible as it has been. But I think it is for the best. Then all my stuff will be in "one" place again. I have some stuff still in my in laws house from living there before and this way it will go back into boxes and be all together!

So Grandma Fairbanks, MaryEllen, or Bryan's mom as I call her, is finally coming home this weekend from being in Utah since Madalyn was born. It has been about 4 weeks. I know Don is excited to have is wife back and Amanda is excited to have some good home cooked meals again! and Kambria will get to see her other grandma too! She will look so big compared to Madalyn. TI will be fun!

So that is all I have for now. Until later...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Nothing much...

So i have not posted in almost a week because not much has happened here lately. The only thing much exciting is that spring is finally here and Bryan and I went and flew a kite on Friday. It was just a nice breeze when we started and then it turned into a BIG gust of wind that took the kite out of Bryan's hand and he had to go chasing it. It was quite a site seeing a man chasing after a kite. I was laughing and I know Bryan was too.

We also took pictures of our family again since Kambria and I were I did not plan it I PROMISE and Bryan happened to be dressed in blue for a boy. I thought it was cute and could not resist!

Then Saturday we FINALLY got our GPS system that we had tried to get for Christmas. To make a LONG story short, basically we had to purchase several before we could find one that was in stock and not a fraudulent website. Don't worry we only actually paid for one gps...that is one good reason to buy things off the Internet with a credit card. They refund things if they are fraudulent. It might take a couple of months, but it does work!

So Bryan has been playing with this GPS system for two days now and has taken it on every car trip we have taken. I was going to play with it today, but he wanted to take it with him in the car to work. I told him he could not look at it unless he was stopped or at work in the parking lot. He promised me he wouldn't look unless stopped somewhere. I hope he kept his promise.

We already went on a Geo cache on Saturdays. It was a lot of fun and I think this will make us both more active especially since it is spring now! We just have to learn all the quirks and such with it. I think Bryan is hoping he can talk to Leah or Nelson about it since they were our inspiration for getting one. It only took us 2 years though. We originally went on a hike with the family about two years ago with them and we had a lot of fun. Thanks guys!

so that is my ramblings for now... here is a picture of what the GPS looks like

Monday, March 12, 2007

Jon Schmidt concert

This weekend we went up to Fort Collins to visit grandpa Fairbanks, since grandma is still is Provo with the new mom Lisa. We also were persuaded to go because Jon Schmidt was playing a concert in Greeley and we had Don get us tickets. It was A LOT of fun. If anyone ever has the chance to see him in concert I would definitely recommend going. He had audience participation where someone even came up and played the piano with him and also beat-boxed while Jon played. He played with his toes, and played upside down on his back! It was truly amazing. So that is what we did on Saturday night.

Then on Sunday, it was the church thing and then we made dinner for Amanda and Don. Amanda was complaining that she has not had a "real" meal since her mom went to Utah to help with the baby. Maybe now she doesn't take her mom for granted. We didn't make anything fancy, just salmon in he oven with rice and steamed veggies. When Don saw how we did this, he was amazed at how easy it was and thought, "I can do that." So he told Amanda they could have that again sometime this week. I don't think she would mind either. We had some good laughs together all abut Bryan and Amanda's childhood memories. It was a good time.

Then we brought the crib and Bryan's clavinova piano down to Denver. Today is the task of getting them both put together and where we want them. I think it will be good fun!!!

Until next time...

Friday, March 09, 2007

6 month photos

So I wanted to get Kambria's photos done every three months for her first year. We spent WAY to much money on her 3 month ones and so I decided I was going to just do something cheap. So I see this advertisement for Walmart where you get 36 photos from one pose for only 4.88. Walmart saves the I thought. Well I had plans to get the pictures taken on Monday...That did not happen because I got too busy doing other things and then Kambria fell asleep on me. I did not want sleeping pictures. So I planned on Tuesday. Then I got sick and did not feel good all day. Then I decided Wednesday I was going to get them done because she is only 6 months for so long and I was already procrastinating enough. So on Wednesday we went to good old Walmart photography. We just walked in...I should have made an appointment. We waited for a half an hour for this little boy to smile when all he did was scream at his VERY young mother. I think she was just a friend of the Walmart worker.

So we finally get in there and go figure, it is a BRAND NEW Walmart store, but the table that you put your kids on to sit on was made of green grass colored carpet with a HUGE rip it the middle of it. So i figure well she is just sitting on it anyway. So we start to try and make Kambria laugh and smile...which is kind of easy when you just clap your hands together right now. The lady did not take but three photos when I realized SHE DID NOT KNOW WHAT SHE WAS DOING!! She couldn't have been more than 18 years old. So then I realize that you have to pick a picture when it is taken and accept it for the 4.88 pose. you don't get to see all of them and THEN choose!!!! I was so frustrated that I said yes to one where I thought it was ok. Then the Walmart worker proceeds to try and take more pictures on DUMB backgrounds. One of them I am sure was supposed to be fairytale-ish. But there were HUGE mushrooms right by Kambria's head. UGH. Then comes this "spring background" that was hideous too. So I said, " lets just stick with the black background." So she takes a couple more and I HAD it! I said that is enough. Can I change the 4.88 pose to this one instead of the first one? NO she states. You have to stick with the first one. BUT I will give you some free pictures of the one you like.

So I ended up getting basically two "4.88" poses for the price of one. It was very nice of her, but I think she did it because she could see I was VERY frustrated with their setup! So I ended up getting a couple good 6 month photos and vowed NEVER again will I go to that least until I have seen the employees working the photography store and how they work with kids. AGH.

But at last I can say I have her 6 month photos done.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

IT IS FINALLY FINAL. April 8th it is!!! here we come Utah!

Well change has come around again..the blessing is now FOR SURE Easter weekend. So it is April 8th. I am so glad. this way I can do all the things I wanted to do here in Denver AND go to Utah to see the blessing.

So i am sick today and not feeling well so I am going back to bed. Thought I would juts correct the corrected. We have bought our tickets and so it is final!

Until next time...Hopefully I feel better!

Monday, March 05, 2007


So we found out that we are going to go to Utah April 27-29. This is the weekend BYU graduates and so that is the weekend they are going to bless Madalyn. I think it will will work out fine. At first I was a little distraught because that weekend my friend from Rick's college, Jackie Brown is going to be in Denver as well as it is our stake relief society retreat as well as my sister's junior prom. Now regularly a junior prom would not be so important, but my sister is graduating early next year and so this is her only chance for prom. So I am still a little upset about not getting to see her all dressed up, but I think it will still be OK. And Jackie has said she will still be in town on Monday so I can still see her, it will even be her birthday that day, and the relief society retreat will be OK to miss....although I would have liked to go.

So We will stop and see my Grandma and aunt Sherie as well as see Brady and hopefully his apartment. I would like to see all the work he has done painting walls and decorating! I am excited. It should be fun!

So that is all for now!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

not going...

So Bryan talked to his sister Lisa yesterday and she is doing fine. Madalyn had too high of Billiruben so she had to be under lights before they let her go home yesterday. But things went well and she got to go home! However, Lisa was told by MaryEllen, Bryan and Lisa's mom, that she was to tell us that we CAN NOT come out to visit this weekend! The weather is too bad and she does not want us to risk bringing Kambria over. So we have looked at things and are going to think things over, but tentatively we have decided to fly to Utah the weekend that Madalyn is going to be blessed. That way we can have more time with the family too. We think this will be April 8, which I believe is Easter too! We shall see....

And I will post pictures of the blessing dress when I am finished! Thanks for your interest in it Heather! It always makes me feel good to know someone cares!