Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wave country

So for our excursion this weekend we went to a place called wave country. It is like a water park with a wave pool and a couple of water slides and a kid area. Our neighbor happens to be the manager and got us in for FREE!!! We always like doing fun things for free! Especially when it saves us about $40. So we decided that we would go right when it opened and beat the crowds. we got there at 10am and had a blast. Kambria saw the water park from the highway and said, "I want to go there mom!" When I replied that is where we are going she said "Oh, that would be great! I have always wanted to go there." I was so glad we could make her day. She was so excited that she got to go in a swimming pool where she could use her arm floaties, since the last pool we went to would not let her use them.

So we played in the wave pool for quite some time. Kambria enjoyed being with her dad and having him crash her into the waves. She thought it was GREAT! Weston and i hung around together with me in the inner tube and him laying on top of it holding onto my neck for dear life. It was not his favorite thing. He did not like it until I started to laugh and say WEEEEEE when the waves would crash into us...then he was a "little" bit better, but he would have preferred to not do it. So after a while we decided to go to the kiddie are. Kambria was splashing and jumping like a fish! She loved being able to go out into the water on her own and just have me sit back and watch her. Weston was still cautious about the water and sat on the side by Bryan and me., We eventually coaxed him in so he would stand in the water next to us. Bryan even got him to laugh when he had Weston look at his fish in his hands and then he would squeeze his hands and splash water in Weston's face. Weston thought that was fun.

After a while we decided we wanted to go down the slides. We found the water slide that would allow us to go with the kids sitting on our laps. So Kambria and Bryan went first and then Weston and I went down. Weston was a little nervous, but he did ok. Kambria thought it was so much fun and wanted to go again right away. So We went down a second time. This time when Weston and I went down, my foot slipped at the bottom of the pool and both him and I went under. Of course everything was fine, but Weston was down with going down the slide. So I went and got the camera to document our fun time. So after a couple more times of Kambria going down the slide Weston decided he wanted to do it again. I still wanted to document so Bryan took both kids up. He would go down with Weston on his lap and then wait for Kambria to go down and he would catch her at the bottom. They both thought this was fun.

This is after one of the first times down the slide. Kambria and Bryan. I don't know that you can tell, but Weston is saying "me" in the picture. I asked him where is Weston and he replied with ME? That is the only way i can get him to look at the camera by himself. Not bad though.This is Bryan and the kids waiting for their turn to go down the slideHere is Bryan and Weston. Weston looks a little nervous, while Bryan is trying to smile for the camera. And then Kambria went down the slide. I think Bryan is pretty talented to handle both kids in the water. This was one of the times with just Bryan going down and then catching Kambria. She happened to come out down at the bottom of the slide backwards. Then after a while Bryan decided he wanted to go down the BIG slide. It is a slide that goes up to 80 mph with a 40ft drop. So we waited at the bottom and took the video of him going down the slide. This picture is of Bryan after he completed the BIG slide. After Bryan did it, he convinced me to try it. It was quite the climb up to the top. But there was no wait time once I got up there. And I couldn't really turn around and come back down. Bryan told me to just not look down over the edge. So I can say that I did do it, but I basically got the poop scared right out of me...I got off the slide at the bottom and had to run to the bathroom. It was a scary ride for me. I did it once and that was good enough for me. I won't be doing it again!

This is the video of Bryan going down the slide. Sorry it is turned sideways. I can't figure out how to change it. But at least you can get an idea of what the slide was like.

So that was our weekend fun! And this next weekend we get the priviledge of going to UT to see my brother get married!!! We are so excited. We in fact get to see both sides of our family in one shebang! Bryan's family will be there for the 4th and then my family will come for the wedding. So we get to see everyone...well not Amanda since she is still in Jerusalem! We will miss her, but we know she is having a ton of fun without us!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Father's day

So I know I am late at posting Father's day...but only by 6 days...that is not too bad huh? So we did not "get" Bryan anything for Father's day due to the money we spent on his belated birthday/ father's day gift f his weed wacker! But I did surprised him with some little gifts that turned out to be free or less than 25 cents... this is his loot! Life all their variety. Gummies, sour gummies, orange mint, cherry lemonade, strawberry green apple, wintergreen. He LOVES life savers...if not before he does now! ;o)

We also gave him some car wash and tire cleaner. The next day for FHE we washed our cars. The kids LOVED helping and getting wet!

Kambria wanted to give daddy a kiss for father's day... and of course...

So did Weston!

And then we gave him an 8x10 collage of pictures with him and the kids. We called it daddy time. It was pretty fun to go through our pictures and find pictures of just him and the kids. There were ones of him at the birth and then ones as of recent. it was fun to look at how much they have changed and grown. We sure LOVE our dad! He is the best! Thanks for being the best dad!

Weston's owie

I have been very lucky to not have too many bumps and bruises on my kids. They are reckless but somehow they don't get least no blood. Not this time. It was an eye opener for me...and Weston too.
We were at the kitchen table and Weston was climbing on the chairs and pushing them around. The next thing I know Weston is SCREAMING bloody murder and I pick him up off the floor and blood is gushing from the back of his head. He must have gotten twisted up trying to climb up of the chair and he must have hit his head on the bottom of the table . Thank goodness that I had remembered that MaryEllen had always said head wounds bleed a lot, because otherwise I think I would have taken Weston to the emergency room. Then I would probably sat there FOREVER and then when I finally got in I would have been sent home. So instead we just waited for about a half hour with ice on his head and me singing and rocking him to calm him down. Once he calmed down and the blood stopped gushing I think it turned out fine. He will have a scar but his hair will cover it. It was not a very deep wound but it was wide. Again I thank my lucky stars. Someone is watching out for us!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 12 adventure

This weekend we decided to try and see the synchronous fireflies in Gatlinburg Tennessee. We had previously see an article in the USA parade magazine that comes in the Sunday paper with 10 things to see in the U.S. It turned out that one of them was the synchronous Tennessee. And there is only one other place in the world to see them...South East ASIA!!! So we thought we would do it. They are only during the first two weeks in June and so we thought we had better go and do it. Bryan got off a little early from work and we took off in our little red Malibu "Ruby." We took Bryan's car because the previous day I had gotten a flat tire on the van and of course they told me that due to the heat of Tennessee I need new tires. We will be waiting on those tires due to money for right now, so we did not feel comfortable taking the van for the four hour trip to "ruby" gets better gas mileage anyways..and we only planned on staying one night.

This is Bryan driving to Gatlinburg. He drove the whole way! He is so good at not complaining!

Here is Weston hanging out in the back seat!And Kambria is hanging out...but she did not want me to take her picture. It was later and she was hungry and cold. She did really well in the car for four hours not knowing that was how long it would take to see the fireflies!

This was our turn off from the freeway. I did not realize what we would be driving into...This was the first pictures I took, but it was like we were driving down the strip in Vegas. There were lights and building after building of things to see and do...but it was a lot more centered towards the family than Vegas is. This building is called Wonder Works and it is upside down...more to come on that.

This was a building /museum of the Titanic.

With the ice burg and all...
After driving through town, we checked into the hotel and took off to see the fireflies. We got to the park around is an hour later than Nashville. And low and behold the parking lot was FULL and we could not see the fireflies!!! I was SO MAD!!!! So the park ranger told us to drive down the road to another spot and see if we could see them. We thought we might as well, so off we went. We parked the car and waited to see what we could see. So it got dark about 9:30 and we saw some fireflies, but no synchronization! Again I was SO MAD!!! well more frustrated that we had come all this way to see them and then we were not going to get to see them. Bryan was the good boy he is (calm and collected) and suggested that we just try again the next night and drive home REALLY late. After some talking and trying to figure things out we decided that would be OK...we did not come all this way NOT to see them. So that is what we did!

We finally got to our hotel...the room was like a dorm room! We had booked it on price line, and we thought got a good deal, but it was so small, so Kambria and Weston had to sleep on the same side of the bed together...a little cramped, but they did good! And of course one reason they both slept on the floor was I forgot the pack and play for Weston...we always forget something! But we saved money and they did not care.
So after looking through a lot of brochures and trying to decide what to do in this FUN town without spending a FORTUNE...or much money for that matter, we decided to go to the upside down building! Kambria was really funny. She was quite upset that the building was upside down. She got back into the car and said, "I don't like this building. I have not seen one like this before and I don't like it!' We had to coax her through it, "It's OK. We will be fine. It won't hurt us." She thought a big monster had come and turned it upside down and that it was going to fall or something. It was really funny.

Once you get inside the lobby, this is what you see up at the ceiling. Very clever. The floor is the can see the doors and the people standing and taking pictures of the ceiling too.
It is kind of like an interactive science museum. They had this really neat tunnel when you first come in that the walls are spinning so you can not even walk straight. Kambria and Weston had to be held through it. Then there was a simulator of a 6.5 earthquake. It really was quite scary when you think of the power that comes from an earthquake of that size!
This is a picture of a simulator of a hurricane. The wind was blowing at 310 mph!

If you look closely you can see Kambria's glasses falling off her face and her eyes shut!

The next part was a rock climbing wall. You had to be 40 lbs to do it, so Kambria walked right up and got on the scale. She was 40 lbs EXACTLY! So they put a harness and helmet on her and away she went.

This is Kambria going up the wall. She got pretty high and as soon as Bryan went to take the picture she let go and came back down. She was such a good little climber. I always tell her she is like Rachael...she likes that!

This exhibit was all about movement. But you had to be a certain height so Bryan just did this by himself. You have to pedal when you are going up and not pedal when you are coming back down. Watch the video below and it makes more sense.

This is the space part of the museum...Kambria in a NASA suit...


And Eliza...

Kambria and Weston on a huge Piano. You can step on the keys and it plays like a piano. Way fun! This exhibit was probably my favorite. BUBBLES!!! I could play with them for hours. There were these huge hula-hoop size bubble makers.

you could put them over yourself. I had a blast. And I think Kambria and Bryan did too!

This part was a big "glass" sheet you could blow bubbles into. If you look closely, you can see Kambria blowing the bubble...I am helping, you just can't see my face.

OOOOOHHHH....the "BED OF NAILS!" They actually were real nails that you could feel the point. But when you laid on it they didn't "hurt" just felt a little prickly. It was fun to try it.

Both Bryan and I did it to say that we did. Kambria wanted to try but we were afraid that she would move halfway through and really hurt herself.

The last part of the museum was all about art. These next two pictures were the favorites.

This one was made out of metal and when the light was shown on it, it created the Mona Lisa. It was very interesting!

So after the museum, we went and ate a CiCi's pizza place. Cheap food! Then we went and got stuff to take on the mountain for firefly stuff for dinner to take with us too and tried to avoid the HUGE downpour of rain. I got a little wet getting some new pj's for Weston at the store, but we just were hoping it would let up. Thank goodness that it did.
We got to the national park around 4:30...and the parking lot was full by 5! talk about getting there early! The only reason we knew we had to be there that early was someone had told us about it the night before, otherwise we would have missed it again!!!! It was a little ridiculous that you have to be there at 4:30 to see fireflies at 9:30! 5 hours of wait time!!! but Kambria and Weston did really well for what we put them through! I know I complain a lot that Kambria is active, but when she is occupied, she really does very well!
This was the trolley's that cam to pick us up to take us to the viewing spot. The night before they had to take about 400 people up the mountain.
Here is our cute family!

So once we got up the mountain we sat and waited...Bryan got bit by some odd horse fly he thought so we moved spots... and finally waited some more.
It got dark enough to see the fireflies...but there are two varieties. The first ones are your regular ones that we can see in our back yard... They are yellowish in color. Then they go out. We thought that was it and I was becoming upset and disappointed again....but we waited about 15 minutes longer and then the blueish white fireflies came out. They take a while to get synchronized. But they were beautiful. We are so glad we waited and cam back! We tried to get some pictures, but since you can't use a flash and it is by chance only...there is not much you can get. This was the best picture we got...a couple of little spots of light. So I found this video online of what we basically saw. A very interesting phenomenon! Glad to say we did it...and being only one of two places in the world (and when are we going to be in southeast Asia?) and only the first two weeks in June, it was worth it!

Daddy daughter date

Bryan and I have been feeling like all we ever do is get mad and upset with Kambria. So Bryan took Kambria for some Daddy daughter time after FHE one night. They decided to go to McDonald's and let Kambria play on the play place and then get ice cream you can see by the chocolate on her face, they were chocolate sundaes.
Kambria LOVED it. She talks about going with daddy in his car with her new car seat (it is a booster seat instead of a car seat with a harness) and listening to music and daddy going fast. What a fun dad.

Sunsets in Tennessee

This is from our street.
Bryan was so excited when he went to get the mail. He found this beautiful sunset and ran back inside to get me and the camera. We were in awe. They change fast though. It was gone before we knew it.