Sunday, October 23, 2011

sunday pictures before church

Kambria wanted me to take a picture of her and Ainsley and Weston decided to join. These were the end result of the impromptu picture session. Not bad eh?

Saturday, October 22, 2011


We finally installed our back yard sod!!! We were supposed to get it done on my birthday, Oct 15, but due to it being too rainy and the company not being able to cut it because it was too wet, we had to wait. They delivered it Friday Oct 21, and we had to start laying it, and then Bryan finished laying it on Saturday Oct 22. The pictures tell the story of the process...enjoy.

The weeds killed off

Tilling the ground

After raking the weeds and leftover hay...and ROCKS...LOTS AND LOTS of ROCKS. Bryan says there is still one left about the size of a baby cow that we could not get up. We just covered it. ;o)

The bags of weeds and hay, no rocks. we threw those over the fence into the "easement" ditch.

Bryan getting ready to water

Beginning the process. 6 pallets. We think each pallet weighed about a ton.

Our first roll of sod!!!!!! This is progress people!

Do you see how happy we are!


More progress....We LOVE the instant improvement.

AND finished product!

WOW look at that lawn!!!

Isn't it SO pretty! Thanks for my birthday present honey!!!!

Dairy Farm

So Weston and my friend Julie went with our neighborhood mothers group to the nearby dairy farm! It was VERY cold that day, but we decided to go anyways. It was fun and very educational!
This is one of our mothers from our group and she got picked to do the milk mustache contest before the tour. This is Weston near one of the milk cows...this one happens to be a "teenager." Here is the facility where they milk the cows. 14 cows can be in there at once, with one person working it. Amazing if you ask me! This is our little friend Braden. He is almost 2 years old and talks so well! He always replies with yes Ma'am! A Very southern little boy! Here is my friend Julie and her son Kellyn petting the cow. You can see the cows ribs, but it is not malnourished at all. That is the way this specific milk cow is. Weston would not have anything to do with petting the cows! :o)And here we are in front of the dairy truck!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pics of Ainsley

Just having fun with the camera and my little girl!


Weston and the piano

Weston was having fun playing the piano the other day. He even had the earphones on so it made it that much funnier!

These are the videos. The first one is where Bryan caught him without Weston knowing Bryan was filming him. He was singing along...although it is quiet and you might not be able to hear him till the end.

This second video Weston knew Bryan was filming him, but was fun too see Weston still enjoying himself!

Kambria 1st lost tooth!

Kambria lost her first tooth on Sept 23rd. She was SO excited! Bryan helped her finish pulling it out. There was quite a lot of blood, which scared Kambria at first. But then she was happy.This is the picture right after drying her eyes...And then she was REALLY happy! She realized she got to put her tooth in an envelope for the tooth fairy! And the next morning she got a whole DOLLAR! She put the money in her piggy bank for safe keeping!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Freezing corn...

A while back my friend Julie went to the farmers market and got a good deal on corn so she got some for me. I decided to freeze it...the pictures show the process...

just shucked...

Then blanching Cutting off the cob...with a VERY cool and EASY tool!

This is the tool...

And being put into sacks...with all the empty cobs...

The sacks...

fun pictures

Since I am so behind on my posts I thought I would do a little summary post with just some fun pics...

This is a picture of what Kambria had to make for her first week of class...a box of a "shop" that had to start with the first letter of her name...She even had woody and jessie in her shop. ;o)

I brought the "red" snack the first week of was also for her birthday, so I brought red rice krispie apple treats and strawberries.

Kambria enjoying her snacks in class..

Kambria's ginger bread man...who happens to be holding a book of mormon...

My 3 cutie pies!

Kambria and Ainsley match, and Ainsley is wearing silver shoes that grandma Jetta and aunt Sherie gave her! LOVE IT!

My 2 girls.

My family!

Just a few fun pics of Kambria