Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thanks Brady!

We were sad to see Brady leave and go back to Colorado, but we are glad he came to visit and meet ms. Ainsley!

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a nice day. I made Kambria and Ainsley matching dresses!! They were both gorgeous! Bryan, Weston and I also wore various shades of purple. So we all were "matching" in some sense!!This is one of my favorite pictures! Kambria always wants to give her sister kisses! And this picture proves it! I love my girls! This was our Easter dinner. This was the first Easter we did not have family around, so
I made the whole Ham, funeral potatoes, green jello and fruit basket. I even had a "table cloth"that matched the girls' dresses...however the edges were not sewn yet. ;o)This was our dessert. We made little carrot patches! It was out of the Disney family fun magazine that my sister in law Leah signed me up for. They were fun to make and eat! We had a great Easter!

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny came to visit us Saturday morning! The kids were so excited to get some candy, toys and even a new shirt.

This is Weston when he finally noticed the Easter baskets sitting on the couch. (He had been awake for almost an hour and just didn't notice them.)

Do you think Kambria is excited?Weston showing off his loot. ...and more...Weston is in love with chapstick. The Easter Bunny was silly enough to get him his own! We have to monitor the use of the chapstick by keeping it out of reach and letting them use it when they ask. Weston loves his new golf set. He is just not sure how to really use a golf club. Bryan tried to show him how to hold the club, but he still just swings it about the room with one hand, usually upside down, and is lucky if he makes contact with the ball rather than his sister's head. After the easter bunny came we went over to our friends' house and had an easter egg hunt. This is us waiting at the door to unleash the kids!

Kambria finding eggs

Weston finding eggs

Kambria stating that she found some more

Weston with his typical pouting face.

Easter fun with Brady

While my brother wwas visiting us we had some fun doing Easter things. He helped us dye Easter eggs!

I had gotten a kit that had fun monster stickers to decorate the eggs with! It was a fun activity!

The finished results!

Then later that afternoon we took him to the Grand Ole Opry hotel. We had never been and it was fun to see how big it was! It would be fun to stay there some day, but I am sure it is quite expensive! It is like a little resort inside~!

Ainsley meets Brady

My brother Brady came out to SC to do some work and then drove out to Nashville to come visit us! It was so good to see him and have him meet Ainsley! He held her and put her right to sleep!

Colored Bubbles

Bryan's co-worker Scott gave the kids a present of colored bubbles. It was VERY messy!!! It was fun, but was a one time thing! I dressed them up in clothes that I did not care if they ruined them and we went outside! Good thing too! Kambria of course had to have the green bubbles! It's her favorite color!Weston got the orange...he had a hard time blowing the bubbles...So grandma helped...but you can see the orange color if you look hard.Messy Messy Messy!So we got out the hose to help int he process and it turned into a water play time with drinks and all! They loved it! I am glad it was over!


Just some more fun pictures of Ainsley. I can not believe how fast time is going by! She is growing so fast and is such a cutie. Weston tells me that she is "so tute!" (cute) every morning! What a doll!It doesn't say so cute, but is the next best thing, "so sweet."

grandma time

Just wanted to say thanks to MaryEllen for staying an extra week to help with the kids. I also know she wasnted to have some grandma time with Ainsley....;o) but thanks again for all the fun we had while you were here! Miss you

Loveless Cafe

While Bryan's parents were still in town we took them to the Loveless Cafe. It is nation wide known for its homemade biscuits...and famous starts have been known to be spotted there. So we went. Well, we did spot a star. Not one many would have known but we did. Scott McIntyre! He was on American Idol a couple of years ago. He is half blind so I treid getting a couple of pictures...these were the best I got. But it was fun to see someone famous, even if it was from a distance!

This was a picture on the wall of some other American idols that have been to the Loveless Cafe!

By the way, none of us were truly impressed with the food. I guess we are not true southerns! ;o)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We are in the process of buying our first HOUSE!!! What an experience! But we are going to be settled for first time in our married life! It is very exciting for both Bryan and I to LOVE our new house. The experience so far has been a positive one; it only took one weekend to find what we wanted. We had been looking online at several homes for about 3 months. Then after Ainsley was born we took a weekend when MaryEllen was here to look without the kids. We saw 3 houses and this is the last one we saw. We LOVED it and had to go back the next day. And then we had them "hold" it for us until we could get an offer on the table. It only took one counter offer before we accepted, probably because we already loved the house and it was reasonably priced. It is a new home so not many improvements will be needed right away! Bryan loves that aspect!

So wish us luck as we move forward with it all. We will move in sometime in June!!! More pictures will come after we move in...but this is our favorite part....the kitchen...

and eating areas are big and open, but not too big!! We love it!