Sunday, October 31, 2010


The kids really enjoyed going trick or treating this year. They started on Friday night with Zac (the little boy I watch during the week) and his mom at Vanderbilt university while Bryan and I went to the temple together. Since the TN temple is a small one, there are limited hours and so this was the first time we went together. It was a fun night for all.

So this is Friday night when the kids went out with Jen and Zac.

Then Saturday afternoon we carved our pumpkins! Kambria has always loved helping!

This year Weston even got into it, making gross noises and faces and all!
He did not care for the "goo" but liked making sounds!
What a boy!
The kids got to "decorate" their pumpkins with some clearance finds from last years Halloween! They are "Mr. potato head" pieces you stick into a pumpkin! Weston got the vampire.
And Kambria got the witch!
We had to make one of our pumpkins the orange m&m to go along with our theme!
So Saturday night we had a Halloween party at our church. We got to go and play games and go "trunk or treating" even though it was inside this year. Safer, and warmer I guess. Although I like it more when it is outside.
This is the whole fam in our m&m costumes that I made! It was so much fun to make and paint on the faces. Bryan, who is a good sport, but never truly likes to dress up in the things I make him for Halloween, was ACTUALLY EXCITED to wear his Halloween costume this year! I think we make a good "candy" family! I was the peanut m&m since I have a "peanut" inside me...that is what the sign says on my costume. That is what made it funny!

And here are our carved pumpkins. Bryan's of course was the spooky Halloween tree! He is always so good at the carving thing. Mine are always simple and easy!
Bryan even won the best carved pumpkin! Him with his little trophy!
There was a dessert contest and these are some of the contestants that we liked:

We think these might have been purchased and then brought because they were SO well done. but not really sure. Cute and creative none the less.

That was our Halloween fun. Tonight being the actual Halloween and being on a Sunday, we stayed at home and handed out some candy. Well I should say Kambria and Weston handed it out. That was the most fun of the night!

Honeysuckle farms

Last Saturday we took some family pictures (which are still in the process of being developed) and after doing that we took the opportunity to go to the "farm." (So that is why we are all dressed up in orange matching clothes).

This picture is of Weston going down the HUGE slide.
And Kambria with her skirt (with shorts underneath) going down the slide!

Milking the cow...she enjoyed doing it!

Of course Weston had try too! He was a little more timid.

A cow and a horse!
Mom and son!
Cute family Hiding from Dad in the big tires! What a smile!
This was in the corn box. Just a box of corn to play in!

in the corn fields!

And we got to pick out a pumpkin for each of us. They were just Kambria's size!
they even had a camera crew out taking pictures of this: it was quite cute. too bad Weston was too big to put in...;o)

friday night family fun

We got little cesears pizza and by the time we tried to find a park close by to eat it was already dark! So we found a grassy area and ate it in the parking lot! it reminded both Bryan and I of our college days at Rick's for some reason.

Eliza's birthday

I did not want a big deal for my birthday...I usually don't. But Bryan definitely had a couple of surprises up his sleeve. i woke up to a breakfast of cinnamon rolls...which after looking at old birthday pictures seems to be what I request...3 years in a row now...

I also received cards from my in laws, and parents and Kambria Weston. The card that was great was Bryan's in that my present was a day to myself...ALL BY MYSELF!!!! I went shopping the next day and had a blast by myself! It was wonderful...and Bryan stayed at home and cleaned the bathrooms! What mom could ask for anything more?

Bryan also surprised me with this beautiful frame! He even put some fun pictures in it. I did not have any expectations about dinner or "date" that night. i just told Bryan we were going out to dinner because I did not want to cook! Well little did I know that he had a babysitter and reservations already set up! I got to go to one of my favorite restaurants: Maggiano's! They even had a special "birthday" dinner desert for me. and the best part was that we had a coupon for $10 off our bill and a gift card that I had earned previously. Total birthday dinner was $9!!! that was for over $40 of food! It was wonderful and all thanks to my wonderful husband. Thanks for great birthday!

fall colors

We went on a drive one sunday afternoon and saw all of the wonderful fall colors. They really are different here in TN than they are in colorado. MANY more oranges and reds. Although I do miss my Aspens...;o(
This was (is) one of my favorite trees out here. It is some sort of maple tree. But the orange is so beautiful adn magnificent!

Just a typical TN night sky!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

fun ward!

This last weekend was men's conference and Friday night if the conference we got to join in on the chili cook off. It was least the one non-spicy chili I tasted. But the entertainment was great! We have so MUCH musical talent in our ward that they put together a fun sing along. Weston was just a cutie I had to include these pictures! he has a love for this hat!

Some of the ladies got up and did the "back up" girls with dancing and swaying and all!
here is just a little snippit of the entertainment!

straight hair

She does not look like herself! But she wanted to have straight hair like her mom. I am so glad she has cury hair!

get out the halloween decor

We pulled out the Halloween box and the kids had a blast going through all the costumes and hats. Here are a couple of photos from the event:

We thought we would do the old time pictures! Kambria was tinker belle last year and once she saw the costume she wanted it on again! She remembered it like it was yesterday. (yet she had not taken off the Minnie Mouse ears!)

Weston thought the pumpkin candy carrier was a hat!

our new found path

during conference weekend we decided to talk a walk on the path in the neighborhood next to our that Bryan found the other week practicing for his 25 mile ride. So we went Saturday morning...since conference does not start until 11 here.

this is the kids down by the river that flooded back in may...This is one of the trees that was uprooted by the massive flood water.

And this is looking the other way. This is the river that flooded. You can see the trees down in the back ground.

Just a fun walk!

Zoo day with mothers group

One Friday was a beautiful day and the moms from our neighborhood decided to go to the we joined in. Kambria had her doctors appointment earlier that morning and it took longer than we thought due to Weston having to get the reminder of his shots that he didn't get at his appointment because we did not have the updated immunization chart. So we got there at 11 and only had time to see a few things. Good things it is free with our membership!

Here is Zach the little boy I watch during the week at the petting zoo.
Weston and Zach brushing the goats.

Kambria brushing the goats

Eating lunch with the crew.And for the finale...the carousel.