Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First prayer

Just a quick update note...Kambria said her first prayer yesterday. Of course it is with my help and a very short and sincere prayer....but none the less, she said it and we were so very proud!!!! So this is a memorable experience for the family I thought I would share!

And on another note...Bryan got his test back from last Friday and he got a 97% on it!!! We (mostly him I am sure, but I was too) are EXTREMELY proud of this. And he is more than half way one with his finals! He graduates in 2 days! We are on the countdown!

And a shout out to our friends Nate and Sarah Pettitt. They had their second child, a girl, 8 lbs 1 oz yesterday and 3:39 pm. We don't know the details yet, but congrats to them! We will be stopping by their house on the way back to Denver, so we are excited we get to see their new addition!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Making cookies

So this morning, Kambria decided she wanted to wake up at 4:30am!! I was not too happy with that!! She whined for milk and her binky and anything she could think of. She would lay down for abut 15 minutes and then decide to whine for something new. So she stayed in her play pen until 6 when she finally would not stop crying so I decided to let her come in bed with us. She climbed all over Bryan and when he finally got up at 6:45 she went and watched sesame street so I could rest for another 15 minutes. I tried to keep my patience all morning long...I don't think I did too bad of a job...But by 9:30 I was almost at my whits it was BATH TIME!!!!

So I let Kambria have a bath with bubbles. She LOVES baths, but loves baths with bubbles even more! She was content just playing with her toys, which happen to be beach toys, and the bubbles. I finished doing dishes and did some laundry while she played in the tub. Now mind you our bathroom is right by the kitchen and "laundry." So I just leave the door open but can hear EVERYTHING she is don't think I just leave her there without supervision...that would be DUMB!

So after I started the dishwasher I peeked at her and found this...

She was just playing with the bubbles with this on her head like it was the normal thing to do! I couldn't resist taking a picture!!

Then after she had a little rest for about an hour I woke her up and we made cookies together. It is coming down to the last week we are here in Chicago and we want to use up as much food as we can. So I decided to try and use up the flour and sugar etc...and what better way than chocolate chip cookies!

So Kambria helped me all along the way, and was pretty good at it too...

Here she is helping mix the dough in the bowl...

And of course she knows all about "tasting" the dough to make sure it is good... And then she has to watch the cookies bake...
And then taste the final product at the end! What a great little baker!!!

So we had a great day after a rough morning! Chocolate comes through again!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Saturday fun

One night after we had had dinner, Kambria was sitting on Bryan and happened to spill some of her milk on herself. Bryan hit his forehead and said, "Oh, Shoot!" Kambria thought it was the FUNNIEST thing and was laughing and laughing. We tried to get some of it on video. She would copy Bryan and then laugh and laugh! We thought it was great!

So on Saturday June 14,we decided to meet Bryan after he had studied for a while and go to Millennium Park and let Kambria playing the water. We all got a little sun, but no burns thanks to spf 50 baby sunscreen for Kambria and I!!! I love that stuff! We ate hot dogs for lunch and then played in the water.

I made sure to bring extra clothes for Kambria and to have the camera ready! It was a lot of fun seeing her enjoy the water as much as she did. She is such a thrill to watch and she enjoys life so much. Complete strangers even comment to us how enthusiastic she is and of course we agree!!! We love her a ton! enjoy the pictures. Also notice the prgoression of her hair being wet. Aspeciall how soaked she is on the last picture. :)

On the walk back home after playing in the water, we decided to make a stop at the Lego store. It was fun to see the big "sculptures", if you can call them that. Kambria would have enjoyed it even more, but we kept her in the stroller since she was a bit tired from all the running around in the water.

This is a replica of Chicago, made out of Legos! It is quite amazing!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back from Denver

So the reason I have not posted in a while is due to the fact that Kambria and I flew back to Denver for my sister Tess' high school graduation and my 10 yr high school reunion! Yes, my sister and me are 10 yrs apart. It was fun to go to the graduation and be reminded of what mine was like. We both had our ceremonies at Red Rocks amphitheater. The whole fam was there for Tess', except of course Colin who is still in Argentina!
Kambria and Hayden had a blast together, except I think it took Hayden a little while longer to be as enthusiastic to see Kambria as she was to see him. But it didn't take too long and then they were hugging each other and having a grand time!
I stole these pictures from Leah...thanks!

Like I said I also attended my 10 yr reunion. It was fun and nice to see that people have grown up...of course there are some that have not. But none-the-less it was fun. I was in student senate my senior year and so I got the privilege of helping plan the activities. We only had a graduating class of about 100 people, so we made it as simple as possible. Friday night we had a grown-up night only at the local Lucky Strikes. It is a bowling alley, but this one is even had a dress code. So people sat around and talked, bowled, played pool and drank...we had 2 free drink tickets...of course I had to give mine away since they would not let me use them for virgin drinks! Oh well such is life! They also had pizza and appetizers. It was fun to chat away and see what people have been up to. I stayed from 6 to 11 pm that night. I even saw my old next door neighbor Natalie who I had not talked to since I was about 13 yrs old!

Then Saturday we had a tour of our new (old) high school. They had just finished remolding and rebuilding it a year ago. It was quite amazing. As soon as I get pictures I will share!

Then we had a BBQ at Lakewood Park where all the families were invited. It was fun to see each others' kids and let them play together. Kambria had a ball playing in the sand. Everyone commented on how she looked just like me. What a great compliment!

This is a short version...since I do not know what more to say about it. But it was a fun time and I am glad that I went...even if Bryan had to stay in Chicago without us!!! I told him he should plan on going to his next year!
This is what I came home to...

How sweet is Bryan??!!! They are GORGEOUS flowers! They are so pretty that they even look fake! What a nice surprise!

And after 12 days apart from each other, I finally got to come back "home" to Chicago and Bryan!!!YEAH We had never been apart from each other for this long since we began dating over 4 yrs ago. It was tough for both of us, but I think even tougher for Kambria to be away from her Daddy. She missed him SO much...even to the point that she did not want to let go of him from the time we got off the airplane. She wanted him to do everything...even change her diaper! It was sure nice to have a break from that one :) But she is settling down and not so upset when he goes off to school in the mornings as much anymore...she even wanted me to hold her last night...which is good for me to know I am still needed!

So now that I am back, I can keep up on this blog thing again!!!