Tuesday, February 24, 2009

we have been SICK!

Just a quick update... Kambria got the flu...throwing up for the first time and the whole bit...now she has a fever and is CRABBY cause she does not feel good. So we have been laying low this past week and a half. Now we think she might have a UTI...the culture comes back tomorrow...so we will see. Poor little girl...

And I am VERY tired of waking up SEVERAL times a night to give her medicine so the fever will go back down. I just want my enthusiastic and energetic little girl back!!! Help me remember this when I say I just want her to calm down...but truthfully I hope she gets better soon...for her sake AND for my sanity!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

kambria loves ice cream

Kambria LOVES ice cream...but this was her first ice cream cone!!! She loved it!!! Birthday cake flavor...with blue icing!

Kambria's teachers

I enrolled Kambria in a 5 week class called curious twos. She had a fun time...although was a little scared to have me leave the first couple weeks. She went with her friend Rileigh and they had about 5 other students in the class. It was 2 times a week for 5 weeks. And here are her teachers. We decided not to enroll her agin sue to the fact that it was basically like nursery at church and it cost money...that we can use on other things right now. Plus I feel like she was a little too advanced for the learning that happened in class. Yes, she did not like me to leave, which was the object of some other kids in the class, but she knew TONS more about colors, talking, counting and letters etc... So maybe in the fall we can look into more classes that acept 3 year olds...they are few and far in between for 2 year olds... We are also looking into doing a joy school...anyone interested?

6 months and counting!

I can not believe that Weston is already 6 months old!!! He turned six months and was sitting up already! And then the next thing I know he is rolling around the floor ALL over the place!!!

6 fun facts about Weston:
1. He is the HAPPIEST baby!! He just smiles at everyone and loves to be held...however he like to sit on the floor too! Just a happy baby.

2. He loves to talk to his pet stuffed monkey. He wakes up talking to "George" every morning.

3. Weston DROOLS on EVERY thing...himself, the floor and any one who is holding him.

4. Dad says he is LARGE for his age...but then again we knew that!!!

5. He has the BEST laugh/giggle. It is to die for... especially since he is really ticklish too...his thighs are just to hard to resist tickling sometimes!

6. He does not like to "suck" on anything. Almost to the point where we are not sure he even knows how to suck on a bottle. He just bites everything.This goes along with the drool fact. We know teeth are on the way, but not here yet. These are teething tablets, but the picture was close to real...this is maybe what he will look like with teeth.

And of course the pictures to prove just how cute he is...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines weekend

So on valentines morning Kambria woke up at 2:30 and threw up all over the place. This was the first time she has ever thrown up. So we watched her most of the day and she seemed to be doing ok...just had to take things slow with drinking soda and eating Popsicles. She was even feeling ok enough to dance with Elmo...our favorite part is the butt wiggle.

We had a couple of friends over, Ashley and Patrick, for our yearly tradition on doing fondue on valentines day, but since Kambria was sick we were scared that we would not get to do it. Well I told them she had been throwing up and such, but they thought it would be fine to come over.,..adn Bryan and I were grateful they did. We had a wonderful time and Kambria was just quiet and peaceful on the lovesac. However, I did feel bad that she did not feel good. We played games while she slept. And Weston just rolled around the room and played with their daughter Lydia. She is the same size as Weston, but 3 months older.

So through the night, we slept good, and Bryan eve got up and went to choir practice, since that i his calling, and stayed for sacrament meeting. However, Kambria turned week very quickly and was REALLY thirsty. So Bryan had called his dad to give her a blessing and so his mom called me and said I should call her doctor. Well her records have never been transferred to a doctor up here in Fort Collins, since she hasn't had to go the doctors. So I tried to call Weston's doctor...they have yet to call me back... so I texted Bryan and said to get home quickly. I looked up on the Internet signs of dehydration...and Kambria was exactly that! DEHYDRATED!!! We took her to the urgent care and they gave her some medicine to help with nausea and she ate a Popsicle and some pedialyte. Then they sent us home. So we spent the afternoon worried as ever! She had sunken eyes and was VERY skinny! She lost a LOT of weight.

But I am proud to announce she is back and feisty as ever! She has her attitude back...and for that I am grateful. i will take that over her being that sick. However...I WOULD like her to be a little calmer some days. None the less I and glad she is back...she just has a really sore bum from all the diarrhea...that might take a couple of days to heal....ouch!

Valentines celebrations

A week before Kambria and Bryan made valentine cards...Kambria's version was just cutting the paper any way she could. This way the mess from it, but Bryan said she had a ball. I was at a stake relief society program, so they had the morning to do something fun together. It was a good surprise. I loved it and Kambria was so excited about it.

So Valetines day was a week long celebration...and good thing becasue Kambria was sick that day...that story later.
The final product of the sugar cookies...

Bryan and Kambria cutting out the cookies. Kambria and I had made the dough earlier in the day and then we cut and frosted them for FHE. Of Course Kambrias favorite part was eating hte dough!

And these are pictures of the kids on friday morning...they were just too cute to NOT take a picture.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

my sister

just wanted to post some cute pictures I took with my sister last week when she came up to visit and spend the day with Kambria and I...

We had a blast playing mario kart and going to take Kambria to McDonalds. It was a fun day. Thanks sis for making the time. We love you...Kambria especially! ;o)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weston's 4 month check-up

So we had Weston's 4 month check-up...a week and a half ago...which makes him 5 1/2 months. But at least we finally got it done....seems like I behind in a couple of things huh?

So he measured 19lbs 11.5 oz!!!!!!
They did not tell me what percentage he is in, but I can assume the high 90's. Kambria did not even weigh that at 12 months! I have a chunker that is for sure!!! but he is ALWAYs so happy. EVERY person comments on how happy of a baby he is...including grandmas!! thanks!

He is 28 inches long! SO at least length comes with the lbs! We looked at his infant car seat and realized that he only has 2 lbs and 1 in to grow and then he has to get a different car seat!

My sister in law Leah offered an extra car seat that they have...so that will be nice rather than having to go out and spend more money that we don't have! Thanks Leah!

He is also eating rice and barley cereal, and lots of squash, sweet potatoes and bananas. He gets applesauce every once in a while since he does not care for it too much. He is quite interested in drinking from a cup...EVERY time he sees me take a drink he reaches for it.

Another note on Weston.. he sat up today all by himself. He is REALLY more stable than I originally thought...so I would classify him and sitting up now. It was quite amazing! And I do not remember if I mentioned it, but he rolled over for the first time on Christmas morning. That was fun for all to see...Bryan and I saw him do it at the same time!

We sure love this "little" guy and are so happy he is a part of our family! I still think you just had to big so big to survive your sister!!!

late christmas letter

SO we sent some out...but the majority gets it through our blog...and YES it is late, but I wanted to post it since I did get it done...it was done by the middle of january, but I am just getting around to posting it now...

Dear family and Friends,
We can hardly believe another year has flown by so we would like to share with all of you some of the things that our family has experienced this year.

Weston D Fairbanks was born August 7, 2008. He weighed in at 10 lbs 1 oz with a length of 21in!!! We had NO idea he was going to be that big, but we are grateful for modern day medicine that allowed him to be delivered cesarean section. The joke around here is that he had to be that big to survive his sister! His scheduled date was for August 5, 2008, but due to Eliza getting a fever for no reason, and not being able to get rid of it for a couple of days, the doctors said it would be best if we waited until August 7th for delivery. Too bad he wasn’t born on 8-8-08…but we decided it was not worth it to wait another day and we are glad we didn’t! We love having him as a part of the family!

This year has been a great one for Kambria. She has gotten to live with both sets of grandparents and live in Chicago. She loved seeing all the trains (the L Train) and had so many experiences at all the museums in Chicago. She has expanded her vocabulary and now talks in full sentences. Some of her phrases are ones that she hears all the time. For example, “What’s your problem mom?” or “For heaven sakes!” Just goes to show mom’s phrases too!! She now sleeps in a big girl bed. She does very well. She became a big sister (this explains having to have a big girl bed)! And LOVES her brother…sometimes a little too much. Kambria has also been potty trained!!! That has been quite an accomplishment. She started when she was only 18 months, but due to so many moves it was postponed for a while. Once we were finally settled in our new home, she did very well.

After several months of online classes and moving to Chicago for 10 weeks, Bryan graduated from Northwestern University with his certificate in Prosthetics. After Weston was born we moved back to Fort Collins to look for a residency. It took us a while, but Bryan was finally offered a position in Windsor, CO!! What a blessing to be able to stay in Colorado. Bryan had been looking in Maryland and Michigan and to find one so close to home was truly a miracle! Thank goodness this one came through; we had been offered a position in Casper, WY and were set to go look for housing when Joe called and said he wanted us in Windsor!! Colorado is so much better than Wyoming! We moved into our own little rental house; 3bd, 2bath, 1car garage and a little backyard. We have loved being in our own place again and Kambria and Weston even have their own rooms! We love Windsor and the people we have met. Our ward is great and welcomed us with open arms.

I love being a mom and having my own place to decorate again!! This year was quite the year for patience. I was pregnant and moved 5 times…But I endured it and loved all the wonderful experiences I had. Chicago was a wonderful place to explore, but I was so glad to come back home to Colorado. I am so grateful for Weston and the joy he has brought into our lives. I can not believe I am a mom to 2 kids already! They are wonderful kids and I am so blessed to have them in my life. Bryan and I also got to travel to Canada shortly after Weston was born to attend Bryan’s aunt’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration. It was a fun time and we were glad that we got to go. So Kambria and Weston have both travelled “internationally.”

So that has been our exciting year of 2008!!! We have enjoyed the many experiences (joys and trials) this year. We are truly blessed by having you as friends and family. Thank you for being a part of our lives.

Bryan, Eliza, Kambria & Weston