Monday, September 22, 2008

Miller farm

Can you believe he is only 6 weeks old in this picture?

For my mother's birthday we decided to meet half way between Fort Collins and Denver. My brother found this neat farm, called Miller farm in Longmont, so we decided to give it a go. It was a BLAST!!!

However, we did not know that you would be going on a "hay ride" for about 2.5 hours to pick 8 bags of vegetables a person. We tried to do it with 5 little kids between Nelson's 3 and our 2 and it was fun, but would NOT do it ever again. Kambria ended up having a dehydration breakdown and was crying a ton! Finally Nelson walked back to the farm and got his van so we could get some water and lunch in the kids.

It was an experience to be remembered...

A quick trip to canada

So we had been in Fort Collins for about 5 days when we decided we would help MaryEllen drive up to Canada to see her sisters 50th wedding anniversary. She could not fly up there because she does not have a passport yet and you have to have one to fly out of the country. So the only way she would get up there is to drive, since you don't have to have a passport for that, you only need a drivers license and a birth certificate. And Don could not get that much time off of work to help her drive. So off we went. It takes 2 days to drive there so we drove up to billings, MT first and stayed the night and then drove the rest of the way to Calgary the next day. We were able to go to the party and enjoyed seeing all the family that I have never met due to them not being members of the church and so they don't have as much to do with the family.

Then we went to Fernie, BC for the adult family reunion. You are not supposed to bring any kids with you, but we had no choice in the matter so we enjoyed the kids too. We spent 2 1/2 days there and then drove home. So all in all a fast trip, 4 days driving and 4 days "playing and visiting."

So here are the fruits of our trip.

This is Bryan and the group that went on a hike.
Bryan and Kambria...can you see her face?

This is the Titan. The world's largest truck.

A couple of mountainous pictures. It is BEAUTIFUL in BC
So that is a few of the pics.

Monday, September 08, 2008

quick update...moved again

So I don't have time to write all the details, but I thought I would let you all know...we have moved up to Fort Collins again. We are living with Bryan's parents while Bryan searches for a residency. We needed a change and don't feel like it was very wise to have a lease on an apartment until we know what the residency situation is more like. Bryan is working hard on finding a residency but still nothing has come up yet. A lot of contacts have been made and progress is happening as far as learning which sites are available, but still nothing has been offered. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we search for the next stage in life! Until that happens we are having fun and staying busy in Fort Collins!

Kambria's 2 year photo

Since Kambria turned 2 on August 21st, we decided to get her yearly picture done...

These are the results.

New haircut!

So I got tired of having the same hair cut that I have had for a long time AND I wanted short hair due to the fact that I have less time now with 2 kids. So here are the results.
The first 3 photos are fine...and then the fourth photo is when I went to striaghten it....I was upset and could not get it to go the way I wanted it.

I first went and had it cut as little longer...then about 2 hours after of trying to style it the way I wanted it...I did not like it and went back and had the girl cut it shorter. It was supposed to be a posh like a-line hair cut and did not exactly turn out that way...but I like it none the less. and let me tell you it is A LOT easier to do...straight or curly!
So the end result after all the pictures, is a little shorter and layered.