Friday, December 29, 2006

kambria's first snow

I have posted the story behind all the pictures a few posts down, so be sure to read them all.

Kambria and mom

The whole fam!!
Kambria and Dad

gingerbread houses

The before pictures....

And the after pictures...

The red one is mine the brick one is Bryan's.

the snow

So the pics are here

Well, today Bryan went back to work and his family are doing their own things so I figured I would come and post the pictures I have been promising for a while now...No one hurt my feeling by saying I need to post. I am glad people remind me! ;o)

So the gingerbread houses were a LOT more work than I EVER anticipated. It took us 3 days to complete them and when it came down to it, we became very bored of decorating after about an hour. So this is the finfished product. I would recommend just buying a kit for 10 dollars! Muh easier and just as fun.

We have had a major blizzard storm the last week. These pictures are from the first storm that gave us about 3 feet of snow. Bryan's work was cancelled along with the rest of the city shutting down too! A lot of people were stuck at the airport for christmas. Glad I was not flying anywhere! It was fun to be snowed in, but now there is another storm that has hit. It has given us about another 6 inches, but it is supposed to continue to snow through Sunday. Denver has shut down since they got about another foot to foot and a half last night. My mother is tired of being snowed in. But at least it is good for family ties and fun huh? I sometimes just wish I was at my families house instead of Bryan's. I just get lonesome for them. But that will come in about a month!!!! YEAH!!! I think my mother is REALLY excited to have us move in with them and have her granddaughter closer. She gets lonesome for adult girl conversations sometimes...and I love getting to oblige her and have them with her!

The next pictures are of Kambria's first sledding experience. Bryan's family went up to beaver ridge meadows and we all went sledding. Kambria stayed indoors most of the time with Bryan's sister Lisa since she is 6 months pregnant and did not want to go sledding. So that was nice to have some time to go with Bryan. Then she came outside for a while and took some pictures! It was a good old time!!!

So that has been what I have done the last couple of days...
And now I am looking forward to setting some new goal for myself and Bryan for the new year. I usually sit down and write myself a letter and seal it up until the next year. I forgot to do that last year and now I am regretting it. So that is what we're going to do for FHE come Monday night. That is my goal anyway. We will have to see if it happens.

thanks for all your support and being patient with me while I have been a slacker on posting. Love you all. Until next time.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Short but sweet!

So I have not posted anything in a while and I have a lot to catch up on...Some people have told me that Christmas has come and gone and I have not posted anything...Well, family from Bryan's side is still in town until Monday the 1st and so things have been quite hectic trying to keep them entertained....So I will post this...Gingerbread houses were fun to do, but really TOO much work for me...I would rather buy the kit than make them from scratch. And we got about 3 feet of snow a week ago and now tonight we are supposed to get another foot before we have even really recovered from the first storm. And Kambria had her first snow experience. I will be explaining more about them come next Tuesday when the schedules go back to normal. And pictures should come along with them too. I am sorry for all my faithful readers who have been waiting for something from me. Hopefully this will last for a while!
Until next time...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas here we come!

So the past 4 days have been nothing but getting ready for x-mas. Monday, Bryan and I decided we wanted to make gingerbread houses for family home evening. Little did we realize that it is truly a 3 day activity; one day to make the gingerbread and bake it, then let it sit overnight to harden, day 2 to put it together and sit overnight to harden again, and day 3 to decorate. So the first gingerbread house we made was not very good. So we tried again. Tonight is the night that we get to decorate the houses...So tomorrow you should see a picture of them all completed...Bryan even says he wants to post them so Brady can be jealous!...Sorry Brady...Bryan just gets jealous of all the wonderful cooking you do! We think it is great!

And last night we went Christmas shopping for Lisa and Eric since they are coming by plane and have limited room for presents...It was fun. I have wrapped all my gifts and they are under Bryan and I's fake tree...Since Don and MaryEllen could not find a real one they liked, for a price they like they used our fake one this year. I am glad that we could help in the festivities. MaryEllen commented that she thought it would be fun to have gifts under the tree before Christmas eve, like she always has. I guess that is when she gets around to wrapping the presents. It should be fun to watch the cats and hopefully not have them tear the presents open before Christmas. Bryan and I are ready for Christmas this year...Since it is Kambria's first Christmas. She does not really understand what is going on, but it is fun for us to watch her experience it.
Well until the gingerbread houses are complete....

Friday, December 08, 2006

crazy times

I have not written in a while, and for all my faithful readers I am sorry. I do not have a lot to say other than holiday times are BUSY! And I am not even THAT busy. I just think it is all in my brain. I do not know if any one else feels this way, but I think that I feel busy because there is a lot of hussle and bussle about. I am trying to remember the the TRUE meaning of christmas and keeping my thoughts in check. I am more in the mood of gift giving than gift reciving, but it still does not seem like Christ is quite in the center of it all...I am working on it!

Well like I said not much happening. Just everyday doing the same old same sleep and take care of Kambria...that takes all my time.

Until next time

Thursday, November 30, 2006

more photos...

Here are some more photos...enjoy

Kambria's 3 month photos

Bryan had the day off yesterday from work since he is working Saturday, so we took Kambria to get her 3 month photos. My brother and sister-in-law did pictures every 3 months for my nephew Hayden and when he turned 1 year old it was really cute to see his 3, 6, 9 and 12 month photos together. So we decided to get on the ball and do it too...But we were not expecting everything that they did. It was a fun experience and from it all we ended up getting a CD that contained ALL 83 photos that they took. The guy said that they normally do not take that many pictures, but he said he goes crazy with babies, since he has a 2 month old son too. So I am sure next time we do pictures, it wont be quite the same, but it was fun for first timers like us! So here are some of the cute pictures so everyone can see...
Until next time...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A good holiday

So I wont say much due to limited time, but Thanksgiving was fun. My family was all together again. We spent 5 days with my family just hanging out, going to our traditional thanksgiving day movie, playing games and setting Brady up on a date with a friend of mine named Esther. It was fun. A very thankful time and I reflected a lot about how much a truly do have. Here is the family photo we took before Colins goes on his mission on January 31, 2007. He is going to Mendoza Argentina!!!! I am only worried about when he gets home and Brady and him talk in Spanish and the rest of us wont be able to understand them...But until next time, enjoy your day!

Monday, November 20, 2006


So this time of year really makes one think about all the things one should be thankful for. First thing that comes to mind is my family...Immediate and extended. My little girl makes me so thankful for prayers being answered. I think of all the worries I originally had when I was pregnant and all the family and friends that said prayers in my behalf. I know that they were answered ten fold, because Kambria is healthy, well and growing like a weed. Our friends baby Hannah who is only 3 weeks younger than Kambria is not near as alert or as physically strong. Kambria loves to be on her tummy and holds her head up. She will be crawling soon by the way she is acting on her tummy. She also loves to stand. It is ust amazing how strong she really is. This I am thankful for.

I am also thankful for a husband who loves me beyond measure...Even if I wake up on the grumpy side of the bed and am not a happy camper. He still loves me!! I am grateful for my brothers and sister and the friendship we have with each other. I just wish that I could spend more time with them all. I guess that makes the time I do spend with them that more worth it. I am grateful for a set of parents who love us all and teaches us so much with their actions and words. They have remained faithful to each other and have taught me so many things with their words of love and advice. If I could only begin to have their knowledge I would be set. But I am learning ... Slowly learning.

These are just a few things that I am thankful/grateful for. Did I even mention the gospel of Jesus Christ?...That makes everything just make sense and have purpose. Like my brother Brady said, "there is a lot to think about, but nothingto worry about." I love it!!!

Well until next time, remember that Eliza Fairbanks has a thankful heart this day!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Photo opportunity


Kambria has been so cute lately, not that she isn't cute all the time, but tonight she was sitting up all by herself. Some of the credit has to go to the fact that she was calm and not too anxious about moving around. So MaryEllen set up a little "studio" on her living room chair and we took pictures of Kambria sitting up with the help of the crevice of the chair too, but Kambria tried to keep sitting up all by her self. We were VERY impressed, being that she is only 2 1/2 months. I do not think she will officially really sit up for a while, but it was fun to do. We got some cute pictures of her smiling that are absolutely wonderful and I thought I would share. One shows how she likes to play with her tongue, one is of her trying to really sit up and one is of her making her talking cooing noises. Enjoy.

Friday, November 10, 2006

It has been a while

Well, it has been a while since I posted last. It seems like I do not have much to say, but I know that when other people say that in there posts, I think that they have a lot to say. It is interesting to me, so I guess I will just start typing and it should turn into something good...I hope.

My brother Brady said on his blog that people need to be needed. That is so true. The other thing I think is important is that people need to feel like they have a purpose. And I think that finding that purpose is what life is consisted of. I think this is the constant battle; finding purpose. We can choose to be happy, or choose to be unhappy, but always improving. If that makes any sense.

I am excited for thanksgiving to get here. My whole family will be together, and for several days. Then Colin is supposed to go through the temple the day after thanksgiving, and all of us should be there, except for Tess who will be watching Kambria for me! How great that will be!

The other day I made bread for the first time, but I was given a roll recipe instead of a bread recipe, so the bread really tasted like rolls. It is good, but not my favorite. I made the bread in my Bosch mixing machine instead of kneading it by hand! It was a lot better to do it in the machine. Bryan and I did it together, since he had Wednesday off from work. It is fun that we can do these type of things together, yet still have him working every day.

Well those are the boring things of my life.
Until next time...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Same old same old

Just a quick thought...Life happens whether we realize it or not. I have now spent 2 months in my in-laws basement. Sometimes it feels like we have been here forever, and other times it feels like we just got here. But I have come to realize that time goes by whether I am unhappy or whether I am happy. I have decided to enjoy time and life, while we are in our current situation. I have been working out, which has made me a happier person. I also have tried to teach myself several new things. All of this time waiting around for something to happen; a decline or acceptance to Northwestern. We still have not heard a yes or no, but did have an email from the college stating there has been some hold up due to some red tape the college has had to get through. They said they will let us know when they know . But I have now I have realized accepted or not I need to make everyday count. Whether or not I have anything to show for it is something different, but everyday will count in my book...Until next time.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cutest costume...

Halloween went well yesterday. Bryan dressed up as a pirate for work, which he made all by himself, of course with some coaching from me, and I put Kambria in her monkey outfit, that I made and took her to visit him at work and show her off there. Everyone, including the customers at the bank thought she was the cutest little monkey ever. It is always fun to hear complete strangers tell you that you have a cute kid! I certainly agree. Then we had Nate and Sarah Pettitt and Dave and Morgan Gardner over for a fondue night. We sat around and ate fondue and talked from 6:30 till 10:30. It was so much fun to hear everyone's perspectives on life and their thoughts bout what to do in life for a career. I think it was good for both Bryan and I to hear that one decision is not the "all" in your decisions about what to do for a career. Dave and Morgan are some friends that I think Bryan and I could have a lot of fun with. They are like a Shelby and Travis relationship that e miss. (Shelby and Travis were our good friends that we spent most nights with until they moved back to Utah.)

Well...It is now November 1st! Cold and turning more like winter every day! It just means less time until thanksgiving and Christmas!!! That is what I have to look forward to since we STILL do not know whether Bryan has been declined or accepted into Northwestern. Bryan sent them an email today asking if they had any more info for us.

Well until next time...

Monday, October 30, 2006

a preview to Halloween...

Well on Saturday night we had a ward Halloween party night and Kambria won the cutest costume award! It was the most fun hearing the oo's and awe's from people once they found out that I made her costume...And mine and Bryan's...Well Bryan really made his own costume...Along with my help. It was a lot of fun. Now we can hardly wait for tomorrow to dress up again. We are having our friends Nate and Sarah and another couple from the parkwood ward, the Gardners, over to our house for a fondue night! It should be a lot of fun!

That is what is going on for now...Until next time

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

just fun pictures

I thought I would also post just some fun pictures. Th first picture is Kambria's first piano lesson fomr her dad. She LOVES piano music and whenever it is played is VERY content to listen to it. For this I am grateful. The pictures with two babies in it is Kambria in the purple and our friends Nata and Sarah Pettitt's baby Hannah, who is only 3 weeks younger than Kambria...they are the same size basically. Enjoy

Ready for Halloween?

So I am almost done with all 3 Halloween costumes for us this year...Kambria's monkey outfit, my monkey outfit ( I couldn't think of what else to be) and Bryan's pirate outfit, since he has to be one for work. But I put Kambria in here Halloween clothes today and she is most cute...Although truthfully you would not know if she was a girl or a boy. Usually I put a colored bow in her hair if I dress her "neutral" meaning no pink... This you can tell from the red outfit...But it says, "grandma loves (to spoil) me and I thought it most cute! I am just having so much fun dressing her and then taking pictures. Hopefully I will still have this much energy when the next kids come along...Who knows.

So Don and MaryEllen, Bryan's parents, left this morning for their adult reunion. So Bryan and Amanda and I have the house to ourselves. It definitely is weird having to figure out how to cook again ;o) not really but different being the only ones here. Bryan is going to a bank work party tonight so Amanda and I are going to go to Chick-fil-a for dinner since Bryan gets to go out...He can not have ALL the fun!...
Until next time

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nothing new yet

Well I have not posted in a whole, because nothing new has really happened yet. Bryan and I have been working on his Halloween costume...yep that is right Bryan has been MAKING his costume. He loves to use the sewing machine, probably because it is a machine that he gets to use. He is going to be a pirate so I have been showing him how to read a pattern and he has done quite well. We made his shirt and now are in the process of using that shirt pattern to make his vest. Then we will move on to make his head dress bandana like thing. Then once his outfit is done I will fix Kambria's and then start on mine. Hopefully they all turn out good. I will post them once they are all finished!

That is the comings and goings for now.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What fun it is...

Being a mom has been so much fun lately. Kambria is finally starting to smile and me and Bryan on demand. When we start to talk to her she smiles up a storm. So that is how we FINALLY captured it on film.

I also have figured out that onions have an effect on Kambria's tummy. On Monday night we went to Texas road house for dinner and got on awesome blossom and since then Kambria has had a LOT more gas and liked her tummy positions a lot more too. So I am paying for the wonderful treat I had. I am not quite sure if it was worth it and whether or not I would do it again. I have decided that at least I know onions are not the choice food to eat.

So we have had our first snow storm of the season last night. So I will have to go take pictures and post them. I am not quite ready for snow, but then again I do not know when I would be ready. I like the fact that it has snowed and stayed on the ground, but not on the streets. That is the best kind of snow, and here in Colorado it NEVER says for long.

So tonight Bryan surprised me with another b-day present. He got me a Willow figurine with a mother holding a brand new baby on her shoulder. It is called 'Angel of Mine' and it is perfect! We have a little collection of these figurines and so I was really excited to receive another one. And the fact that it is a new mother was even better!

Well until next time...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fun weekend, and my birthday

Bryan and Kambria and I went down to Denver this weekend to celebrate my nephew Hayden's 1 year birthday celebration. We went to the zoo and I think Bryan was more excited to go to the zoo than anyone else. Tess, my sister, made a comment that Bryan is a like a little boy when he gets excited. I think that is what makes me love him so much. He is a fun guy to be around. So Kambria had her first zoo experience. We had a lot of fun looking at the monkeys, especially because that is what we call Kambria; monkey face. It was a lot of fun.

Then my mom, Tess, and I went to Dre Downs' bridal shower. It was a lot of fun seeing how incredibly happy Dre is. I am so proud of her and the choices she had made so that she can have an eternal marriage. She inspires me more than she knows. And while we were at the bridal shower, in walks my "sister" Ester. She is not related in any way, but looks like me and people have called us sisters before. My mother thinks so too. So I told Ester she needs to date my brother Brady when she moves to BYU in January. I talked to Brady yesterday and he said he would be up to it come January. So we will see how that goes. I think he is open to most anything, but a little shy about the girl situation... He will do just fine and the one that marries him will have a GREAT catch.

So yesterday, October 15, was my 27th birthday. I feel pretty old, and as my dad says, "Well then that makes ME old." But truthfully it does makes me feel old to say I am 27 now. I know it is part of life, but it still doesn't change the fact that saying 27 when someone asks how old you are feels old to me... I had a good birthday, despite the fact that I was a little grouchy about the whole 27 thing...And for that I am sorry, esp. To Bryan and for the fact I got upset at him. I know he forgives me and I him, but I still wanted to say I am sorry!

I had a little birthday 'pie' instead of cake and that was fun. Then My in laws sang happy birthday and I blew out my candles. Hopefully, my with will come true. I will let you know if it does! I got some coupons for dinner and ice cream, some smelly lotions and soap and some nice earrings from the in-laws, Amanda included. I got some more earrings and a work out outfit from Bryan. We hopefully will go out for a nice birthday dinner some time this week since we couldn't on my birthday since it was on a Sunday.

Well I should log off for now and go exercise...yep that is right I am doing well on it so far...wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kambria's blessing

Kambria was blessed on Sunday by Bryan and ALL of my immediate family and Bryan's immediate family were able to attend. It was WONDERFUL!!!! So Bryan and his dad and brother Scott and Brother-in-law Erik and My dad and brothers Brady and Nelson were able to stand in the circle to bless her. It was a day I will never forget. I have dreamed of that since I was a little girl. It was was amazing.

So Bryan and I are now on a diet. We have not figured out the exercise timing yet, but we are working on it. We feel like it will be a good thing if we do it together. Hopefully we can keep on it.

no sign of what our plans are still. Bryan got a letter from Northwestern yesterday, since we did not check the mail on Saturday, but it just said that his application had been received and will be reviewed. I HOPE and PRAY that he is accepted. It would make us have some sort of goal to look forward too. Sometimes I just feel like I am living my life with no REAL purpose. This room is starting to drive me insane, but I try to think, it is not forever and someday I will have my own home again...I just don't know how long. The LORD must just be teaching me patience.

So today I think I will try to make Kambria's Halloween costume. We decided she is going to be a monkey. I hope it goes well. Until next time.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Final doctors appointment

Today was my final doctors appointment for my pregnancy. Everything checked out good and he said I "can do what I want..Within reason of course." That means come Monday I go on a new exercise plan...And diet too. I know I still have to be eating a TON of food, but it will be more on the healthy side than it has been lately. After having avoided almost ALL junkfood due to gestational diabetes, I went on a junk food ravage it feels like the last 4 weeks or so. SO back on the healthy eating and to the exercise. I actually have missed being able to go swimming, or exercising at the gym or even a brisk walking. That's what a c-section will do to you....WANT to exercise.

So Brady is going to come home this weekend, which makes me really happy. I want to spend some time with him so I will be down to my parents house on Friday night and spend Friday night and Saturday morning with my family and then I will come back up to fort Collins Saturday afternoon so Scott and Lisa can spend some time with Kambria too. Bryan was so nice about the whole thing and that made my day. I know Bryan does not like it when I leave him here and I go to Denver, but I think he is realizing that I need time with my family too. He is very kind and sweet that way! Man, I sure do love him!

So that is my life right now in a nut shell. Until next time.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

6 weeks

So time has flown by. Kambria is now 6 weeks old as of yesterday. And my nephew turns 1 in 3 weeks. I can not believe also that I have been living in my in-laws house for 6 weeks either... That is a shocker to me. Bryan has made a couple of phone calls to some people about jobs and his schooling, but all he ever gets is voice mail and NO ONE ever calls him back. How annoying!!!! I wish people would get on the ball! I would love to have this progress in that area and then we could move down to Denver with my family and then Bryan would be in the biology field for a little while as well as making more money. I think it would be beneficial for Bryan to get a job in the biology field as well as me getting to spend more time with my family. I think they need me as much as I need them. My mom sounded a little family hungry when I talked to her last night. My dad needs some support with his job situation right now and us being in Denver with them I think, would help them out.

So my brother Brady is single again...BUMMER. But I think it was a good experience for him and it made him realize how nice it is to be with someone who you trust and like. There is blessings that come from all experiences if done with an open heart and I believe that Brady will get through this. Even if it is hard. I have been there before and know what he is going through. Good luck buddy! And if you do come to Kambria's blessing I would be thrilled!!! Love ya!

I have decided to try and make Kambria's Halloween costume...I just don't know how it will turn out. And I have not quite decided what she will be exactly, but I have bought a pattern to start the process. We should know in the next couple of days...Also I have begun teaching myself how to crochet. I am not too bad at it, but I have a lot to learn still. I will post a picture of my end product...when I get done with it which might be a while. But I am proud that I have taught myself.

Well I need to run. until next time

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Well, things are settling down a little bit. We are mailing off Bryan's application for Othotics/ prosthetics school today. It looks like it will be a good profession for Bryan and his personality. There is much growth expected in this profession in the next 10 years and the pay is good. The training consists of 6 months and then a year of paid residency. Hopefully he gets into the February program. We are thinking of moving to Denver to live with my parents while Bryan works in the biology field doing something. We have applied for one position where my sister-in-law Leah used to work at a company called allosource. We will see how things go.

As far as my daily life, it is good. I get bored sometimes, but I am trying to be patient and see how things progress with Bryan's job and schooling. Kambria is such a joy and is growing like a weed! I will attach some pictures here soon. She is slowly smiling when she hears her daddy's voice. I think she will DEFINITELY be a daddy's girl. I know she loves me but it is nice to see she recognizes her dad too. I know it makes him feel good too.

Well enough for today

Monday, September 25, 2006


So things have been progressing towards some ideas about what we are going to do with our lives for the next little while. Bryan has been looking into O&P a lot and we are trying to get his application into north western this week to see if he is accepted into the program. Once we know that it might make things a little bit easier, however it is not a guarantee. We talked with a friend of my family who is looking into going into it also and that was a good thing. I think it sounds a little more interesting to Bryan since then and I am feeling good about it since it really is only 6 months of training and then a year of residency where you get paid instead of you paying them. We will keep you updated.

Friday, September 22, 2006

As the world spins on...

Well, as you can tell from Eliza's last post our plans have taken a turn towards a different scenery. Eliza mentioned that I was possibly interested in Optometry; I have also been looking at the idea of O&P (orthodics & prosthetics). There are a lot of decisions to be make in the next little while, I guess we will see what happens.
Eliza is in Denver with her parents...I'm glad she has some time with them, I know she was needing it, a little sanity is always good. Well, we will keep you posted as far as our plans go. Ta ta for now!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Well, a lot of things and ideas have happened within the last 48 hours. It looks like we will not be moving to Iowa, at least for now. Bryan has decided that he is not sure about being a chiropractor and wants to pursue becoming an optometrist. We are looking into it and will probably be going forward for it for now. It has been VERY emotional both for Bryan and for me trying to figure out how o go forward with a new plan in life. So we have talked thins over and over again about how we go forward. I just cant see living in my in-laws basement for the next 4 months. Bryan agrees, but can not see how we can afford to live on our own with just his income.
So I have talked with my mother about the whole situation and tried to come up with some solutions. Bryan is going to have to shadow to find out if optometry is REALLY what he wants to do. My mother has offered her house for living arrangements and so Bryan can find a job in Denver with optometry. I would feel a LOT more comfortable living in my parents basement than I do living in Bryan's parents basement just for the fact that it is my family and my house that I grew up in. I feel a LOT better about that decision and having to wait for 6 months for us to find put about getting into optometry school. I think that I could do that...I just don't know how Bryan will feel about it and I do not want to hut his family by "moving" out of their house to only go to my parents house. SO we will see how the discussion goes tonight with his parents and such. So many decisions in such a small amount of time. Hopefully the next couple of days that I am going to spend with my family like I had previously planned will turn out for the best, to give Bryan some time to sort out thoughts and get some research done.
I love Bryan with all my heart and I know he loves me too. This is just a bump in the road that we are helping each other through. Thank goodness for parents and for their advice, however we have to live our lives and so we ultimately need to make the final decisions. Signing off for now.

Friday, September 15, 2006

This weekend

So it is now Friday and I am excited to go down to Denver this weekend and see my aunt Melanie and show off Kambria once again. It is Stake conference this weekend though and we should be going to the adult session Saturday night at 7. I think I want to stay in Denver a little longer and spend time with family. My mom says that is what the gospel is really about anyways right? Bryan said we will play it by ear and see how we feel about it tomorrow. That makes me think we will stay in Denver but we shall see.

So that is what is happening today. Yesterday Kambria had another ultra sound to look at her kidneys. It looks like her right kidney is still dilated but how big I don't know until the doctor calls and we talk about it. I don't know what this means and what the next steps are. I suppose the Dye test would be the next step, but I do not know if it entails surgery after that or what. I would like to get it in before we move to Iowa so insurance pays for it, but we shall see.

Those are the thoughts for today

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just stuff

Well things have been going well. Life is just happening...Nothing WONDERFUL nothing bad. I can not complain. Bryans car needs some work done on it and to get it done for a reasonable price we have to wait until Monday. And then on top of that his door handle needs to be replaced as well as his window wont completely roll up. I don't think that I will ever want to buy a European made car again. They seem to have "little" problems that are VERY expensive to get fixed. The door handle is abut 120 dollars. I found one online for 62...Which is better but then Bryan has to figure out how to fix it himself. We think we will try that route since it is cheaper at this point. So that's what I have been doing today is research on car parts. What fun I know!

Other than that I try to get out of the house at some point during the day. I went and visited Sarah and her new baby and gave her a gift of pink and purple outfits since they only have green and yellow since they did not know if it was a boy or a girl. I think it is EASIER to just find out if at all possible. That way you can go shopping for the right clothes and have fun doing it.

Well those are my thoughts for the day. I think I will have more to say once we move to Iowa and people will not have the option of seeing me everyday.;o)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Party time in our bed

Well the photo should describe the title of this post. Kambria has been such a good baby, but all things have there challenges. Kambria has had some tummy problems and has been quite fussy. So we let her snuggle with Bryan and I while we took our Sunday afternoon nap.

We rested just long enough to then get up and go to the hospital to visit our friends Nate and Sarah Pettitt. Sarah had her baby girl on Sunday morning about 9am. They did not know if it was going to be a boy or a girl and they had a girl!! They have named her Hannah Isabella Pettitt. She has a TON of hair and it is dark and long! And then Sarah's labor was FAST and there baby latched on within 20minutes. I can not compare myself to her but I will tell you it is hard to do. I just have to remember that each person is different and that is it ok for it to be that way. I will never be able to have "easy" labor. And I have accepted that that is ok. There are other things about my baby experiences that I the fact that Kambria is healthy, beautiful and a GOOD baby!

Those are my thoughts for now...
ps I just wanted to say congrats to my brother Brady who has posted on his blog that he now has a girlfriend! That makes me so proud. I have no expectations of their relationship for now, but I am proud of my brother for going outside his comfort zone and admitting that he likes a girl!!!! I cant wait to see a picture of her.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Plans are coming together

Well, things look like they are coming together for Bryan and his dad to go to Iowa. He will be leaving September 21 to drive out there and then have September 22 and 23 to find a place and then drive back on the 24th. I hope that it all works out. While he is out in Iowa I will be spending some time with my family so that they get to see Kambria some times too. I think it will work out well. I am excited for all these wonderful things to start to happen. I hope and pray that it all comes together. My heart will be a little more settled once it all happens. I think Bryan's heart will be settled a little more too and then he will not freak out so much.

well that is all for today.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

fun pictures

just some fun pictures. Enjoy