Friday, January 09, 2009

warm weather = zoo!!

So we had 64 degree weather here yesterday. There was a slight wind, not too bad. So Leah called me up and asked if I wanted to go to the zoo with them! I was were a little worried because Kambria started a new class through the city yesterday and it was her first time. She did great, after the first 30 min. It is an hour long class where they do crafts and singing and play time. Basically like church nursery, but it was good for her to go. It is for 4 weeks 2 times a week and she is going with her friend Riley, which make it even more fun I think. So since it went well and she was not distraught by any means, we headed to the zoo!!! Not to mention that Bryan had a half day since Joe went skiing with the VA and he did not have much to do by himself. So he got to come along!!! It was so WARM outside and was a fun time. They even got to ride the carosel...Bryan got to too, you lucky guy! :o) Kambria and Hayden had a blast together and so did Leah and Bryan and I. We chatted and laughed and had a good time! Thanks for inviting us Leah...


So with our new wii that we got for Christmas, we played Mario cart with Bryan's parents (they got one too) and we loved it. So it was one of the birthday presents that his parents got him...well sort of. ALL 7 stores that carry it around here were sold out from Christmas, so they gave him their copy until they can find a new one. So we have been playing non-stop after the kids go to bed. Well my oh so intelligent brother informed us we could play him over the Internet (he is in Utah and we are in Colorado). So we called him up the other night and got it all set up and played him in Mario Cart over the Internet. Let me just say it was a BLAST!!! We had him on speaker phone too, so that made it even more fun. Of course Brady won, but we have the excuse that he has had his wii fro 6 months longer than us!!!! If you ever have the chance to play a friend over the Internet it is well worth it!
Notica how Brady spells his MII character...BRADII very clever huh? I sure thought so!

Ice skating...the SAFE way

Well I don't know if there is TRULY a safe way, but inside on the carpet is better than outside being freezing and falling on your bum! We found this idea one time when I was looking on the net. It is a blast. I told Bryan about it and he thought it would be fun to try too..but for now it was just for Kambria and I.

So you take wax paper and put it on the bottom of your shoes and wrap a rubber band on it to make it stay...then you take pictures of course...and then go sliding on your carpet. It is slippery, but not too bad, but enough to make it fun!!! I am sure older kids would enjoy this more but Kambria seemed to have fun.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


For monday night we had a picnic dinner on our living room floor. Kambria enjoyed herself and we had a fun time while is was FREEZING outside, and we were enjoying our nice summertime inside picnic.

Bryan's birthday

Bryan turned 28 on Sunday Jan 4. Since it was Sunday, and none the less fast Sunday, I made him a birthday breakfast Saturday of raisin bread french toast and buttermilk syrup with Orange Juice. It was fun to do. But we saved all the celebrating for his actual birthday. Cake and all. The cake was a lemon with strawberry jelly filing with chocolate frosting. I made it all myself. Not bad huh? it is not like my friend Heather's cakes, but none the less not too bad.
And presents were EXCITING...I actually had a surprise for him...a Carry Underwood Cd, that Kambria gave him, but helped him open.

Bryan's parents gave him a remote controlled helicopter. He LOVES playing with it. This is a present that Bryan forgot about...a pair of jeans. So in a sense he was surprised. Kambria loved helping him open it!And Grandpa with the grand kids. Grandma couldn't come...she was in Utah helping Amanda go back to BYU. We missed having her, but knew she was "there" in spirit!

Terrible wind

We have had quite the winds here...up to 80 mph!!! We have been quite blessed with not having anything too ruined. The only thing is that our fence in the back got torn up a bit. We are doing fine and the landlord has already fixed it.

Weston's First feeding

Weston did great at his first feeding. He has been showing great interest every time we sit down to eat. So I decided that I would start him on rice cereal. So Saturday Jan 3 he had rice cereal for the firs time. I also looked back to see when and what I fed Kambria for the first time...she was EXACTLY the same age, to the date as Weston was...just 4 days shy of 5 months. We started her on Barley cereal because rice sometimes makes kids constipated and she wasn't very regular...but Weston is doing just fine as the pictures show...He also tried to feed himself he liked it so much!

Kambria wanted to watch and then wanted to help...

We had a grand time!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

happy kids...

More fun pics to show my happy children...

He is the HAPPIEST baby I know. He is ALWAYS smiling!

Kambria and Madalyn

Just some pictures to prove that Kambria and Madalyn really DO get along and play with each other!!!

Ahw!!! Grandma put Weston to sleep!! The 3 grandkids in their christmas pjs. This is the only picture they would hold still for.Bryan having fun with the camera...I didn't think it was TOO bad of a photo, not my best, but not too bad.

Weston being tickled by Lisa...he is REALLY ticklish on his thighs

What a cute little family huh? too bad 2 of them don't belong...and Erik is ACTUALLY smiling in this one!!! ;o)

After Christmas

After our Christmas celebration we still had family around and so we invited all of my family up to see our new place. We had fun having them up and of course just wished they could stay longer... We played our new ticket to ride dice game, had wicked hot chicken soup, and watched Momma Mia. It was fun times. We even had Brady get on the wii fit and try that out. Colin and Tess got on too and I think enjoyed themselves as well. The only pictures I took were of the girls...since I have so few of them. Turned out Kambria and Ella had the same jacket.
And this is miss Chloe. What a bunch of cuties huh?