Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rose of Sharon

These pictures are for MaryEllen to see if she can tell us if the bush in front of our house is a rose of sharon. Hopefully she can see enough from these two pictures...cause this is all we got. Bryan trimmed the "tree" now so there are not any more blooms.


Just a pretty sunset in Utah as we drove home from seeing my Grandma!

American Idol in Nashville

We came back from seeing the war cannons and tried to catch the tail end of all the people who tried out fr American Idol here in Nashville. This is all we got to see. We pretty much missed all the crazies...but it was fun to see those that were still there. We did not get to see anyone rush out with a golden ticket, but it will be fun to watch it and say we were there! ;o)

civil War cannons

We decided for our weekend adventure to learn more about the civil war here in Nashville. So we went and had the opportunity to hear some actual civil war cannons being shot off and the correct way to load and shoot them:

These men took their "role" very seriously!

Kambria even got to be to be the head guy who shouts out all the commands.

This was an actual cannon they shot!!

Great Grandma Jetta's

We went and spent a few hours with Grandma Jetta and Aunt Sherie. Bryan always loves to go and visit withthem, they are both just so much fun, and funny.
They got bubbles for the kids to play with outside...well, as you can see, the "kids" are playing with them.
Kambria just loves to play with bubbles. She is getting better at it too.

Sherie was helping Weston with his bubbles.

The bubbles only last so long and then they want to do something else. Kambria wanted to water the plants, and of course Weston wanted to too. We don't have to work very hard to get Weston to smile for the camera. What a cute little boy.

Sherie and Bryan were playing an I spy game with Weston.

Kambria playing where is Waldo with great grandma Jetta. Here are the four generations...Jetta, Dirk, Eliza & Kambria and Weston. How fun!

Thanksgiving Point Flowers

We went and walked around the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. We had walked around here last spring when they had the tulip festival and thought it was just so beautiful, so we were excited to go back and see what they had in their flower beds this year.
Kambria and Madalyn got a ride in the wagon from Erik.

Weston and Layna. Weston is such a ham for the camera!
Do I need to say anything else? That guy sitting next to me is the hottest guy I know!(Bryan is writing this can you tell?)

I just don't think the pictures do this justice. I looks so much better in person.

This was the rose garden. They had what seemed like 100's of different roses growing. It was so pretty. Our camera battery was running low, but these are some of the pictures Bryan took of the roses.

This was my favorite one of them all.

Layna smelling the roses!

Temple square visitors center

While we were in Utah we went to Temple Square and walked around. It is always fun to walk around on the grounds there and see the beautiful flowers. Kambria really liked seeing the temple and recognizing it from pictures. Hayden, Kambria's cousin, had his own camera with him and was taking pictures...of course Kambria was then asking where her camera was. She just couldn't understand why on earth we left her camera at home when she wanted it right now to take pictures like Hayden. We let her use our camera to take a couple of pictures, and I have to say they didn't turn out half bad.
This is one picture that Kambria took...she said, "I want to take a picture of that pointy building".This is another picture that Kambria took. She did a great job holding the camera all by herself.
These are some pictures of a model of the Salt Lake Temple. Bryan thought they were so neat. What a great opportunity for others who haven't seen the inside of the temple to see parts of it. What a task for someone to make this to scale model. Bryan thought it was so cool that it even had working light bulbs and everything. To give you an idea of the size of the model, if you look closely you can see a reflection in the glass of someone.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Brady and Rachael = forever!!!

This was a wonderful day a long time in coming! I was so happy I got to be there to witness such a wonderful temple wedding! The day was beautiful, the bride and groom could not wipe the smiles off their faces! It was so great. Rather than talk about all the pictures...Here they all are! These are the ones that I/Bryan took. The already bring back some good memories of that day! Again....congrats to Brady and Rachael for being worthy to be temple married! We love you guys!