Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Almost a choice...

So now that Northwestern has offered Bryan a slot and we are going next Monday, Bryan has also "sort of" been offered a slot at California too! I say sort of because on the telephone interview he had yesterday, the guy told him that he can not offer him the position yet, but he said he should let us know sometime next week and he thinks at that point we will have to make a decision...AGH! that is good, but makes things that more difficult.

I have to brag about Bryan for a minute. There are only 21 slots open for Chicago and 16 for California....That is pretty STIFF competition and none the less he has basically been accepted to both schools! that is pretty AMAZING to me! Bryan has really struggled finding something that he would LOVE doing as well as make a good living at. I think he has made a WONDERFUL choice and I am here to support him.

I don't know if he will choose California of Northwestern, plus he has truly been given that option just yet, but whatever the outcome I know he will choose that which is best for him. I am excited to have him "start" his career and to "begin" our life together. I say "begin" in the sense that we have been working on college and getting him accepted and now that he is accepted and will be working on college again, I think that this time it will truly "begin" our future.

I am so excited for our trip next week and have been doing some research to find things that Kambria and I can do for low cost or for free...I have quite the possibilities! Since Bryan will be in class 8:30am to 5:30 pm with no breaks for lunch, except with his classmates, Kambria and I have to find things to keep us occupied! We are already signed up for a free tour of Chicago area as well as the Polish Chicago area! I am really excited about that one! Then Bryan can taste some REAL Polish food! There is a little Polish area that is actually quite big and a LOT of Polish people fact I have a friend who served a mission in Chicago Polish speaking! I am excited to "relive" my mission a little bit and to include Bryan in this experience!

So that is our life for now...

Monday, September 24, 2007

it is so true...

Thursday night, Friday morning I woke up having remembered my dream! that in itself is a miracle. Then I told Bryan what the dream was about...that he had been accepted to Prosthetics school!!! But not too get your hopes up it was ONLY a dream!

Well, on Friday, Bryan received TWO phone calls. One was to set up a phone interview with California State. So he has set that up for Tuesday afternoon...the next phone call happened a couple of hours later...
We happened to be in the target parking lot when his phone rang and he thought it was going to be his parents, who were coming down for the weekend to spend some time with the YSA and of course KAMBRIA! So Bryan looks at his phone and I tell him to just answer it! Then he is talking for a minute about an email and what his correct email address is...
So he gets off the phone and tell me it was from Northwestern saying that they tried to send an email, but it came back to them. So she said she would send it again, but that she wanted to extend the acceptance to Northwestern!!!!

I about started to cry right there in the parking lot! I was so excited...Bryan even got teary eyed! I think we were in total bliss the whole ride home. We were going to go wash his car but both of us forgot because we were just thinking about we got home and turned the car off and then I remembered and so we started the car again and drove back up the "mountain" and washed his car!

So we started to talk about everything we needed to do and whether or not he wanted to go to Northwestern or California...we still don't know.

But if we go to Northwestern, there is a MANDATORY tech camp in Chicago on Oct 2. That gives us one week. So we decided to just go and see and so we bought our plane tickets and rental car and hotel last night to Chicago, Illinois on October 1 so we will be there in time for the 2nd!!! Man is it EXPENSIVE to do this last minute and none the less across the country!!! But in the end this amount of money we just spent will not seem so does seem like a lot right now, but in the end it will not. So that is why we are going and doing and then deciding...which so far is still only northwestern...California has not even offered Bryan a position yet. It might make it easier if they do not...but at the same time it would be nice to say Bryan was accepted to both. We shall see.

So next Monday we make our "trip" out to Chicago.

I had made a resolution, or goal to go on a trip somewhere this year besides Utah or Canada... those are typical family outings and I wanted this one to be different. So I have decided to make this trip to Chicago EVENTFUL and fun for us all, even if it is mandatory that Bryan be there! i am excited and will be spending this week getting ready and finding this to do there. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to go about finding things or already knows some things to do in Chicago area, I would GLADLY accept them!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

So I am in...?

Well, last week I had dinner with an old high school friend whom I have not seen in 9+ years...we started talking about our 10 year reunion that is supposed to happen next year. I took this as the starting conversation. Well, then today, I got a call from Travis G. who happens to be the Class president and he is starting to plan the reunion. I am the senior class president and so he thought it would be a good idea to get together some time soon and start talking about what we want to happen. So I had to contact a couple other people and such. It was all very surreal for me. But now we have all gotten in touch with people and the process is beginning! I CAN NOT believe that it has been 10 years since I graduated High School!!! Boy does time fly!

And now I have all the more excuse to keep up with my exercise so I don't look so "bad" at the reunion~~~~Wish me luck!...and any other friends out there who have ANY ideas about what to do for a 10 year reunion, it would be great to let me in on the info!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

So I am trying..

I found a WONDERFUL blog all about this woman's weight loss and her inspirational thoughts on how she did it. It includes recipes and gospel centered thoughts on self control.

So today is day one! I am going to write my goals calamity jane states...3 15 minute miles for the first week, maybe two until it does not get to be a non face reddening non – pit smelling, non sweat dripping into my eyes experience... Here's for trying today!~

That is all I have to say about that...My weight goals will be on a different blog so as to not distract from family life...thanks for all your support on this!

Friday, September 14, 2007

not a whole lot

So we went to the doctors today and they did not have much to say other than it is OK and I have retin-A to put on the nipple maybe 3 times a week...and then if it doesn't get better, or if it gets any worse we can see from there. So that settled my heart...for a while.

I do have to say thanks for all the advice form all my friends on the previous post...I know I should enjoy it now and that is what I am doing!!! I am just not looking forward to having to make life decision...I don't think anyone truthfully ever is!

So tonight we are going to go to my high school friends house. I have not seen her in 10 years! That is a long time! She is married and is pregnant with her first child and I am married and have a child. It will be good to see her and chat with her again. I just hope that Kambria cooperates and that Bryan and her husband have a good time.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Appointment tomorrow...

So Kambria has a dermatologist doctor appointment tomorrow. She has cyst on her ear lobe and on her nipple. So we are going to find our what to do and see if she needs to have them removed. I am not nervous, but as it comes closer it is one more thing that I need to worry about right now. My dad told me how simple my life is right now...well yes and no.

I do have to admit we do not have a LOT of responsibilities right now as far as money and debts and such, BUT we do have a lot of bid decisions to make concerning our future and how the next couple of years of our lives will go. We still do not know if Bryan has been accepted to either school, which has me in a little bit of a tizzy... so if he does not get accepted this time, do we keep trying?, I think yes, but then we have to move into an apartment...which means FINDING an AFFORDABLE apartment and then moving all of our "stuff" from Fort Collins...

So what if he gets northwestern that means we do not move, but he has to quit his job and we take out loans and then move sometime in March out to Chicago California we have to move there by January and find a place that we can afford, take out loans and move FAR FAR AWAY form yes, "for now" our lives are simple, but that is about to change REAL fast!!!

Who would have ever thought I would not have my simple life that I always thought I would!

Wish us luck in obtaining some sanity in the near future!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My life...

So these past couple of days have been quite, well, "normal." i have not had a lot to say, hence not posting anything! We have played the train game quite a few times...or as it is truly called, Ticket to ride. Since we have played it so many times, my mother suggested that we have a running total! So we started that last night. Good thing it was last night and not Saturday night...Bryan got 200 points!!! BUT we don't have it on record!!! ;o) So that is good for me!

On another note...BRADY is home! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Bryan is quite excited too, and that makes me even more excited. Now I am not trying to say that there is any type of pressure with him being here, we are just excited to hang out once in a while...even if it is just doing dishes together!

Speaking of dishes, last night we had a "family council" where we all sat down and talked about what each of us has to do to make things in the home run smoothly. So i was assigned the family room, since that is where Kambria plays most of the time...and Bryan got the downstairs bathroom. And I am only cooking dinner two nights a week instead of 4 times a week. Which i thought was rather nice.

So that has been what is going I said not a whole lot.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor day weekend

Over the weekend, we went up to Fort Collins Friday afternoon to visit with Bryan's brother Scott and his wife Jacquelyn. We went to a BBQ and just played. Then Saturday morning MaryEllen, Bryan and I went and looked at model homes. Bryan and I LOVE to dream and we have found some VERY nice homes that we like and wish for. One day we hope to ahve a house like these ones in Loveland. They are from the builders Oakwood homes. Their saying is more home for more less. It was a lot of fun.

On Sunday we went to church and came home, took a nap, and played Ticket to Ride! My sister Tess won the game for the first time. Then Tess' friends came over and watched the movie The best two years! while they were watching, Bryan and I decided to play the game again. This time my mother played with us, but Bryan and i ended up tying for the win. It was a fun time!

On Monday we went and watched the movie Hairspray! It is a good fun musical to see. Although we have decided that going in the morning before noon is GREAT. We only spent $4 a ticket instead of the $9 we would normally pay! My parents were so kind to watch Kambria while we went in the morning and then they went in the afternoon! What a great idea huh! No more crying babies in the movie theater for us for a while anyways!

And then we had a relaxing afternoon of shopping and finishing a photo CD for the ward youth conference we had in June!!! I know I am a little late, but it is FINALLY finished. Now we just have to find out how many copies to make and hand them out!

We also finished Bryan's application for CSUDH in California! We are hoping he gets into one of them!!! Wish us luck!