Monday, April 30, 2007

Pics and video...

I can not believe how FAST time is going.....

So Friday was Tess' prom. It was fun to do her hair and see how pretty she REALLY is. Her date seemed a little boring...but she said he wasn't at all...just around the fam. Which I guess I can understand.

and Saturday was a busy day. I went up at 6am to Winter Park with my mom and Kambria for a stake Relief Society retreat. My mom was teaching one of the classes on sharpening your saw, meaning how do we do the things we need to do in a day... It turned out rally good and was a fun time. I know Bryan was a little bored during the day and was glad when we got home. Thanks for letting us go though hun!

Then Saturday night Jackie Brown was in town and we got to hang out and have dinner together!!! It was So much fun to see her...I had not seen her in 6 or 7 years! I can not believe it had been that long either! one thing I do regret though was that we did not take any pictures together! I did not even think about it!!!! I was so mad when I thought of that. So hopefully we both can go to the ricks reunion that my friend Heather is planning!!!

And Sunday was a most RELAXED day!!!! Even to the fact that my Dad taught Kambria how to CRAWL... yep that is right. She is crawling now. Of course she is still learning, but she can get to something she wants we took video of it and let Don and MaryEllen, Bryan's parents, see her first crawling experience too!!! so here is a little clip.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Doctors visit

So Kambria went to the doctors today. She had not been since her 4 month checkup...due to not having insurance until the beginning of April and then having th doctors office not available until today. So everything went fine...she weighs 16 lbs 3 oz, which is the 35th percentile, is 25 1/2 inches long, which is the 5-10th percentile, and her head circumference is 17 inches which is the 35th she is a little peanut, but we knew that! The doc said she is fine, just on the smaller scale, which is fine with Bryan and I.

Tomorrow is Tess' prom night. She is the only one of us 5 kids that ever went to prom!!! I always thought it was a waste of money and so I just went to the after prom parties...and ended up winning a 13" TV and a boxed set of serving dishes...which have turned out to be some of my favorite bowls! So tomorrow I will be doing Tess' hair. Hopefully it will turn out OK. I will post pictures soon thereafter!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not anything new...

Just thought I would post some more pictures. I find them fun to look at and thought somebody else would too...Nothing new happening here. We have quite the boring life currently. But we are happy!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Over the weekend

So we had a good fun weekend. not anything too unusual but fun. Friday was a typical day but we decided that we wanted to go on a bike ride due to the nice weather we were currently having. Then Bryan realized we cant take Kambria without a bike trailer or something equivalent. So we decided to look on Craig's list on the Internet. We had a fun time looking and found one for only $35!!!! Well it was posted that day on Friday and it was in Fort Collins. So I quickly emailed and we waited. Around 8:30 Friday night she called us about the bike trailer! Since I had a 970 number she thought I would be the closest one to her!!!! little did she know I was in Denver too! But I figured that that is why I put my cell number down instead of the house phone!!!!

So Saturday we drove up to Fort Collins and saw Grandma Fairbanks and saw Amanda and her pretty prom done hair and her dress! It is orange, which surprised me at first, but is quite beautiful. We are supposed to see pictures soon. This is one picture grandma took of Kambria!!

So we drove over to pick up the bike trailer hoping we were not going to be scammed or anything! Well we were not and the bike trailer seems to be in excellent condition! We are excited to try it out. We hopefully are just as impressed with it once we take it on a it is...this is what the advertisement picture was...

So that was our day.till next time

Monday, April 16, 2007

4 generations

Four generations!!!! Aren't we just cute!

So this weekend as you all know was when Grandma and Aunt Sherie came to Denver. We had a lot of fun. Going shopping for diapers, kite flying, and the museum are just a few of the activities we did. Grandma and Sherie even helped mow the lawn! I could not help but take pictures! I think they are too cute!

So that is all that is up with us for now. We are enjoying life and having fun.

Tonight we are going to Chipotle for our "tax" refund burrito. They gave us a fun survey to take when we went on Saturday and so we get to go back tonight. It will be a good dinner night tonight! ;o) Signing off for now

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th...

so happy Friday the 13th! I hope things are going well with all of you. So far things are well here. Grandma and Aunt Sherie made it safely on Wednesday. They had a bumpy flight, but not too bad. I am just glad they came! We love having them and "playing" with them. It is a nice change in the scenery of the everyday mundane!

So last night Bryan and I had the opportunity to go back up to Fort Collins and see the musical Aida with his parents! It was quite the fun show. And knowing the music made it even better. Bryan saw the musical once before his mission and has loved it ever since. Now I can say that I have seen it too! If anyone ever has the chance to see it I would HIGHLY recommend it. A great musical and great songs! The actors were incredible too. It makes us that more excited to see "Wicked" in may.

Today I took Bryan's car, the passat, into get new tires and have a noise that it is making checked out. Hopefully it is something not too bad! We already replaced the transmission in my car and knew that we needed new tired on it. Now his needs new tires and something having to do with the wheel bearings. OUCH! there goes our tax refund!

We are going to go to the Benjamin Franklin exhibit today! We are excited to learn all about him and just to spend the day with the fam. So that is it for now...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Grandma coming

So today is when Grandma and Aunt Sherie fly into Denver today. I know Grandma is VERY nervous to fly and so we will have to see how it goes for her. I know she will do fine, but we will have to report tomorrow.

We have a busy day ahead of us due to them coming and spending time with them. Friday we're going to go to the museum for a Ben Franklin display. Bryan even gets to go because it is on Friday afternoon. I know he is excited about it too!

So that is all for now...just a brief hello.
And a cute pic!

Monday, April 09, 2007

a fun Easter weekend

So we made it to Utah and back all safely! The plane ride with Kambria was good. Not too bumpy and she did wonderful! However I would recommend a tired baby instead of a baby full of energy. Kambria was great, a little restless at times, but great. It was her first plane ride at 7 months old.

Thursday we got in at 10:30 pm and grandma and Sherie picked us up. We stayed up until 12:30ish and it was wonderful to have Kambria meet her great Aunt and Great grandma!

Friday we woke up early and had stuffed French Toast. It was incredibly good, filling, but good! And then we met Michele and her two daughters, KaLisi and Alyson, and Michele's sister Jen. Kristy and Alden were there too. We had a good time. It was fun to reminisce about old times and have decided we REALLY want to do a Ricks college reunion this summer! Then that afternoon we met our friends Travis and Shelby with their son Parker at the Joseph Smith building to see the new movie there. Sherie and Brady came too! It was wonderful and made me want to share the gospel with everyone I meet! Was a great experience it was. Only little blip was that we thought we would enjoy the movie better if we left Kambria with Grandma Jetta. So we did. The we got to the theater and remembered that Travis and Shelby wanted to see Kambria. WHOOPS! So we had them come back to grandma's house and we sat and chatted for a while. Then since it was Sherie's birthday we took them out to Cafe Rio. It was fun! What a day!

Saturday we woke up a little later than on Friday. We ran to Seagull Book to get the new movie out called the Testaments. We bought one for mom and dad, Bryan and I and Nelson and Leah.
Then we went to deseret and bought Sherie a little willow figurine. She loved it and it made her cry!

Then we had Brady drive us up to Provo where we got to see his apartment and computer/TV setup! Man has he got the system thing going good!!! It was fun to chat with him for a while too. Then he took us to Lisa and Erik's house where we got to meet Madalyn and hold her! She is SOOO small! You just forget how small new babies are. And none the less she is 6 weeks old now. I can only imagine how small she was 6 weeks ago! We then went to a park in Provo canyon and had a little picnic! It was such a nice day. not too hot but warm enough to suntan! We played Frisbee and threw the football around. Then we took pictures, of course, and drove back. Before we got home we decided that we should stop and get the HUGE ice cream cone at Macy's grocery store. They were great but REALLY big and they old cost a buck! it was awesome! We had hamburgers for dinner on Eric's new birthday grill and played games. An end to a great day.

Sunday was Easter and Madalyn blessing! The dress was a little big on her, but it was beautiful. Everyone was amazed that I could do something like that. It was a lot of fun to see the shock on the families faces! It was worth it! We then went to Erik's mom, Bjorg's house. We had a wonderful Easter dinner. Then off to the airport with Scott and Jacqueline.

The airport was fine, except on the way over our bag was BARELY 50lbs and so we decided to rearrange some things. We put Bryan's hair supply bag on the carry on. Only we forgot that no Liquids or gels over 3 oz could be on the plane. So I had to wait by security while Bryan went back and checked the bag. It turned out fine, but just a little sidetrack.

So that was our weekend in a nut shell. Great times and fun memories were made. Glad I am home though!

And then Grandma Jetta and Sherie will be her on Wednesday! YEAH!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Finally moved!

So this past Friday we FINALLY got all our things moved into the storage shed. Don, Bryan's dad, was quite surprised at how we arrange everything so that we had PLENTY of space for all our stuff. I am sure glad that we don't have a couch or big things like that that we have to store. Although they would have fit, but it would ave been such a pain! Small boxes make it easier. One day when we have our "own" little house or apartment again, it will be interesting to see all of our things not in boxes. They have been that way fro about 8 months now. Man time flies!

So this week I am frantically working on Madalyn's blessing dress. We fly out this Thursday to Utah, which means I had better get going on it. And yes as promised I will post a picture when it is complete.

Another quick thought...if you have the chance to see the movie, "Meet the Robinsons" I would highly suggest it! It has WONDERFUL morals and despite all the bad reviews, Bryan and I enjoyed seeing it. We did see it in 3-D but we bought cheap tickets through our grocery store King Soopers and then only had to pay $1.50 upgrade instead of the $2.50 usual price. We are cheap skates, but that is how you save money huh? I would suggest that route. Instead of paying the 9.50 per ticket you only pay 6.00 per ticket! What a deal. It was date day for us!

Well off to work on the dress.