Sunday, February 13, 2011

cookie decorating at nonnie's

My family really gets into their Christmas cookie decorating! EVERYONE participates! Although I do have to say that it gets more fun and exciting as time goes on and once the kids get bored with it and the adults are left to their imaginations! But like I said, everyone gets into it...look at all those cookies we had to decorate. But don't worry we did not eat them all.! Kambria was a pro since we had done ours not but a couple of days before this. She was VERY happy to be the "expert."Weston just needed a little help. But he remembered how to eat them! He ahd no problem with that part! And here is one of the final products...and I thought it was fitting for Bryan! My brother Brady made this is suppossed to be "gingy" from Shrek since Nelson made a Shrek one. I wish I would have taken a picture of all th final products, but somehow I did not. It was a lot of fun and lots of memories were made that night!

Plane ride!!!

We got to fly home to Colorado for christmas. Weston had his own seat this time and so we thought to make the time go by faster we would watch movies on daddy's lap top. The kids both thought it was a blast. Weston loved playing with the ear phones...although he did not like that he had to share with "bubba" ;o)

Our new bead spread

Just for memory sake...this is our new bed spread.

Annual christmas cookies

We had to do our annual Christmas cookie decorating. Weston thought it was great fun...look at that smile! BOTH dimples!
And of course you have to be able to cut out the cookies...

All the fun shapes!

Kambria's helping too!
Weston decorating the cookies with his cute little green apron!
This was Kambria's favorite part.

Our first snow storm in TN

We were so surprised to see it snowing in december in TN. And everyone told us that we would not need our snow shovels when we first moved here. Little did they know!!! We have had 10 snow school days so far...we will see how many more they come up with! but this was the first one and we thought it was great! Bryan even got work cancelled! It was fun to have him home and have the kids enjoy the snow. We realized that when snow comes here in TN that they are not prepared for it and so everything just shuts down. And then they have all these hills that are RIDICULOUS!!! They have no flat roads which make snow even more difficult.

Ginger bread..graham cracker houses

We try to do gingerbread houses with the kids every year but it is always easier if we make them out of graham crackers...and the kids think they are just great! This was Weston's first time really helping. Somehow this is the only picture we ended up taking of the event. But it was fun and we enjoyed the activity.

Pictures by the beautiful tree

Here is our beautiful christmas tree. The kids were even cooperating! It was great and it doesn't look half bad with our orange wall in the background.
We did notice that our tree is always by our piano. Must be a good place for it whenever we have new place to live...which happens more often that not ;o)

Meeting santa

We decided to take the kids to see Santa at Bass Pro shop. All the other stores around it are closed due to the flooding, but they have reopened and it was quite busy! We waited in line for quite a while, but it was worth it!
Here the kids are posing in front of the snow man! Look at those cheesy grins!!!!
Here we are meeting Santa. We had to do a little coaching to get Weston to stand by Santa. he was crying at first until he saw that Santa had a candy cane to give him if he took a picture with him! It was great. He stopped crying and proceeded to smile! This Santa was good!

After the candy cane we went and saw the big grizzly bear. Weston was a little nervous until we showed him it was not "real," in the sense that it would not hurt him! Of course Kambria was not scared at all!

A nice lady took a family shot for us. So here we all are in front of the grizzly. All you can see is the tummy ;o)

Christmas Parade

We decided to go to the Nashville Christmas parade. Let me just say that the first 5 minutes of the parade were the best part! We got to see fireworks! Bryan thought they were so good! He wished that was all the parade was. The kids enjoyed themselves and then got too cold near the end so we left before it finished. But they were good and we brought hot chocolate.

These are the el jebels clown cars...

Bryan was trying to get the dinosaur in front of the "batman" building in the back. That is what they call this building in downtown is the batman building due to its two spires!
All in all it was a fun time!

Catch up time...

I decided that it is time to FINALLY update the has only been a month and a half! So be prepared there will be a few posts...and long ones. at least a lot of pictures!