Friday, April 03, 2009

more random pictures

daily trip to the post office

Just thought I would document how Kambria and Dad like to take their daily walk to the mailbox together. I think both Kambria AND Bryan look forward to this time together!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Video of Kambria and her dance moves

If I can get this to work, here is a video of Kambria and her dance moves... halfway through she says, "look at those hips move." We thought that was too cute to pass up posting!

bath time

This was the last time Weston used his little bath inside the bath. Kambria and Weston LOVE splashing. They just giggle and giggle! And they get mom wet in the process. Dad walked in on the fun and took the video and pictures.

What if?

What if we all acted like you? This is what MaryEllen would say to Bryan's sister Amanda...and now I find myself saying it to Kambria...and of course Bryan had to document it with a now I am documenting it for all of you...Enjoy


Kambria LOVES to be outside, so when we were enjoying the 70 degree weather we decided to play in our make do sand origionally was a dog run before we moved in. But the rocks are fun to dig in and have fun in...

horrible mother...

I went to pick Weston up, and he turned his head in a fit of upsetness...

This is the result...

Of course he screamed...and then about 5 minutes later happy as usual!


A couple of pictures...I think I have the greatest looking family!!!

I LOVE Weston's eyes in this one!! They are so bright and blue!

been a while...

So really there is no excuse as to why I have not written in a while...just lazy I guess. I get on the computer everyday, but always find other things to do than blog. But today my house is clean, I have showered and the kids are now asleep for their afternoon nap...
so blog I will!!!
I dropped an old computer moniter on my foot! MAN THAT HURT!!! I should have taken a picture! it was quite the painful experience! I never realized how heavy those things are!

Bryan's sister Lisa had her baby on Saturday march 28 at 6:39 pm...I wont go into details and tell you how jealous I am of the easy labor and delivery...but I will tell you she is a cutie, from the four pictures we have seen! Her name is Layna Sage and she was 6lbs 3oz and only 19 in long! She in tiny compared to WEston's 10lbs!!! And Lisa thought she was uncomfortable!!! PLEASE!!! but we are happy for them and can't wait to see her!
These are the only pictures we have of her...

We will see how Madalyn does with a new addition...esp. when grandma is not there to pay attention to her!