Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Off to Canada

Well it has been a while again since I have written. I have given my last day of work notice of August 11, in hopes that we can move into Don and MaryEllen's basement BEFORE the baby comes. Then I have a week to clean and move and then my due date. WE will see if all that goes smoothly. I think work will stress me out until then seeing that they still don't know who will take over my job and so I am training RANDOM people who don't want to do my job. Well that is their problem I guess not mine.

We are flying up to Calgary, Alberta, Canada tomorrow at 8 am in the morning to attend Glenna Fairbanks' funeral. She died on Friday July 21 at 10:20 pm. It is still a little hard to imagine she is no longer with us, but I am sure it will hit us when we get there. My doctor has given me permission to fly, even though I am 35+ weeks along. I do not have any labor signs at all, and we will only be there for 2 days. So things should be alright. The baby is kicking more than ever and it is hard for me to sleep. I wake up SEVERAL times a night tossing and turning, with Bryan not being much help. His back has been hurting as well and so he is in pain all night. I think it has something to do with the fact that our bed is 10+ years old...But we cant afford a new bed right now. We will have to wait until Iowa and see if we can afford it then.

But one thing is for sure...That prayers ARE answered. Insurance was going to not cover everything if I did not return to work for 30 days after I took FMLA...But it worked out that Brayn added me to his insurance and then I cancelled mine and so I do not have to return to work in order for them to still pay the baby bills. I am so glad for this!!!!!'

well I should get back to work. I hopefully can post some pictures of Canada when we get back!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A feeling...

Well yesterday was the 4th of July, which by the way is Bryan's half birthday! We went down to Denver and spent the time with my family. At 9 am the boys, Dad, Bryan, Nelson, and Colin went to Idaho Springs and shot guns at a firing range. Believe me, Bryan was not too thrilled with the idea and then on top of that Ken Abromovitz was there and Bryan did not care for him. But according to my dad, Bryan was actually pretty good with the hand guns! Which certainly surprised me! But Bryan said that he will not own a gun unless the prophet tells him to...Which is perfectly fine with me.

While the guys were out shooting, the girls, Mom, me, Leah, Tess, and hayden... decided that we would stay home and get lunches ready and sew. Leah had never sewn anything by instruction before and she had boughten a pattern and some material to sew Hayden a romper and mom had bought a pattern to sew a blessing dress. So I started to sew the blessing dress. I think it will turn out quite nice. It has ribbon on it that I had left over from using on my wedding invitations. Go figure! I think it will be a nice coincidence.

At 1pm we went and met the boys at Idaho springs and drove to Georgetown ate lunch and went on the Georgetown railroad loop. It was fun to see how Hayden reacted tot eh loud whistle and Bryan, it being his first time on a train, to see how excited he was also.

Well that is all the time I have to write. Till next time