Thursday, June 25, 2009

First fruits (veggies) from our garden

We picked our first veggies from our garden the other night. Kambria enjoyed the sugar peas A LOT! She ate them all except for one I had and one Bryan got. Then we had to tell her to stop eating them so we could take a picture of them. Ahe did not enjoy the green onion quite the same. But Bryan sure liked it in his omelet the next morning!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New hair cut

I got tired of my hair so I went for a haircut. I tried to get the lady to do an a line, but this is what came out Not bad, I think it is cute but I was hoping for something a bit shorter. i am learning to like it though and am glad it is a little longer for when I leave it curly it doesn't look too bad either! I just had in mind a more dramatic "a" line.

snuggle bug

Weston is definitely a snugglebug. He enjoys laying on your shoulder and laying there for quite a while. This time he was distracted by the camera. He must know what the camera is because he sure was smiling for it!

peek a boo

Weston decided it would be a fun thing to play with the hamper. So Bryan thought it would be fun to put him in it. Weston thought this was GREAT. He got the hang of peek a boo REALLY fast too. The video shows it best.
And after a hard game of peek a boo, you need a refresher right? Weston with his bottle and Kambria had to have her sippy cup, or sikky cup as she calls it.


So the past couple of weeks we have had a LOT of RAIN...and with that comes hail too!

These first pictures are about a week ago and it then turned into a beautiful rainbow viewing.

Kambria LOVED holding the umbrella and going out into the rain. She thought is was the funnest thing to not get wet!
Notice she is wearing only panties...that happens around here a LOT!

In this picture if you look hard you can see 2 rainbows!
And then the other night we had a HUGE storm come in around 10pm. My mother called and told us we were set for HUGE hail, so we parks Nelson's car half way into the was already raining really hard when we did this so Bryan got drenched. Then we put blankets on his car so as to not get hail damage...your welcome Nelson! Bryan trying to show how wet he was

I think my picture did him more justice

And then after he was so wet he decided it would be fun to play in the you can see the hail that came down. It was only about pea size though so no HUGE deal. But it did hurt when it pelted youAnd this is the sky lighting up after a bolt of lightening...pretty cool. The show was AMAZING!!! it lasted about 2 hour of HUGE lightening.

Liking food

Weston is a very MESSY eater, probably because he likes to do it himself. He WILL NOT eat anything from a spoon...and if by chance I get a spoonful in of something he spits it back into his hand and then will feed it to himself. this is true for ANY food! He is very independent!!! and here are some pictures to prove it! What a messy guy, but yet happy!


Some more random pictures...They were dressed in brown and orange and I thought the hat went with it pefectly!

Kambria couldn't resist the hugs

What a face!!!

Big shoes to fill

Kambria was having fun one day laying in Bryan's shoes...and we told her "Those are some pretty big shoes to fill." She thought it was SO funny! WE just thought the picture was funny!


On june 13, we took some friends over to a place called Jumpin'. It is a big building filled with inflatable jumping things. We had a blast. It is the same place we went with Lisa and Erik. We had so much fun with them the first time we went that we had to go back. So here are a couple of pictures to show our fun time...

Lydia is a little nervous going down the slide but Ashley thinks it is great! What a classic picture!I can do it myself dad!SEE! Here I go!Don't make me do it again!Ok says Dad...lets just play ball then.Here says Weston, I will show you how it is done!But Lydia did not like that. So Weston was off to try and climb...And low and behold he DID climb. ALL BY HIMSELF!!! Iwas shocked!And here he is at his accomplishment!!!

Piano Time

Weston and Kambria both LOVE to "play" the piano! Weston is finally tall enough to reach now. And whenever the piano is open he makes his way over there and starts to play. I LOVE that both my kids love the piano...I hope that doesn't change once they start to take piano lessons from their dad. We have a couple more years before the lessons start, so hopefully I can direct this love forward until then.

First one hand...

Then two hands...

Then comes sitting on the bench.

Kambria decides to play with Weston close behind.
Kambria showing her skills.

Weston's first Blueberries

On Friday May 29, 2009 Weston had his first blueberries at my mothers house. He quite enjoyed them as you can tell from the pictures. Ever since then, we have given him blueberries most mornings. He has done no complaining!!