Wednesday, June 20, 2012

our little cutie

This is what our little Ainsley is doing as of lately. She is talking up a storm. I feel like I have been neglecting her photos and videos of her doing the things we will soon forget. So here are her "tricks". She jabbers ALL THE TIME!! Literally all the time. There is not even a time in the car she is not cooing herself to sleep or just jabber and talking away. It almost gets annoying in the car after a while... :)

And she can sign thank you, please, so big, more, bye bye, and she can blow kisses. We are having so much fun watching her become her self. It truly is amazing.

Friday, June 15, 2012

some news

Man time flies by when you are busy. I have a lot to catch up on, but that will have to wait. Long story short. Bryan was recruited for a new job, he accepted the new job and we have sold our home and have to move in 2 weeks...and all this has happened in a matter of 6 weeks!!!!! My life is in chaos right now. But since everything has happened all so fast, that must mean the Lord needs us elsewhere. And that elsewhere is in Lexington, KY! Yep. Kentucky. My sister think it is a bunch of rednecks there...well we will have to see. And she is welcome to come visit to see for herself too! :o) although she might have to sleep on the couch...more on that in a minute.

We originally were going to buy a home in Lexington, but have decided that we need to rent first to get to know the areas better and so with renting with have decided to downsize so we can save money and then have a bigger down payment in a year. Hopefully it all works out the way we want. I have no doubt the Lord will be watching over us. So we have found a little rental to live we are going from almost 2500 sq ft to 1300 sq ft! A LOT of our things will be going into to the garage packed away in boxes. But hey...this will be our 11th move in almost 8 yrs of marriage. So we know the drill!

It will all be good. Bryan's job will be great and he will not have the commute of 45 minutes like he had here...he might even be able to take a lunch at home every once in a while! And he will be his own manager in his own clinic. It will be great. I have high hopes. :o) So if you don't hear from me for a while, (not like you have anyways) you will know that I am busily packing and packing some more and then moving and moving some more and then unpacking and unpacking some more! So I will hopefully sometime in the near future get back to writing my blog a little bit more.