Sunday, March 30, 2008


So I was tagged by Sarah and so here are my answers for all to see. I hope you enjoy...

Where did you go on your first date? Officially, we went bowling with Merritt and Nick, but we really walked around downtown on a cold Decembers night and he bought me a steamer which I had not ever had the way a steamer is hot flavored milk.

How long have you been together? together 4 1/2 years

Who eats more? DEFINITELY Bryan, but I can eat a "good" meal every once in a while.

Who said I love you first? Bryan did, the same night he first kissed me, which happened about a month after we were dating.

Who is taller? Bryan

Who sings better? Bryan on that one, although I am not too bad myself...just not "quite" as good.

Who does the laundry? Well, usually me but Bryan starts it every once in a while and then I usually have to ask to have him help me put it away after a couple of days...

Who pays the bills? We each have things we are "responsible" for remembering to I would say both of us

Who mows the lawn? When we get a lawn, that will be Bryan's job...we have already discussed this one ;o)

Who cooks dinner? I do currently twice a week with my family, but when we are on our own I usually do with his help and suggestions.

Who drives when you are together? He does, unless he is really tired or does not want to drive.

Who is more stubborn? Um, probably me. Bryan is stubborn on certain things,but I think I am more overall stubborn.

Whose parents do you see the most? Mine definitely right now since we live with them ;o)

Who kissed who first? He kissed me same night he told me I love you.

Who proposed? He did one early morning and something about wanting to wake up to "this" together every morning. Aw sweet huh?

Who is more sensitive? DEFINITELY me on this one...I am the cry baby, except when it comes to animals he is more sensitive.

Who has more friends? I would say I keep in touch with friends better.

Who has more siblings? Technically we have the same. But I grew up with 5 and he grew up with 4

Who wears the pants in the family? Well, I would say the both of us do...but I like to think I am in charge. ;o)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our big news!!!

So after spending 3 hours at the doctors office on tuesday we did the "full" ultrasound and found our our little bundle of joy is BOY!!!! that is right! Now we will have one of each flavor as my parents put it!!

We are excited to start looking at boy's names....which is kind of hard, since we like unusal but simple names. I have told my family, as I will tell all, that I will accept any name suggestions...but it is up to me and Bryan to name it, so no hurt feelings if we use a name you did not come up with or one you don't like!!! ;o) You just better like our little boy!!!!

now lets just hope that he is a little more calmer than Kambria!!~

Look closely at the writing on the picture to tell what it is...I also go back fro another ultrasound in two weeks due to the fact that he would not cooperate in letting them see his heart function enough, so we get to do it all over again! But he has a 3 vessel umbilical cord, which Kambria only had a 2, 3 is normal...and no visual problems with his kidneys!!!! YEAH, this pregnancy HAS been a LOT easier!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter weekend Celebration

So we went up to Fort Collins to visit with Bryan's sister Lisa and her family. They came over for Easter and it was a nice excuse to go to fort Collins to see them. Of course we like seeing grandma and grandpa too! We even took our bikes and bike trailer up there and had a nice ride! Although my butt bone sure did hurt after that!

The rest of the time we played games, ate and watched the girls play together. Kambria even started to boss Madalyn around a little, which was cute for a while. She can say her name...almost. It sounds like nadalyn, but the Lyn part is what you can really understand.

We even had them do an Easter egg hunt in the living room. I will have to get the pictures from grandma MaryEllen since Bryan was video recording it.

All in all it was a great weekend! We had lots of fun!
Kambria with her "eggs"
Madalyn and Kambria got matching spring dresses. so we tried to get some photos of them, but we were not too successful in keeping their attention from the eggs.

Kambria's pretty Easter dress Grandma gave her. And the hat was from Nonnie.
Reading books with "pa-pa"
And Grandma...
Bath time for the girls. Their hair was pre-wash styled!!

Grandma and pa-pa with their girls!

Monday, March 17, 2008

a new friend

So my sister is living with our stake presidents cousin Mr Garbett in SLC. My parents had never met the mother and she was coming into town to visit our stake president, so my parents took Mrs Garbett and their daughter and the sake president and his wife out to dinner. Well, the stake president was watching his granddaughter, so we got to watch her when they all went out to dinner to the cheesecake factory. Her name is Reese and she is 16 months old. Reese definitely has more hair, but Kambria is getting there and the barrette makes her look more like a girl! Kambria and her played together pretty well, until Kambria accidentally poked her eye with a book. Thought I would show you how cute they were together! It was a fun night.

Kambria is learning how to actually smile for ther camera when we tell her to...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I want some warmer weather!

So while we have waited for some warmer weather, we have shown Kambria how to play with
Play-Doh. I do have to still watch her when we play because she likes to still put it in her mouth! YUCK!

However, I have to say that we are TIRED of cold weather! We have had a taste of the warmer weather here the past couple of days and have been enjoying ourselves. Kambria LOVES to go outside and so the past 3 days, we have gone to a new park everyday! We are checking them out just in time for us to leave for a couple of months. But the parks vary so much in the quality of them that I am learning which ones I like and which ones I do NOT like very quickly. I have decided that I like the plastic playgrounds a WHOLE lot better than metal and/or wood ones. And I like wood chips for ground covering or recycled tires, NOT pea gravel of ANY sort!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


So thee true reason that I did not blog so much over the holidays up until about February, was due to the fact that every time I sat down to say something I wanted to say that I did not have energy and that I was prego... so that is why I was a slacker! I know still an excuse, but I could not say anything about it, due to the fact that we did not have the insurance piece of the puzzle figured out and until we worked that out, we did not want to say anything. So we heard back on the insurance on Thursday February 28 and decided to say something to my family and Bryan's family on February 29...which I will always remember now since it was an odd day...other than that nothing exciting happening here.

I am just waiting for a doctors appointment sometime in the near future after they have verified our insurance and waiting for the time to move to Chicago to come. Yes, I am still going to go to Chicago, but I will have to come back near the end of may beginning of June so that I can have a doctors appointment and the rest is still up in the air. Bryan has started looking at different places to do his residency, and one of them is Colorado Springs. He has just started the search, so he is just talking through email to other people and where they have done their residencies and the quality of those places. I think both of us would like to stay in Colorado...since I have to have the baby here, but I still think somewhere else would be a fun time to have "our" family with just us again...we have had 18 months of our extended family and time with them has been great! But I think we both would like a fun adventure of just our family again. now I am just rambling...hopefully you will hear more of me now that I have energy again and can say things about the pregnancy!