Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our first real snow fall

So yesterday morning we woke up to about 3 or 4 inches of has been quite mild this winter! But Kambria was having so much fun talking about outside that I decided to get her all dressed up and we went outside and played in the I usually hear about stories about ho it takes so long to get them ready to go outside and then they don't play outside for very long...well, that was NOT the case with Kambria. We bought a little snow suit that is SO easy to put on and then just some gloves and shoes...we have not bought boots for her yet.

She LOVED eating the snow...don't worry it wasn't yellow snow! ;o)

We played outside for about a half hour. Then she wanted to come in and was ready for her morning nap! She is such a cutie!

then for lunch we had cup of noodles and she decided she wanted to do it herself and so we let her play with the whole cup, of course with the water not in it anymore... Doesn't she look like a little china man? She had pudding on her top lip that makes it looks like a mustache!

So not much else is going on...WAIT...I have not even posted anything about my new nieces...yes that is rights nieces...!!! They are twin girls born Monday November 26!!! I have not been able to see them in person yet, due to a cold that I have and not wanting to give it to any of them.

so here is a picture of them that I took from my brothers website! Aren't they SO cute!!! They are Ella Pearl and Chloe Brooke Lamprecht

"Chloe Brooke Lamprecht (on the left )and Ella Pearl Lamprecht ( on the right) are finally here. After 37 weeks of waiting to meet them, they arrived at 08:52 am and 08:53 am. Chloe weighed 5 lbs 10 oz and Ella weighed 5 lbs 8 oz which is honestly a good weight for babies born at 37 weeks. Chloe cries a bit more than Ella and Ella seems to be looking around at the world more while Chloe is less interested in things around her."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am FINALLY back!!

I know it has been a while since I last wrote!!! Almost 3 weeks! That is a long time for me...but like I said, Bryan has been working diligently on the computer and the only reason I have it right now it that the web page he needs is not available due to the servers currently being down! So that means I get to update this!!! YEAH!
So to answer the question on every ones mind about what we bought that was so exciting....


yes it is VERY new...only 1 year old! It is an 07 Chevy Malibu and the color is officially maroon! What a shock for both of us! We were very surprised with ourselves when we drove it off the lot on Wednesday Nov 14! But we had already been looking at cars and trying to decide what we should do...the process took from 9 am to we put in our research and talking with the dealership and things. We were VERY proud of ourselves with how we did not let the sales man take advantage of us! We knew what we were doing and did not sign until we liked the deal! So we traded my car in, which we had to jump start to even drive it to the lot, and then we are going to be selling Bryan's passat here we will be a one car family. But that is fine with us...we will only need one car in the near future anyways and that way it saves on car insurance and on gas!!! We just have to plan accordingly! So we have owned the car for two whole weeks and it had been GREAT!!!

So we drove up to Fort Collins on Monday November 19 and then took off to Utah for Thanksgiving in Provo with Bryan's family out there. The only thing that was bad about this trip was that 5 out of the 11 of us were sick at some point during the weekend!!1 Bryan and I were included in that ans it was NOT FUN!!! Kambria even got sick, but hers was a WEIRD rash as you can tell by the pictures... just look closely at her legs. It started by her getting really mucus-y eyes that made her eyes glued shut...So were took her to insta care, but when we got there it was an hour and a half wait and there was an alarm going off due to some construction that was going it was noisy and then I had a little voice tell me that Mom and Tess had had this not too long we left. the next day her eyes were still really goopy, but it was thanksgiving anyways so we did not go in. So on Friday we took her in because she started to get the rash. They said it is normal sometimes and not to worry. Well, we went and saw Grandma Jetta and Aunt Sherie and had some fun there...but then I started to get nauseous so we left. By the time we got back up to Orem, Kambria was puffy in the face! so Bryan went to the store and bought Benedryl but was even worse when he got back from the store! so all the guys gave her a blessing, which was cool to see! Then Bryan and his dad took her back to insta care and they said it was only hive and put her on some medicine called worked! She is MUCH better!!! Thank goodness for modern medicine.

So that was the eventful week in Utah! i am so glad to be back...and here are some more pictures just to have on record!

This is one that happened the day after veteran's day. I had watched another little girl and put the pack n play next to the piano bench...well not realizing, I had basically made stairs going up the piano. Bryan came down from the shower and found Kambria up on top of the PIANO!!!! it was a scary situation! But turned out all well in the end. so we put her back up to take a of course I could BLOG about it! ;o)

And this picture is about a month ago when we raked the leaves in the backyard! Kambria had so much fun! she even sat in the wheel barrow and was pushed around the back yard! What fun!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Well I don't have much time to explain...but here is a teaser...we bought something new and exciting. more details to come when I can get on the computer without feeling like I am invading on Bryan's studying time...he is doing REALLY good at studying a lot and I don't want to interrupt that, more details will come, maybe this weekend.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Its a small world

This is the Denver temple.

So today was our "day in heaven" day at the temple. Once a year, I think if not more, our stake does a day in heaven, where people go throughout the day and do as much temple work as they can. So Bryan and I worked it out with two other couples from the stake to switch off babysitting. We went this morning and they will go later tonight. So we dropped Kambria off at Tammy's house this morning at 9 am. We were a little nervous dropping her off, due to the fact that the last time we did that with our other friend Tamie, she was a little nervous and she ended up staying there for only an hour...well Kambria did fine. She even had a nap and played with Caden quite nicely according to Tammy. I am so proud she did so well! I should have moreconfidence in my little girl!

But back to the title of the post...Just as we were leaving the temple our stake president stopped us to say hi. We chatted for a little bit and he asked what our plans are now. So Bryan told him how he started school for Northwestern on Monday and how we will be moving to Chicago in April sometime. He was thrilled for us because that was his Alma mater school!!! And then he goes on to say that the stake president out there is a friend of his that he knew back in deacons quorum when he was 12!!! Can you believe it?! He said he could give him a call and let him know we are coming! It was amazing to both Bryan and I that both of these friends are now stake presidents and they are still friends! I love it! I can only imagine who will be a stake president one day from Bryan's or my friends...that would be pretty cool to say I knew you when...And then on top of that, that we are being looked out for again! The church is so great!!! It just makes you feel like you belong no matter where you go! What a small world it truly is!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Madalyn and Kambria -- cousins

So here are some pictures that Lisa took for us while they were in Denver watching Amanda play a soccer game. I think the cousins got along quite well...

And since I was tagged by my friend are 6 things about me...hopefully they fit the "assignment." ;o)

1. I HATE when people drive fast and then slam on the brakes! I also hate it when people are swerving in and out of traffic lanes trying to get some where faster...they usually end up getting in an accident anyway...and then I ask, "was the 2 seconds really worth it?"

2. I had aspirations to go to school and become an accountant and be a stay at home mom who did "the books" for some businesses...I NEVER wanted to serve a mission and yet I did...and was not a wife until I was close to 25 and not a mom until I was close to 27...and I never became an accountant...I finished my degree in finance due to the fact that I failed my upper class accounting class...At least I finished a degree right? Right! And I am a mo

m now...that is all that matters to me...and I would not change the experiences I had on my mission in Poland for anything!!!

3. I have not yet been to a drive-in movie...nope Heather I have not! Maybe next summer I could try and go...

4. I always wanted to have a retainer or braces when I was in elementary school because all of my friends I used to take paperclips and unbend them and pretend I had a retainer. And then in sixth grade I had a retainer that kept my mouth shut in the sense that my teeth were closed...I could only take it out to I talked with my mouth shut for an entire school year...It was ROUGH...serves me right trying to fit in huh?

5. When I was young I used to go around telling people that "I kiss kitty's." I thought it was something people should know.

6. My parents used to call me Kamazakee Lizzy due to my daring nature. I used to sit at the top of our street, which was a big hill, and ride my smurf big wheel all the way down the hill with my legs in the air screaming WEEEEEEE..... there also happened to be a pretty busy street at the end of the hill...which terrified my mother, but I always stopped right before the street...hence the name! Now I understand my young nature in that Kambria has the same fear!!!

So now I tag Tammy, Tamie, Sarah, Angella, and Valerie...have fun girls!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Its november

So last night was officially Halloween. It was a fun night. We went to a friends Halloween party for all the little kids in our ward, it happened to be at the bishops house none the less. It was fun to go trick or treating with Kambria. She got the idea that the candy goes in the bag once someone gives it to you. She was loved by all! Then we came home and went to bed. Not too exciting, but well worth it. We missed seeing some of friends at the party, but we had to leave early since Kambria was not lasting long without her bottle and blanket and bed. Sorry Roni and Tammy. Hope you made it though.

Here is the professional picture we had taken of Kambria in her was free picture, that is the only reason we did it! More pictures will be coming once Bryan's mom sends them to us via email...she had HER camera at the ward party. So for now enjoy this one.

and today is Bryan's last day working at allosource! I can not believe seems like he just started there! Time flies...I hope that is how this school part seems too~~fast!!

So here is to another chapter of our lives beginning!!