Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brady is engaged!

Just thought I need to post this on my blog for those of you who know him, but don't keep updated on his blog.

So the Saturday we went kite flying with my family, Brady was "engaged" but did not have the ring yet, due to not be able to pick it up from the store yet. So on the Monday after we flew kites, I get a phone call saying he is engaged...just as Rachael was already on a plane. He picked the ring up earlier that day. They were officially engaged so they could tell now...but he asked her at the temple while she was here in town! How ROMANTIC. Way to go Brady!
So...CONGRATS guys!!! We are SO excited for the both of you. We know there will be challenges...but who doesn't have them any ways. We sure do... Yours are just more obvious right now. We are excited to get to know Rachael better and to have her a part of the family. We had so much fun playing games and kite flying. We just wish we were closer so we could get to know Rachael better, but that will come in time!!! again CONGRATS!!!

St. Patrick's Day

We didn't do much for St. Patty's Day this year, but we DID do green eggs, green milk and Irish soda bread...which by the way soda bread is DELICIOUS!!!! We tasted a sample of it in the grocery store a week before St. Patty's day and we LOVED it. It even tastes better toasted with butter on it. I would like to remember this and have it as a tradition every year...we we have to see how it goes. But traditions have to start somewhere.

fun in the tub

just one picture for the memory... ALL 5 grandkids having a bath... They loved it so much!

Kite flying in March

We flew kites with my family in the beginning of March. We went and spent some time with Brady's girl friend Rachael (who is now his Fiancee!! that story later...) and had fun together. These are the pictures...

I only post this for future making fun of episodes. ;o) Bryan caught me in the act of not really knowing I was sticking out my tongue as I was winding the string..

more february updates...snow


There were Several snow storms in February...
Kambria has fun being our "slave" for shoveling the walks...
and mommy helped. :o)
They played in every snow fall we I said there were several storms.
We had some fun times in February...more updates to follow.

catch up...

I know I am the worst consistent blogger, but I thought I would try to update a little...
In the month of February's been a little hectic in my mind but i will try to recap...

I forgot to post valentine's day stuff...

A little surprise from Bryan's mom for v-day. Yummy cookies. Bryan surprised me one night with a room full of balloons that he and the kids blew up for me for our valentine's countdown calendar I made for us...Weston was trying to pop them with "his" face.Bryan and Kambria made orange julius'. Kambria LOVED them and now asks for them all the time!!!
Bryan and I also gave the kids some little gifts... Weston got a fireman's dress-up outfit(so he doesn't have to wear this anymore)
He loved it!

and Kambria got a barbie head that she can style her hair on (so she won't try to brush my curly hair anymore)

I am so thoughtful on the gifts aren't I? Very practical for me...
We went to Chick-fil-a for their Monday night family night when it was the theme of princes and princess'. Kambria got all dressed up. She was so excited to go...but we had to hurry because we were meeting grandma and grandpa at our house for fondue for valentine's day. This is our tradition...and I
(since daddy got sick on actual valentines day so we postponed it a day) (kids were sick earlier in the week throwing up) (and then i got sick later that night on the 15th! and grandparent's got sick later that week..ugh)

So this is her princess before and after the face painting... she is truly my princess!!!

More to come in a minute...