Wednesday, July 08, 2009

children's museum free night!

We took a train ride while at the children's museum...

My friend Valarie told me about the free night at the Children's Museum. So we drove down and went. It was VERY busy. But i think worth the effort. Kambria and Weston both had fun. Thanks Valarie for the inside info!

High School friends

I was able to stop by my high school friend's combined b-day party for a minute. Here are the pictures to prove it. Sorry I couldn't stay longer. But it was fun to chat for a minute!

It was a 1929 style party...due to them both turning 29 on July 3rd!

tea party

Weston is already being directed by Kambria for her occasional tea parties! But he doesn't seem to mind.

fun in the summertime

Kambria LOVES to run in the sprinkler and this time I got it on film!!!

July 4th

We got up early and went to our ward's annual pancake breakfast. While there we also got the priviledge of seeing some WWII fighter jets. We also got to see the kids (and adults) set off some rockets.

Kambria enjoyed playing with all her "friends"
After that we saw Uncle Scott and Aunt Jacqueline and their new truck. Not bad not bad!

Then we went home for naps. Those were much needed!!!

Then we trudged out to Lake Loveland and stood out the rain, saw a nice rainbow and FINALLY saw our fair share of fireworks. It was DEFINITELY worth the effort and wait! Bryan enjoyed himself as did I and our friends Ashley and Pat and their daughter Lydia!Lydia all snug and tryng to stay warmWeston was tired and nervous with all the fireworks, but did quite well...although he wanted Daddy and not mommy this time. That is ok with me once in a while! ;o)

Kambria's new do's

Kambria got a "hair cut" on July 4th. She was beginning to get a rats tail and so we decided to cut that part off. So she had her first haircut at almost 3 years old. not bad. and truly she did'nt have much cut off. But none the less you can see all of the expereince here: She enjoyed it and LOVES to brush her hair now!

new rides

Kambria got to "borrow" nonnie's new tricycle. But Kambria likes to call it her bicycle. She LOVES it and asks to ride it almost everyday. So while Kambria gets to ride this new ride, Weston gets her "old" one. ;o) But he loves to just sit and examine what it is all about.