Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We decided that for our first weekend that we had that we were finally totally settled in we would go and do something fun in Nashville. Bryan was in charge and so we decided to go hike Burgess Falls. So here we are on trail head.
A little bit into the hike. It was VERY humid, but most of the hike was in the shade which made it a little nicer. Very beautiful surroundings though.

There were 3 falls before you got to the big fall. this was one of the smaller falls, but you can't see much in the picture. Just a good photo op.

This was at the 2nd falls.
Along the way we saw a caterpillar
And Kambria wanted to wait until it went through her legs...

At the big falls...
This is at the top of the big falls.

And then you could go down these stairs to the bottom of the falls.

It was a little scary for me, but I told Bryan I did not come all the way not to finish the hike and see the falls for the grandeur that they are. I did fine!

this is a little video to show how windy it was from the water falls. They definitely got you VERY wet just from being close to them. Truly beautiful.

Weston praying in the tub...

This boy LOVES to say his prayers. He was taking a bath the other night and heard me tell Bryan to say prayers with Kambria and he wanted to say prayers. So he folded his arms while he was in the bath.
What a cheese!

Loves to "smile for the camera"

this is him actually saying his prayers.

What a cutie!!!

Kambria's first purchase

Kambria in her first "true" candy store. She found some money and Nonnie gave her some from the car trip to Nashville. So she learned how to pick out a few pieces and pay for it. Daddy got the privilege of helping her. She even shared some with Weston.

Our first park outing in Nashville.

These are just some fun photos of our first park outing after dad went to his new job. Weston loved to sit and blow the dandelions.He is such cutie!!!

This is kambria rock climbing. I told her the Brady's fiancee is a good rock climber. She thought that was so cool that she could be like Rachael...it made her want to do it over and over again. She WAS really good at it. I never had to help her at all!
kambria liked to blow the dandelions too.Kambria swinging on the slide...

there was this cute little train at the park. Weston LOVED it.
it even had picnic tables in it too...we tried to eat our picnic lunch there, but there was a hornet so we had it else where.
And this is just my little guy trying to fit in daddy's shoes. He looks like a duck when he tries to walk in them.

Flood damage

Before we took my mom to the airport we decided to go downtown and see some of Nashville. Unfortunately, there was a LOT of flood damage downtown, so we could not see much. But we got to see the pedestrian bridge and how muddy the water still was from all the flooding.This water was MUCH clearer two weeks earlier when we came out house hunting. They were still pumping out flood water...that is what the blue tube down the side walk is. After we dropped my mother off at the airport we went driving around town and saw all the damage around our neighborhood. Apparently this area was one of the hardest hit by the flood. When we got into town all the water had receded but the damage was apparent. You can see the water lines on the tree from where the water was. Another water line picture...you can see it is above the van... and all the dirt left behindyou can see the water line in the pile of rocks behind the car. All cars were submerged in water. This is just behind our house. This was 5 days after the flood and they had already pulled all their stuff out due to the possibility of mold from the water and the humidity.You can see it is just house after house after house of damage. And almost none of these people have flood insurance. They are devastated. It is very sad to see all the damage. Just a close up of all the damage stuff on the side of the road

Belle Meade Mansion

The Friday after we got into town, we decided to take a break and go see some of the city. So we drove to the Belle Meade Mansion.This is Kambria in front of "Cinderella's" carriage as she put it. These carriages were on display at the mansions horse stables.This is in the gardener's quarters.This is in front of the mansion. On the front porch of the mansion with NonnieAnd this is the "servants" quarters. So the mansion was all paid for by horses and racing. And all the servants were of course...black. It was VERY interesting to learn about all the history around Nashville before and after the civil war. There is SO much history. And it was fun to see. Some horses at the stables. Weston was a bit scared so he kept his distance, but Kambria went right up to the horse and petted them. She wants to ride one one day.

Half way there

On our way driving to Nashville we stayed in Independence MO and had a little extra time the night we got there so we went and saw the LDS visitors center there. It brought back memories for Bryan and I since we went there just a week before we were married! We did not have much time, but enough for the kids to play and take a couple pictures.