Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shirts from Aunt Amanda

Thanks to Amanda for the shirts she brought back from Jerusalem. They fit great and Kambria and Weston love them...

Kambria trying to show off the shirt by sticking her belly out! Weston is such a ham...this is him saying cheese! Kambria and her crazy hair do's after she has been playing around!
Thanks again Amanda for all the gifts. They are perfect and loved.

playing doctor

Kambria and Weston decided to play doctor after Weston went to his 2 year check up! And the third little child int he picture is Zac. He is the child I am watching now. He likes to join in...but this time he decided to watch!
Weston's 2 year stats...
He is in the 75% for both height and weight.
Height: 35.7 in
Weight: 30.6 lbs.
Kambria was the same way at 2 years:
height: 35 in
weight 29 lbs.
So he is right on track.

Tennessee state fair

The second weekend in September we went to the Tennessee state fair. I will tell you that neither Bryan nor I were very impressed, but it was fun to see the excitement in the kids faces.

We had lunch there...Kambria and Weston shared a LONG corn dog while I had nachos and Bryan had a hot dog.Weston was definitely in a silly mood and did not want to take a picture until I started acting silly too! Kambria used some of her quarters from her birthday and rode 2 rides. This one was HILARIOUS! it whipped her around the corner and she LOVED it. See the video below!

The truck ride was not as fun...but notice she had to get the green car and the green truck...only cause green is her favorite color! And she will let you know it!

of course I broke down and had to get a funnel cake! We all shared it. Thank goodness we shared it because all of us had plenty to eat and were feeling kind of sick by the end. I do not know how anyone can eat one all on their own! We had fun and are glad we went and experienced together!

Cedars of Lebanon

We decided to go on a hike...and it was only 76 degrees that day!!! We took advantage of the cool whether and went exploring! We drove about an hour and found a state park called cedars of Lebanon. Tennessee state parks are quite the getup. We like this one and decided we were going to search out other one later on. We did a 5 mile hike, but near the end Kambria's shoes started to hurt her feet so she got to ride in the back pack and Weston was carried. Bryan wouldn't let me carry Weston due to my hurt foot. what a guy! I think he just wanted to see if he could do it! And he did for about 30 minutes.

kambria's 1st day of preschool

This was the best picture we got of Kambria's first day of pre-school. We are doing a program with a couple of other moms and girls called funshine. She LOVES going to school and asks everyday whether she gets to go today or not. What a big 4 year old! She will definitely be ready for kindergarten next year!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Expecting Number 3 !!!

So I know Eliza has been wanting to post something for a while, but just hasn't had the time and/or hasn't been feeling well enough to make it a priority, but we did want to post something for those who haven't heard already...We are expecting our 3rd the end of March. Both Eliza and I are very excited! Eliza has been dealing with afternoon sickness, not morning sickness. As I told her the other day, she is getting really good at throwing up. That has to be a little joke between us because she will do anything in her power to make herself NOT throw up. We think it is a girl, because she was sick with Kambria, and not with Weston. We will see if that trend holds true.