Friday, December 29, 2006

kambria's first snow

I have posted the story behind all the pictures a few posts down, so be sure to read them all.

Kambria and mom

The whole fam!!
Kambria and Dad

gingerbread houses

The before pictures....

And the after pictures...

The red one is mine the brick one is Bryan's.

the snow

So the pics are here

Well, today Bryan went back to work and his family are doing their own things so I figured I would come and post the pictures I have been promising for a while now...No one hurt my feeling by saying I need to post. I am glad people remind me! ;o)

So the gingerbread houses were a LOT more work than I EVER anticipated. It took us 3 days to complete them and when it came down to it, we became very bored of decorating after about an hour. So this is the finfished product. I would recommend just buying a kit for 10 dollars! Muh easier and just as fun.

We have had a major blizzard storm the last week. These pictures are from the first storm that gave us about 3 feet of snow. Bryan's work was cancelled along with the rest of the city shutting down too! A lot of people were stuck at the airport for christmas. Glad I was not flying anywhere! It was fun to be snowed in, but now there is another storm that has hit. It has given us about another 6 inches, but it is supposed to continue to snow through Sunday. Denver has shut down since they got about another foot to foot and a half last night. My mother is tired of being snowed in. But at least it is good for family ties and fun huh? I sometimes just wish I was at my families house instead of Bryan's. I just get lonesome for them. But that will come in about a month!!!! YEAH!!! I think my mother is REALLY excited to have us move in with them and have her granddaughter closer. She gets lonesome for adult girl conversations sometimes...and I love getting to oblige her and have them with her!

The next pictures are of Kambria's first sledding experience. Bryan's family went up to beaver ridge meadows and we all went sledding. Kambria stayed indoors most of the time with Bryan's sister Lisa since she is 6 months pregnant and did not want to go sledding. So that was nice to have some time to go with Bryan. Then she came outside for a while and took some pictures! It was a good old time!!!

So that has been what I have done the last couple of days...
And now I am looking forward to setting some new goal for myself and Bryan for the new year. I usually sit down and write myself a letter and seal it up until the next year. I forgot to do that last year and now I am regretting it. So that is what we're going to do for FHE come Monday night. That is my goal anyway. We will have to see if it happens.

thanks for all your support and being patient with me while I have been a slacker on posting. Love you all. Until next time.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Short but sweet!

So I have not posted anything in a while and I have a lot to catch up on...Some people have told me that Christmas has come and gone and I have not posted anything...Well, family from Bryan's side is still in town until Monday the 1st and so things have been quite hectic trying to keep them entertained....So I will post this...Gingerbread houses were fun to do, but really TOO much work for me...I would rather buy the kit than make them from scratch. And we got about 3 feet of snow a week ago and now tonight we are supposed to get another foot before we have even really recovered from the first storm. And Kambria had her first snow experience. I will be explaining more about them come next Tuesday when the schedules go back to normal. And pictures should come along with them too. I am sorry for all my faithful readers who have been waiting for something from me. Hopefully this will last for a while!
Until next time...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas here we come!

So the past 4 days have been nothing but getting ready for x-mas. Monday, Bryan and I decided we wanted to make gingerbread houses for family home evening. Little did we realize that it is truly a 3 day activity; one day to make the gingerbread and bake it, then let it sit overnight to harden, day 2 to put it together and sit overnight to harden again, and day 3 to decorate. So the first gingerbread house we made was not very good. So we tried again. Tonight is the night that we get to decorate the houses...So tomorrow you should see a picture of them all completed...Bryan even says he wants to post them so Brady can be jealous!...Sorry Brady...Bryan just gets jealous of all the wonderful cooking you do! We think it is great!

And last night we went Christmas shopping for Lisa and Eric since they are coming by plane and have limited room for presents...It was fun. I have wrapped all my gifts and they are under Bryan and I's fake tree...Since Don and MaryEllen could not find a real one they liked, for a price they like they used our fake one this year. I am glad that we could help in the festivities. MaryEllen commented that she thought it would be fun to have gifts under the tree before Christmas eve, like she always has. I guess that is when she gets around to wrapping the presents. It should be fun to watch the cats and hopefully not have them tear the presents open before Christmas. Bryan and I are ready for Christmas this year...Since it is Kambria's first Christmas. She does not really understand what is going on, but it is fun for us to watch her experience it.
Well until the gingerbread houses are complete....

Friday, December 08, 2006

crazy times

I have not written in a while, and for all my faithful readers I am sorry. I do not have a lot to say other than holiday times are BUSY! And I am not even THAT busy. I just think it is all in my brain. I do not know if any one else feels this way, but I think that I feel busy because there is a lot of hussle and bussle about. I am trying to remember the the TRUE meaning of christmas and keeping my thoughts in check. I am more in the mood of gift giving than gift reciving, but it still does not seem like Christ is quite in the center of it all...I am working on it!

Well like I said not much happening. Just everyday doing the same old same sleep and take care of Kambria...that takes all my time.

Until next time