Thursday, August 30, 2007


So this past weekend, Bryan and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary by leaving Kambria with my parents for a night and going to a hotel. It was not as big of a deal for Bryan since he has been away from Kambria for more than a night but for me it was a BIG deal. Of course I did fine, but I was still a little nervous. She did fine and was really good for my parents.

Bryan and I stayed at the castle hotel of Raddison...which is a hotel that just looks cool from the outside! The inside was fine, but nothing to rant and rave about. We even got chocolates in our room and sparkling cider. It was a fun time. The funny thing was that they had the temperature of the pool and hot tub switched. So the pool was HOT and the hot tub was like a pool temperature would be. So it was bizarre, but like I said fun. The next morning we went up to boulder, CO and had a tour of the Celestial seasonings plant. It was a free tour and very interesting to see how they make tea! And Bryan even learned what makes "tea" tea. It is a special plant that makes it the black, green, or white tea. The herbal teas, that are ok for LDS people to drink are just made out of herbs, like rose hips and hibiscus. it was fun to smell all the smells and see all the fun herbs and mints they put in. We even got to taste and type of tea we wanted and in doing so bought a couple of teas...herbal of course!
Then we went to the famous Pearl street mall, which by the way is 30 years old this week! We had lunch t Chipotle and then drove up the canyon and saw boulder falls. It was a nice relaxing day...
Bryan decided to surprise me and told me that he bought tickets to go see Little Mermaid at the buell theater. this is a new musical that is debuting here in Denver. It is supposed to be comparable to Wicked and will debut on Broadway this winter. That was quite a surprise!!! I am excited to go and in doing so need to find Kambria a "real" babysitter for the first time!!! We have tickets to go on a Thursday night and my dad works at the temple those nights and my mom and sister Tess are in a college class Thursday nights too...So anyone willing?

Another surprise was that Bryan got FREE tickets last night to go to the JOSH GROBAN concert!!!!!! yes I did say free!!! He called my up at 4:30 and asked if I wanted to go to a concert for free! i said sure what concert....JOSH GROBAN!!!!

So the story is that Bryan has been volunteering on Friday's at a prosthetic clinic and was chatting with one of the receptionists there about music. Turns out she really likes Josh Groban too and they got talking abut his concert. She kept asking Bryan week after week if he had gotten his tickets yet. Well he would keep saying no and so she said well if I have any extras I will give them to you...turns out she won back stage passes from a local radio station and so she had 2 extra tickets!!! so she called and gave them to him!!! Man we were STOKED!!! it was a lot of fun and amazing music!...LOUD but amazing. i eventually went to the bathroom and got some toilet paper to stuff in my ears so I could hear better. But the show was a lot of fun and one to remember!!! Here are our tickets!

So my surprises for Bryan were a toothbrush and some peanut M&m's...not so cool, but funny... I told Bryan i had a surprise for him and then let him think about it all night on tuesday. Then I came home from YW's and gave him his surprise...a new toothbrush, since he said he needed one, and none-the-less one that had a cool whitening feature...He did not think that was a very cool surprise. I let him believe it for a minute and then gave him the peanut m&m's! He said that was DEFINITELY the way to do it...that was the m&m's seemed really cool...well at least it was something fun!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kambria's checkup

So I forgot to post about Kambria's one year checkup... She is only 18lbs 12.8 oz and 27 1/2 in long. So she can not face forward in her car seat until she is about 15 months old. And her infant car seat will hold her up to 22 lbs and 29 in we get to wait on buying a new car seat! In some ways that is good because Bryan and I could not decide on one and this way we don't have to store her infant one, because we don't have very much room to store stuff since all of our home is basically in storage anyways!!!!

But the doctor says she is just petite and that is ok. She is on a growth curve, it just happens to be the 10th percentile growth curve. Well, so Kambria is just a peanut!!! And we are fine with that! i cant imagine carrying around a 27lb baby at 6 months like a friend of mine has to!! Petite is great!!!

On another note. My brother Brady has decided to come move home for a while and save some money and try something else new. So we don't quite know when the time will be but we know he is coming home form BYU area. I am THRILLED!!! i always felt like Brady and I were close when we were growing up and to have him back home so I can spend some time with him is WONDERFUL!!!! especially since Bryan thinks he and Brady would get along great and maybe even take a couple of day trips together!! i am REALLY excited if you can't tell! So we will have all our immediate family within 20 minutes of each other...except Colin who is on his mission! But Tess, Brady and I will be living at home together for a while. I do not know how the whole ting will work now that we are adults and such, but i think it will be great! I also do not know for how long it will last seeing that Bryan has applied to prosthetics schools again and we should find out in about a month...and then we should be leaving either way! But for the time that we get it should be good.. so that is it for now!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

1st Birthday

So Kambria is officially one years old. My mother suggested that I write down all the words that Kambria knows. Well lets just say that she can say mama, dada and her own versions of doggy and kitty. But she recognizes a lot more words:

grandma, grandpa, blanket, binky, phone, dolly, sit down, come here, eat, cracker, drink, toothbrush, tooth, hairbrush, hair, ears, eyes, bear, piano, car ride, car seat, outside, diaper, book, swing, yeah, loves, awww, kisses, yummy, and of course NO!!

I am sure there are a lot more but those are the ones that I can think of today right now. So for the pictures of the first birthday. The first couple pictures are from the weekend at Don and MaryEllen's. The others are from the celebration last night!

I do think Kambria had a fun time and LOVED all of her presents! She has played with all of them this morning.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

3 years already?

So I can not believe that is has been three years yesterday since we got married in the Denver Temple. And Kambria turns one today!!! I am just glad that she was not born on our anniversary and that she has her own special day!

We are going to be celebrating her birthday tonight with family that is in town...basically Nelson will come over to the house...but it should be fun. Pictures will be posted tomorrow.

As far as our anniversary, last night we had lasagna and ate it in the basement while my mother watched Kambria for us. Then we reminisced about the last 3 years and looked at wedding photos! It was fun. This weekend we will be going up to boulder for a day and just having a good old time. I figure while we are in Colorado, we might as well experience all of it that we can huh? Our honeymoon was spent in Denver---we went to a Rockies game and walked around downtown, our first anniversary we went to Elitch Gardens--our amusement park, our second anniversary was spent waiting for our daughter to be born and our third anniversary we will spend in boulder!!! one day maybe we will go somewhere OUTSIDE of Colorado! I am not complaining...just hoping!! ;o)

Monday, August 20, 2007

zoo day...

So Kambria and I went to the zoo with Bryan's sister Lisa and daughter Madalyn and husband Erik and Bryan's sister Amanda and mother MaryEllen. We had a fun time. It was only form about 10 to 12:30. It was short, but we were all ready to be done...including Kambria!!! She had fallen asleep about 10 minutes before we decided to go. We did see lots of fun stuff and Kambria actually enjoyed the animals this time. She would even go up to the glass and look and point at the animals. It was really cute! Here are some pictures to share

Thursday, August 16, 2007

more reunion pics...cute ones!

So the pictures I posted before were from my brother Brady's camera. Then I looked at our camera and relized I had taken some pictures here you go...the ones with the gnomes are from the geocache we did..

what a cure smile huh? Both Hayden and Kambria smiled for the camera! Hayden's is just so "cheesy"!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Good reunion

This is a picture of Brady at the parade of homes that we went to. It is a perfect picture seeing that Brady LOVES to cook and loves kitchen gadgets! Maybe one day he will have a kitchen like this to call his own!

This is a picture at the parade of homes that they had a kids room in the basement and so they decorated the window well. I like the idea!

I thought I would share some pictures of our family reunion and the parade of homes. It was a good retreat to have all family, except Colin, home for a while. Wednesday we headed up to the cabin up in beaver meadows/ crystal lakes area up the the red feathers canyon near Fort Collins.

WE had some fun times walking around the area looking at all the great sites and cabins that are up there, wishing and hoping that one day we will have a cabin of our own to go to...but for now was just wishing. We also played card games, had fires and smores, talked, played the old Super Mario Brothers games on the x-box, and went to the lake.

We enjoyed being together as a family and we even learned about our own family history a little too. Thanks Mom for putting it all together and all the work that was done by everyone else. Bryan and I only wish that Brady would live closer so we could have more fun times like these, but I think too much family time is hard for Brady. I think he was glad to go back home this morning on the train...Thanks Brady for putting up with my child and for having fun with us!!!

We took a walk around the area and looked at all the beautiful cabins. It was a good "easy" hike.

Grandpa Dirk widdleing a propeller for Hayden.

We went geocaching while at the cabin. Leah has the gps here. Daddy holding Kambria at the lake.
Leah, Hayden, and Nelson tubing in the VERY cold lake.
Grandma Robyn hauling wood for our "service" project for payment for our using the Poplaski cabin.

at the lake...Hayden had a hard time with the cold water at first, but later LOVED it.
Tess helping Kambria like the water
Tess with grapes in her mouth...she looked like a chipmunk!
moms with babies protecting them at the fire

Grandpa with Hayden on his shoulders.
Kambria telling Tess to get up!!!
He doesn't look old enough to be a grandpa!!

Brady and Dirk showing off their mad skills of wood hauling.