Thursday, November 20, 2008


Kambria has said so many things lately...but here is one thing that I could not help but laugh at....
"What's your prloblem mom?" Don't really know where she got that one from....

And then there was this..."OH my GOSH! for Heaven's Sake MOM!!!" as she was talking to herself on the lovesac.

She also calls Freta, our landlord, on the "phone" quite often and says...Hi Freta. We're home. Oh I see. Remember, I see. Ok thanks. See you soon."

Too cute!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Back on line

It has been a while since we moved into our new rental house. It has been GREAT!!!! I love having our own place and having our stuff out of storage. It has been fun going through it all and seeing what we forgot we had! The house is finally starting to look like our home too...we are putting pictures on the walls and I will soon be making different window coverings so that it matches the room decor...and also so it is clean. That is one thing with this house is that it was filthy dirty once you started looking closely at it. I spent 3 hours on each bathroom trying to clean it so that when we take a shower we would feel clean instead of feeling like I had to be careful what I touched when I got out! But it cleaned up very nicely and is turning out great. Once I get everything put on the walls and such I will show before and after pictures!

On to other things...the internet is not hooked up at the house, but thankfully I am still able to connect to a free service. It comes and goes so I don't have interent all the time, but it is free so I can not complaign. We were worried we would not have interent at all, or would have to pay for it...which is something we decided not to spend what little money we do have. So for now this works.

Weston had his 3 month photo shoot on saturday. We decided to try and take his pictures ourselves and save that money too. I think they turned out pretty good...not professional, but pretty darn close! Bryan is good at taking pictures and I am good at getting him to smile. And of course Kambria could not handle Weston getting all the attention so we had to take pictures of her too! They are cute and I am glad we did it. I am sure the more we do it, the better we will get at it! It is a fun hobby for sure!

Kambria is talking up a storm lately. She is now saying full sentences like the other day she said, "I do not want to do it right now mom!" She has quite the attitude and yet it so cute that it is hard to stay mad at her for very long! I love having my two kids and seeing how they are growing up so fast. We looked at some old pictures of Kambria and she is changing and growing so fast! She walks around repeating EVERYTHING you say. She gets on her phone and talks to our landlord Freta...she tells she is home now and that everything is fine. Of course that is what she heard me say one day. It is cute

These pictures are not even six months ago...and now look at her...

Weston is getting so big. He has always been a smily baby, but he is grinnnig ear to ear now...every morning when he first wakes up he just smiles and coos! I love it!!! And he must be going through a growth spurt too...he has been eating EVERY 3 hours!!! I can hardly believe it...and then last night he went 12 hours between his feedings...growing is the only explanation!

And his pants are starting to fit rather than me having to roll them up.
I love being a mom!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We are moving!!!

SO this is the first chance that I have had to sit down and write about the last week of our life...and what has transpired!!!
Last Monday October 27 he got a job offer from Casper WY!! well...we thought we were going that direction and we excited that we were only 3 hours from Fort Collins and 4 from Denver. So our minds were heading to Casper and what our lie would bring...BUT

Last Thursday I went to Denver for Kambria's 2 year check up.
Here are her stats:
29 lbs = 50-75%
35 in = 25- 50%

She JUMPED in weight so the doctor told me I could switch her to skim milk since she seems to be getting enough "fat." The doc said that she is by no means "fat" but that I should just make sure that she is getting enough exercise and that I should make sure she is eating enough protein.

So while I was in Denver Bryan was in Windsor at an interview. He got the job offer later that night and things have been progressing FAST!!!

Yes, that is right Bryan got a job offer in Windsor CO and he took it! The guy wanted Bryan to start on Nov 3, but he said he wanted to try and find a place and get a little settled first so he said he would start on the 10th. Which is this next Monday.

So Friday we started looking at apartments, while we were also waiting to see if my mother's boss's in laws would rent us their house in Windsor. We found nothing but TRASH for the amount we really want to we were hoping that this house would work out.
Friday night we get a call back from an older lady who I had called to come and see their house on Saturday. So Saturday morning we got out and see the house. It is little 3 bedroom house with a little back yard, a storage shed and a 1 car garage. I thought it was wonderful and wanted to take it right away but we told them we would call them later that afternoon and let them know since we weren't sure about my mom boss's in laws house...

We wanted to see if the Poplaski house would work. Unfortunately it did not work out...they are going to sell instead of rent. So we called Freta and Ken back and said we would take the house if they painted. They agreed!!! We were so happy.
Then Bryan realized we would need a washer and dryer. So we looked on Craigslist and found a 2 year old set for $380!!! It was great!!!

Then we went to the house on Monday and got the keys and signed the "contract" which consisted of us agreeing to keep the place clean and up kept. It is a month to month so no lease agreement. It has turned out GREAT!!!

We went today and they had cleaned the blinds and painted some of the rooms. It is amazing what a coat of paint will do. They did not paint the whole house, but they at least painted the front room!!
Things have been VERY fast and VERY busy around here. I don't know when the next time I can it might be a while. But wish us luck.

I am excited to unpack my things that have been in storage for over 2 years and to have a place I can call my own! As soon as we get some pictures I will put them on here. We are moving the storage stuff tonight and then setting up the rest of the stuff throughout the weekend!! YIPEE!!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Carving pumpkins...and halloween

So we carved pumpkins for FHE the Monday before Halloween and this is what we came up with.
I don't think it was such a bad turn out...Kambria had a ton of fun getting into the middle and pulling all the stuff out.
We just used the pumpkins Grandma MaryEllen had grown in her garden and the little pumpkins that Nonnie grew in her "garden" this year. I say "garden" because it was not a planned thing...the plant grew on its own in her front yard and she let it grow. It was fun to see how many little pumpkins Nonnie got! It was a blast to try and carve the little one too!!!

This is mine before...

And after.

Bryan's before...

And after.
We went to our ward's Halloween party. They have a booth there that is a professional photographer so we will have to wait to get that picture back to see how good we really looked but here are a couple of less professional pictures.... Bryan and I were Animal doctors and Kambria was a chicken and Weston was a cow...he is not in these pictures...but we will get the professional ones soon and then you can see him!

This is Grandpa Don participating in the bobbing for gummy worms/eating contest!
We had fun bringing our pumpkins to the party and even got awards for them...Mine was the award of "Curds and Whey" since it was a carving of the spider. Bryan's got the award of "Plan of salvation/ temple work" since his was the carving of a dead person and a grave. And Kambria's got the award of "Old school rocks" since her was a typical triangle eyes, nose and squiggle mouth. MaryEllen didn't take hers to the party, but we thought it was cute too. It is the Frankenstein one! It was a fun time! Halloween is a fun time for me. I can not believe it is already come and gone and now it is November!!!! Time sure is flying when you are having fun!
This video is on Halloween night and is of Weston giggling. Half way through the video Weston discovered Dad taking the video and was not as giggly...but the beginning is what is typical when he is in a good mood...which is more than not!