Thursday, February 23, 2012

trying to get caught up...

There will be LOTS of posts to follow about our fun trip to UT. It was a blast to see everyone and a busy week. Check back in to see all the posts...hopefully I will be able to get a vast of them majority done!

Madalyn's 5th party

While we were in UT, madalyn celebrated her 5th birthday. So Kambria and Weston got to go to her party! They were both so excited! She had a pajama party with Minnie Mouse! Here is Grandpa making the pancakes that we got to eat and decorate! The adults got whole wheat pancakes! Both Bryan and I loved them. We will be having them again soon!Kambria and Weston enjoying their decorated their pajama'sMadalyn and Layna doing the same! Here is the crew at the party getting ready to play some gamesPlaying musical pillowsWhat Kambria and Weston gave Madalyn. To make bracelets with! Grandma and grandpa gave madalyn a charger for her leapster Madalyn's cake...slumber party style!
Blowing out the candles We had a great time celebrating Madalyn's 5th birthday!

airport fun with cousins

We had a lay over in Denver on our way back from UT, so I set it up with Leah to see her kids in the airport for a minute. Upon arrival, I was surprised to hear that Tess was there as well! I know that it was a VERY fast and short meeting, but I appreciate them for taking the time to come and see us and letting the kids all get together and "play" a little bit. It had been almost 18 months since any of them had seen each other!

Group shot!
Tess decided she wanted to take a picture of Bryan and I on our camera. Thought I should include it...for posterity sake and for good laughs!

Me with all the kiddos! I am so glad it worked out to see them!

Me and Tess and Leah!

After we said our goodbyes we headed for security...and it took FOREVER to get through! We finally made it with only about 10 minutes to spare before missing our we booked it! We made it and some people were even nice enough to change seats so I could sit with Kambria and Ainsley and Bryan could sit with Weston!

We were so glad to have seen family and make our flight back home! It could have been a boring layover, but we like to make life fun and exciting!

Thanks again guys!

airport fun

On our way to UT at the nashville Airport. We grabbed some wendy's dinner before we got to the airport and then at it on the little playground inside the airport! We saved time and money doing this. It was great!

Ainsley even had fun!

feb fondue

For valentines day every year since Bryan and I were dating we have done fondue dinner. It is so much fun to invite a different couple each year and to not have any expectations for valentines day, we just know it will be a fondue experience!

We started out the day with heart shaped sprinkle pancakes for the kids...since we were going to be traveling on Valentines day we did it on the saturday before.

And then we decorated!

This is the kids table, yes they are included in the fun that night too! We enjoy it and so do they...and then with the couple that we invite we let the kids play with their kids. It is great!

Our place settings are a little nicer :)

The candy table...

Weston sneekign some candy...

the mirror is the first thing you see when you walk HAD to be decorated too!

And my little helper! Love this girl!

random jan pics

these are a bunch of random pictures from our adventures in Feb.

Kids in their pajamas. All 3 even looking and smiling!

Bath time for Kambria and Ainsley. This is a rare occurence due to Kambria not liking baths so much anymore...she likes Showers. but this time she thought it would be fun with Ainsley!

My silly girls!

look at those blue eyes! While Kambria is pretending to be "dead"

Ainsley decided to wash Kambria's face

Kambria being like mommy...she has her baby bunny in front pack...

which happend to be her backpack.

Bryan's birthday...late but here

even though it has taken a long time to post, it is here!!! Bryan's 31st birthday....we had a lot of fun surprising him. There is not a lot he gets surprised on so we galore! Enjoy