Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First day of Kindergarten

Kambria is a kindergartner now! She had her first day of orientation and she was THRILLED! She was so excited to wear braids in her hair and wear her green shirt because green is her favorite color! She did not get to spend time in the classroom yet other than to see where they(there are 7 kindergarten classes) are located. She finds out her teacher next Monday on the 15th!

Weston was so proud of her too!

But had to make sure she had a hand to hold in case she got scared! Cutie!!!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Fire department tour

Here in Nolensville they only have a volunteer fire department and we are lucky enough to have some of those volunteers as neighbors! So we got to have a tour of the fire house with the neighborhood mom's group! It was perfect and went right along with Weston's birthday theme and happened to be only a few days after his birthday!

First we got to look at all the equipment and then the trucks! They even let us climb inside them! Then they showed us how they have only 1 minute to get their equipment on! Weston was ENTHRALLED with the guys...but got shy if I made too big a deal out of it. He LOVED watching them! The whole gang in front of one of the three trucks they have. My two sweeties! They were even nice enough to turn on the fire hydrant/hose and spray the kids. They LOVED it...well Kambria did, Weston not so much. He thought it was too cold. ;o)

Weston is 3!

I can not believe that Weston is 3 years old now!!! It has flown by! My little boy! These are some photos and videos of his big day!
Weston coming down the stairs to see the room decorated for him!

Weston was so excited to get this present from Grandma and Grandpa Fairbanks! see video too!

Our neighbors and friends, The Gates family, came over and gave Weston a train book

He got some shirts too!And some tools!

And the big present was his tool chest to put all the tools on. It makes all sorts of noises and even has a little bird house that he can really build with fake wood and all!

I still can not believe that my boy is 3! He is such a sweetheart with a mischievous little laugh! he loves to help with his sister Ainsley and is best friends with Kambria! We are so lucky to have you in our family!

He is really into wanting to be a fire fighter man as he puts it! So we made him a fire engine birthday cake! He loved it!

Singing him happy birthday!

Chattanooga Aquarium

So for the weekend we wanted to do something fun. When we first moved to Nashville, we took every weekend and did something "new" so we could learn all about Nashville. We kind of stopped doing that, so Bryan decided to do something new for the weekend! I was so glad he suggested it! WE drove 2 hours down to Chattanooga, TN! And we became members of the aquarium! I know it might seem a little weird, but we figured to become members because if we ever want to go back in the next year...it will have paid for itself. So we did it! And this is supposedly the #1 aquarium in the nation! WE had a lot of fun going and seeing new places along the way...
For example: Georgia is on the way there. WE even got the signage to prove that we have now been in Georgia! ha ha ha

Kambria with the penguins!

The kids with the shark

A close up of the shark! I guess these are tiger sharks.
We even got to see a little diver show where they go in the water with the fish and sharks. The one diver is talking to the people while the other one has a bump stick to bump the sharks if they swim too close to the divers so that the sharks know that the divers are they...it was pretty crazy!

Jelly fish

This is where Kambria got to stand up inside a tunnel and look more closely at giant spider crabs...

Then we went to the butterfly area...

This was definitely the photo op! i guess this cage was one the was used with great white sharks before and you can see how it is bent in the back...that was done in the ocean from a great white! WAY scary stuff for me to think about! People are crazy to even THINK about doing that!

more penguins!

The girls all matched because Kambria wanted us too!

And the boys matched!

This is a sting ray

A sting ray too!

This is where you can touch or pet the sting ray! Kambria loved putting her hands in the water!Weston not so much...he liked looking!

We saw more butterflies!they liked to land on the fruit strings.

Look its NEMO!

Petting sharks this time!

this is a shell of the largest sea turtle...

Afterwards, the kids wanted to play in the water! so we took their shoes off and rolled up the pants and they LOVED it!