Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ballet class

Kambria is in her first ballet dance class. She isn't too shabby, but we will see how the year goes. These pictures are from the parent observation day. Other wise we are not allowed to sit in the classroom...but just watch through the windows.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kambria's 6 year pictures

I can't believe my baby is 6! she is one gorgeous 6 year old! I am not biased or anything! But the photographer did say she might use her pictures in advertisements. :o)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kambria's birthday

Kambria eating her birthday morning breakfast.  Birthday cake pancakes...they taste like birthday cake!

And it is on the special red and orange plate. It only comes out on birthday's or very special occasions.

She got her sleeping beauty crown!

Weston's gift to her was candy. He was so excited to give it to her.

This is the only picture of her opening a gift of tinker bell and the winter fairy from the new movie.
This the what grandma gave her. A New skirt! and it is green.
 Paper sticker dolls! Such fun
 These were her cupcakes that she wanted. Fun swirls.

Monday, August 20, 2012


What Bryan got me for our anniversary.
We went to bd's mongolian grill and out for a movie. A great night out!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First day of 1st grade

Kambria was excited to go to her first day of first grade.
Weston was REALLY excited for Kambria. He sure loves his sister. I was not sure if she or he was going to cry. They both did great.
 Isn't that the sweetest face.
 This is her teacher Mrs. Wilson. The first thing she said to Kambria when she met her the night before was "oh, you have freckles!" Do you know how many? WE will have to count them together!"
We love her!

Weston and Ainsley after saying goodbye. They were so good and excited for Kambria!

Thursday, August 09, 2012


One afternoon we decided to try and go see the train bad It is only open on Saturdays from 12 until 2... But we did get to see the ones that were there outside the museum...not much, but a few.
 An old train carcass.

Louisville slugger museum

Bryan had to go to Louisville for an interview for his naturalization to become a citizen so we made a family trip out of it.
We decided to go to the slugger museum. That is the kids and Bryan standing in front of the HUGE baseball bat.

Me holding a famous bat...too bad I don't remember whose...

And Kambria holding one too...wish I could remember the significance. you had to wear special  gloves in order to hold it, and only one person holding a bat at a time.

This is Cal Ripkin's bat...

Weston's first time hitting the ball. He did really well.

Kambria was good at it too! I have a bunch of naturals for kids!
 Bryan did well too :o)
The girls playing on the limestone baseball mit and ball

 Some pretty famous bats are held here...

bath hair

Kambria loving her bath time hair.

Weston's birthday in KY

The morning of Weston's birthday...
we taped some balloons up on his door. It is supposed to go all the way up the door, but I did not want him waking up and being scared that he could not get out of his room. So half door it is.

And then we had our typical streamers over the kitchen table

The ending result after Weston woke up and opened his door.

Weston showing us that he picked Lucky Charms for his birthday breakfast cereal.
Birthday cupcakes
First present is...
 angry birds game
 next present was rescue hero's astronaut
 This is the present Weston remembered me buying two months earlier...he did not forget...
 He was SO excited!
 And this was a surprise for him...another dress up. He was thrilled. No more wearing the cheerleader outfit! :o)


other CA pics

There was a pool at the house in CA. The kids and the adults all enjoyed playing in it.
 These are the only pictures I got of it..

On the last day Bryan and I did not want to go to the beach with everyone else, so we took Grandpa with us(he got too bad sunburned previously) and we went to a memorial for the church and the saints in CA called the Mormon Battalion. It was VERY well done and we had fun panning for gold, learning about the history of the march of the saints and making bricks.