Monday, May 23, 2011

Ainsley is 2 months!!!

Ainsley had her 2 month check up today. She did AWESOME! the nurse was even impressed. She got her first shots today! ;o( She sure is a chunk a monk though! She has THUNDER THIGHS.

Her stats:

height: 23 in ~90%

weight: 12.6 lbs ~ 90%

head: 15.4 in ~ 50-75%

Not bad baby girl! We sure do love you!!! She is cooing and smiling AT us now. We can hardly believe she is 2 months old! Boy time flies when you are busy taking care of 3 kids and trying to pack a house, close on a house and have a new born! But we are enjoying this time of our life. Ainsley is such a GOOD baby. She even sleeps up to 8 hours a night...although most nights are about 5 hours...still not bad. ;o)

(on another note: Kambria had to get 4 shots today in prep for kindergarten so she could be ready. The nurse said I could do it today since I asked for the records and she said she would needs these BEFORE they would let her in so we just did it for easiness since it is hard to get all 3 kids to a doctors office ;o) they are so nice...and Kambria did great. She was a bit nervous but held back her tears and later said, "mom that did not hurt really and I was so brave!" what a cutie! )

Sunday, May 22, 2011

my girl

this is my CRAZY girl! She is really into dresses right now. She wants to wear a dress EVERYDAY--rain or shine, cold or hot! And then on top of that she has to wear ALL the jewelry she can find...but I thought she did pretty good at matching today! She has a great imagination and LOVES to pretend. We love her!

Mother's day 2011

This is what I woke up to for mothers day! An omlet with FRESHLY PICKED strawberries an strawberry drink! IT was AMAZING! Then we had church and when we came home I got this for dinner:

Lemon Asparagus chicken! It is the most wonderful meal and Bryan makes it so well!

Then I got this for dessert:A dessert pizza with strawberries, freshly picked, and kiwi on a BIG cookie! Delicious!

I also got cards from the kids and Bryan with a gift card. It is great. I got cards from my mother and MaryEllen. They were great! What an awesome day! Being a mother is great and I could not have asked for better kids. They may have energy and be crazy and wired ALL THE TIME...but I love them and love that they have given me the opportunity to be a mom....which I am learning how to do better everyday! ;o)

Strawberry Farm

When we moved to TN last year we were too late for picking we made SURE we got to this year. We drove up to a little town called Portland TN and got to pick strawberries. Ainsley was dressed for the picking! Those are strawberries on her bib!

The group shot!

They sure do love each other!

Weston showing off his LOOT!

Kambria trying to smile for the camera!

This is how Bryan had to pick...with both kids close by wanting to help and carrying Ainsley on his stomach! What a great Dad! We had a blast and got PLENTY of strawberries....I would have picked more and made some into jam, but did not have the time and resources available due to having to pack up a house to move soon! ;o) but maybe next year I will be ready!

Ainsley's outfit

My sister Tess gave this outfit to Ainsley and so I took some pictures! Of course! So her you go Tess! Thanks for a cute outfit!

Showing off the ruffle! SO CUTE!!!

Siblings giving kisses! Ainsley is not so sure about it! ;o) But they love her and just want to give her kisses ALL THE TIME!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Kambria graduated preschool! She was so excited. She has enjoyed the group of friends she had and can't wait for kindergarten!
Here we have Camille (cambri), Kira, Logan, Kambria, and Caroline

Throwing their cute graduation hats that Lizzy made for them all! Of COURSE Kambria's was green!

Here is the graduate! She was just dressed in pants and a shirt...and since we were doing the party at our house she ran and put this dress on over her existing outfit! That's my girl!

This is Lizzy giving her her diploma.

With her certificate! I now have a kindergartener!!!