Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas letter

Dear family and friends,

This year has flown by at times and at other times has been very long. However, it is already December and time again for our yearly comings and goings. We went back to read last years letter, but we found out that we did not get one written. Trying to think of why we did not write a letter, we realized it was around the time when we found out that Eliza’s brother was diagnosed with cancer. But we are back again this year!

As most of you know, we found out that we are expecting our third child sometime the end of March. We will be having another girl, and Kambria is VERY excited to have a sister!

Weston turned two this year and is very fond on trains and Woody and Buzz. He is not potty trained more due to his mother’s lack of interest than his own. We are hopeful we can begin this chapter soon. He has gone from not talking much, which was a worry, to talking in full sentences. We love being able to communicate with him more and seeing what he picks up on. When not being provoked by his older sister, he is a true angel. He always loves to give hugs and kisses and to say, “I love you, too Daddy/Mommy!” He still wakes up around 6 am and comes to snuggle in bed. We are so blessed to have him in our family.

Kambria LOVES to learn! She is four years old now and enjoys going to preschool. She has started to write her name and to make all sorts of new friends. She is excited to have a sister and can’t wait to help name her. (She has taken it upon herself this task…of course we will be directing her!) She continues to talk about how much she misses Colorado and her friends there, but is slowly liking living in Nashville, TN. More to come on this. She has convinced her father to give her piano lessons. If you ask her she will tell you she plays very well…her father says she is learning. Kambria still loves to dress up as a princess and loves to boss her little brother…even to playing “mother, son” with him.

Bryan has had a roller coaster year with his employment. It started out by being let go due to cut backs. He was in the middle of his prosthetic residency and only had 3 months left. Luckily he could convince his former employer to finish out his residency pro bono! At least he was able to finish!! Shortly before completion, he found a job in Nashville, TN. So a month later we moved! We were so grateful for this opportunity to present itself and do recognize how much of a blessing and answer to prayers this truly is. So we now live in Nashville and are enjoying this time together. We do miss not being as close to our families as before, but we are learning how to make do. We like the wonderful hospitality the South has to offer and experiencing a new part of the country; we miss the mountains but are loving the green hills! Bryan is learning a lot and has already passed 2 of the 3 exams he has to take to officially become a Prosthetist. The next and final exam is the first week in January. After this, he looks forward to opening a new clinic for his company. We do not know where this will be, but we have hopes of Colorado. He loves the people he works with and has even had a few patients cry as they expressed to him what a great job he is doing and how wonderful their prosthetic fits. He enjoys it immensely!

My year has been full of tears, both of joy and disappointment. I never would have thought I would be living in the South, but am very grateful to be here. I, like Kambria, miss Colorado, but I am grateful to see my husband so happy in his career and to see my children experiencing new places. It has been fun to explore as we go on new camping and hiking adventures and discover what a new city has to offer. However, one day I hope to have a permanent home in which I can decorate and sew to my hearts desire. My hopes are for Colorado. In anticipation of our third child I have been watching a little boy named Zach to earn some extra money. He is 5 months younger than Weston and it has been fun to watch them interact with each other. It is evident to me what a gospel centered home teaches children. I am so appreciative for the gospel and the impact it has on my family. Even the simple things of seeing my children learn how to pray and sit still (or attempt to) allows me to realize how much the gospel truly teaches us all. As was mentioned before, my brother was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. We are appreciative of the many prayers offered on his behalf. He has a long road ahead of him, but we are hopeful for a good outcome.

That is what we have experienced in 2010. We have enjoyed the many joys and trials this year. We are truly blessed by having you as friends and family. Thank you for being a part of our lives.

Bryan, Eliza, Kambria & Weston

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

kambria dancing

This is a video of Kambria dancing to one of her favorite musicals...Wicked! She is so funny to watch. You would think she knew Bryan was recording her, but she did not. This is just how she is and how she to LOVES to dance. She even tries to get Weston involved. So funny!

playing the wii

this is a fun video of watching Kambria and Weston playing bowling on the wii. Kambria is pretty good at it!

after thanksgving...

usually Bryan and I like to go out EARLY on Black Friday, but this year we did not. This was partly due to the fact that we did not know what to do with the kids and also because there was not much we wanted. Bryan went out to home depot around 6...and got what he wanted...and then later in the day we went shopping as a family.

We tried to only get things that were on our lists and I think we succeeded at that. We found some nice sheet and a new bed comforter that we are getting fro Christmas! We are VERY excited about having a new look for our bed. After 6 1/2 years and a couple kids and cats later it is time!

We also had fun eating peanut butter sandwiches in the car and getting free ice cream at chick-fil-a to save money. We also decided to go and see the new movie "tangled." we were not sure how Weston would do, but since it was in the afternoon around his nap time he did GREAT!!! So his very first movie at the theater was "Tangled!" He slept through most of it, but since we did not have to pay for him it was ok! And Kambria was thrilled to watch all about Rapunzel! This is us at the movies!!!
Then on Saturday we put up the tree. But we decided not to decorate it until the kids could help, so we did that Sunday afternoon and they were VERY excited to help! They even wanted to wear the reindeer hats!

Here is Weston playing with all the "new" toys that we put out for Christmas! He LOVES to play with the nativity sets!

Thanksgiving all by ourselves!

this year we got to have thanksgiving all by ourselves! This is due to us living so far away from extended family and we thought we would just try our own celebration instead of inviting anyone over or being invited over.

We got to skype with my family and talk to Bryan's family on the phone. It was good to hear from them both and listen to all they were doing that day! We enjoyed making ALL the goodies from traditions on both sides of the family...we just made them in smaller quantities!

So here is our turkey..not bad for a first timer! Bryan helped a ton and I am so grateful for that! he even pulled all the innards out! My aunt Sherie would be so impressed!
And here is our humble table setting!

Bryan and the kids with all the fixins!

And here I am just for posterity's sake!!!
We made yams, green bean casserole, fresh orange/cranberry relish, homemade stuffing, rolls, jello, turkey, and even had fruit slush for drinkage! We even continued my families tradition of having candy corn and each one of us saying what we are thankful for. It was very humbling to hear your kids say that they are thankful for you!
I am a truly blessed mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend! I am grateful for all the trials and blessings in my life! They certainly help me be who I am today...and I think I am not doing too bad!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Piano time

The kids LOVE to play the piano!

And Kambria has even convinced her father to start teaching her piano lessons! It is hit and miss right now...but once the crazy holiday season is done...hopefully mom will engage and begin doing "practice" time!!! I just LOVE the fact that she wants to learn how to play! I will have musical kids!!!! YEAH!

Cowboy boots!

We have been Nashville-ized! We all have cowboy boots now! ...although these pictures were taken in a really expensive store...kambria and Weston got their boots from other places...but I thought the pictures respresented Nashville perfectly!

Kambria's preschool

This week at Kambria's school was about make believe and mid evil times. So they were all dressed up as princesses and had on their jester hats! Of course Weston had to be in on the fun...he got the cheerleader outfit and put that one on! He loves to dress up with the girls!