Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ainsley is 6 months!

She is sitting up...and CRAWLING!!!! I can not believe that my 6 month old is crawling. I know it is fun to say that, but that means that she will just get into things faster now! I am not READY for this! But she is definitely CUTE huh?

Ainsley's stats:

Weight: 17 lbs 10 oz - 80%

Height: 26.75 in - 85%

Head: 16.53 in - 40 %

This is normal for her. Except I think it funny to go back and look at Kambria's stats... she was about 8 months at this point...

weight: 16 lbs 3 oz - 35%

height: 25 1/2 in - 5-10%

head: 17 - 35%

So Ainsley has Kambria beat in being big! But chubby is healthy!!!! (at least at this age)

I have pictures of Kambria in this same outfit...They are their own person, but you can tell they are sisters.


This is a video of Ainsley putting her hand in front of Bryan's mouth every time he would try to kiss her. It was almost as if she understood what kiss and the noise meant.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


We went camping over labor day. We went with the Gates' family. It was fun but VERY hot! WE were planning on staying from Friday night through Monday was so hot that we left Sunday morning. The next camping purchase that Bryan and I BOTH agreed on is a fan...probably battery powered! There just was not enough air movement.

But enough complaining about the heat...we did have some fun times and memorable times.
One that I don't want to forget is the fun neighbors we had Friday night. We called the ranger on them...while Sean called the cops. They ended up searching their site and then leaving, but it was quite entertaining to watch these idiots. They just were VERY loud and annoying.

Bryan took these pictures of the sunset. It was beautifulYes, we were camping next to some lakes. It was called the Land between the Lakes. On Saturday we went to a working farm. Kambria got a lesson on how to make a rug. She was very good at it too.

Then Weston and Kambria learned how to make pots. They enjoyed it so very much. They both have their pots by their beds with a little animal Bryan bought them for being so good that day. "Charlie" is Weston's little horse and Kambria got a little Bison. She named it but I have already forgotten it.

It was a fun 3 day weekend. We just don't think that we will be going camping ever again when it is that hot without a plan in place on how to cool down... A FAN!!!!!

7 years

Seven years ago I married my best friend!
We now have three kids
have lived in 8 different houses/apts
seen LOTS of scenery
and we only have eterenity to go!

Ainsley videos

These are some fun videos of what Ainsley and the kids have been up to at our house!

Kambria is 5

I can not believe that Kambria is 5 already! She is getting so big and has such a fun personality...
She woke up to the kitchen being decorated with pink and green streamers and green balloons. And a birthday dress! (since her birthday fell on a Sunday this year)She loved it!

This is her right before church...she even got to wear mom's necklace ;o)

After church was presents time...she got new soccer shoes...and she was signed up for soccer!

This is her loot picture!

Weston gave her a present and preceeded to think he needed to help her open it.

He gave her a "baby" ariel doll. These things are all the rage now. She decided she loves it so much she wants the baby rapunzel one next! This girl dreams big!
The next couple of pictures are what grandma and grandpa Fairbanks gave her...princess barbie dolls that have permanent clothes so they can go in the bath.

They also gave her some clothes...

This is what mom and dad gave her..a leap frog "computer" book that can help her learn to read! Weston thought it was great fun too!

Kambria's FAVORITE food...Hawaiian haystacks!

And she requested green cupcakes this we made key lime cupcakes. They were DELICIOUS!!!! We even had to make more later!

This is the next morning in her new clothes. Green again! Gotta love this girl! What a sweetheart! We are so thrilled she is ours and teaches us so much. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter! WE LOVE YOU!

offically in kindergarten!

This is Kambria's first day to be dropped off to school for kindergarten. Here she is at the car being "dropped" off!

This is her teacher Mrs. Martin. She LOVES her...

Weston getting a turnt o sit at the table before we have to say goodbye. He actually did really good. He was excited for her and then said when is it my turn? Someday soon buddy!

Kambria doing their first activity...with a smug look saying dont have to take any more pictures. This little girl is Cheyenne...she has become one of her favorite friends! Who knew right?

Me getting my picture in...Carsen is the other little girl. She lives across the street and actually got moved into a new kindergarten class becasue there were too many kids. But we still see her everyday. She rides the bus to and from school with Kambria!