Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning at our house

Christmas morning at our house. Of course Kambria slept for part of the night in our bed. We even had to wake her up at 7:30! That was a miracle!! We enjoyed opening presents and seeing Kambria's face! Weston was clueless, but none the less happy!
Kambria got a horse, just like Woody from Toy Story 2, her FAVORITE movie, and we even named it Bulls eye just like Woody's. And of course she had to have her Woody hat, which happened to be her Easter hat!Kambria got a fun stuffed bear and book from Natalie!
Weston and Kambria opening their videos. Weston got Elmo and Kambria got Shrek...since she stepped on the old one we she can watch Shrek and not just Shrek 2
This was one of Kambria's favorite presents!!! More pretend food!

Bryan even got a few surprises...pirolines...which he guessed from feeling the package! ;o)

And a new wireless mouse for the laptop so he can play games easier!!!

And of course Weston the happy baby!
This is Kambria after Bryan put some sticky black stuff on her....

We enjoyed the morning being a family and experiencing our first little family Christmas all by ourselves!!! Then we were off to the Fairbanks' for more fun!

Christmas eve

We were at my parents house Christmas eve, since that is our tradition. First we meet at Target and had our family pictures taken. I thought it turned out ok...and we will be posting them as soon as we get them back. Then we went to the hosue and had appetizers of crab and cream cheese, bri and filo bread, artichoke and spinach dip and of course frozen slush! It was a grand time. We tried to do the christmas story...although it was not too easy to get the kids to cooperate. And then the kiddos in the christmas pjs. I did not get any pictures of the twins though ;o( So leah, if you have any please send them my way! Thanks!

Christmas cookies

We had Lisa, Erik, Madalyn, Amanda, Don & MaryEllen over for FHE last week to make sugar cookies. The kids had a lot of fun eating the frosting...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My sis is HOME

So excited to have my sister home from her first semester away at college! Can't wait for christmads eve so I can spend some more time with her!!! Congrats Tess on being one of Kambria's favortite Aunts. Kambria would not leave Tess alone when she saw her.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So I have had some challenging times with Kambria (potty training and being a big sister who obeys her mother etc.) and so to make upfor it, she likes to have her picture taken. So these are my attempt to make her happy and give her a cute hair do.

I also let her wash dishes...notice she is only in underwear? This was due to one of the "challenging" times again. But she enjoys washing dishes...or rather just playing in water.


Weston has started to mimick peoples mouths. We finally got it on video. So this is me trying to get Weston to say Na Na Na...


We have tried to be good and make sure to do FHE with Kambria. She even has a nursery manual that we bought for her lessons. She knows right where it is at and that we talk about Jesus for FHE. So last week we talked about the prophet becasue she had talked about it in nursery the day before. So we were talking about the prophet and she starts singing the song "follow the prophet." So we had her do it again and got it on video this time. We were thoroughly impressed! Way to go nursery leaders!!

Smash pillows

Kambria has some pretty funny word for things lately...She calls marshmallows smash pillows! It is the funniest thing to hear her call them that... for a long time I didn't know what she was referring to. I think she calls them that in part to my mother calling ravioli "pillows" so that Kambria would eat them. Whatever works right? Right!

And then she also will NOT call a piano a piano. She calls it a Plano. So we tried to get her to say PEE ano...and then she said PEE PLano...So that is what a piano is called at our house. PEE Plano. No sense in trying anymore for I don't want her to get too confused!

Kambria has been really lovey as of lately and I think it is due to the fact that I have to tend to Weston when he is crying. She can not figure out why I don't like it when she cries and I tell her to stop, but when Weston cries, I hold him. So I am really trying to make it a point to give her praise and tell her I love her and that I like it when she is a big girl and does not cry. We are still working things out.

Weston is now holding things and LOVES to be held. Kambria still likes to try and lay on him, but he doesn't seem to mind too much. He loves his big sister and they giggle at each other once in a while!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Painting Christmas cookies

We got a TON of snow here today and so I let Bryan take my car to work. (his car has REALLY bad tires, and until we can afford new ones we will just let him use the red car...or Ruby as she is named! ) So we were stuck in the house all day! So instead of being bummed about it, I don't like the snow just yet, we made sugar cookies and Kambria painted them. Yep, I said Painted, not frosted. I saw this idea on another blog and tried it... Since frosting is harder for little ones, it worked fine. The "paint" is egg whites with food coloring. They are not the best looking cookies, but we had fun doing them together. It was Kambria and my time alone together, while Weston took his morning nap. Fun times.

And then when Weston woke up, and Kambria went for her afternoon nap, I decided to take some cute pictures of Weston in his Christmas outfit...hat and all!

This one is my favorite!!!

Decorating the Christmas tree

So Sunday Bryan got out the christmas tree and put it together during Kambria's nap, yes it is a fake one. It was SO much easier than trying to do it with her awake. We got the lights on and then went to dinner at Bryan's parents house. Then on Monday night we decorated it for FHE. It was so much fun to see Kambria so excited. She even said that, " Mom, I so escited..." It was cute to see her trying to figure out where to put the ornaments and to hear her giggle with joy. Weston of course was clueless but cute otherwise.


So it has been a while since thanksgiving, but I am just getting around to posting about it. That is what happens when you have too many other things to finish unpacking and setting up christmas and trying to keep your 2 yr old entertained. But none the less here it is...

We had a wonderful thaknsgiving day with my mom and dad and 20 other people from their ward who would not have had a thanksgiving meal otherwise. So it was not the typical thanksgiving meal that I was used to the MANY appetizers and punch before the meal, but it was a fun expereince and I am glad that my parents could help these folks out!

Normally we would always go to a movie on Thanksgiving, but since it was just my parents and us for fmaily, we decided to stay home and watch a movie with some of my parents friends...the Youngs. So we watched journey to the center of the Earth...however, it was NOT the new versiona dn was really quite a dumb movie. But still fun to spend time with my parents! And then we played Ticket to Ride after the Youngs left. That was a fun one and Mom actually won this time!!! I was the big time loser of only having 50 points!!! AGH!! Mom won with 151 points! She lapped me!!!

Then we drove home around 8:00 pm. It was a fun day...And then on the way home we looked at the outlet malls in Loveland and no one was there yet. They opened their doors at 11pm that night for the black friday gifts. So at 10:30 I went to the outlets and got myself a FREE pair of diamond stud earrings! That is right FREE!!! There was a coupon in the paper for $50 at Ultra diamonds. I was not sure if you had to buy something or not and so I went to see. It was fun. I just picked out what I wanted and it was worth $50, so they rang it up and gave it to me for free! I was that is what I am getting for christmas.
This was all while Bryan stayed at hoem with the kids in bed. Then he got up at 3:30 and went and stood in line at Sam's club for our family will just have to wait and find out what it is!

Then on saturday night Bryan's sister Amanda and his brother scott and his wife Jacqueline and Bryan's parents come over to see our new place. They had not seen it so we had them over for dinner and games. They stayed until abotu 8pm and then went on their way. I was glad they got to see it! It was fun to hear all their comments and thoughts on the decorating...which is minimal right now. But it was fun times!