Monday, February 22, 2010

congrats to our friends

I thought we would just say congrats to our good friends. Their second child was born on Feb 6...right on the due date! And it was only 15 minutes of labor once they got to the hospital...6 hours total...NOT fair for those of us who never had it that easy...even the c-section takes longer than that! But we are happy for them. We got to go see them in the hospital. Here is Heidi Alice. CONGRATS!!!!

Westons 1st haircut

This is Weston's first haircut. We had been wanting to cut it for a while, but I told myself I was not going to cut it until he was 18 months on Monday Feb 8 we cut it...I was going to do it on the actual 18 month date, but he was GROUCHY and I figured it would not be so good to do it when he was here is the final product of my now BIG BOY...although he still does have SOME curl in his hair...

Weston 18 month pics

Not mcuh to say. These are Weston's 18 month pictures. We had a lot of fun taking them...without Kambria there is made it a little easier. We love you buddy!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Weston is 18 months!!!

Weston is 18 months old now. His doctor appointment was great.
He has a little eczema, but so did his sister...and still does once in a while. We just have to put special lotion on him more often and get away from Johnson's baby soap/lotion! Not so good fro his skin apparently.
His stats are 27lbs 4.7 oz ~75%
33 1/2 in ~75%

Kambria's were 23lbs 6.4 oz ~25%
310in ~25%

What a difference. We knew Weston was a big kid! Btu we love him so much!
He is not talking very much, but the doctor said he is ok with what he does say. He knows a few signs and repeats words when he wants to. He is a stubborn little guy and likes things done in a certain way.

He loves to put things away in the sink when done eating/drinking. He likes to help clean up, and he even goes to his bedroom for time out when asked/told too!!! What a great skill!!!

Kambria started potty training at 18 months, but I think Weston is a ways away from that. He is more interested in other things. Maybe at 2 we could start with him.

We love this little guy and all that he brings with him! ... We are getting his 18 months pictures done tomorrow, so I will post those later!

We love you WESTON!!!


well I haven't said much about my brother due to his request to be a little more private...which is understandable. But I have had some questions from people, so I thought I would update a little.

Surgery was successful. Took out about 25%, due to not knowing what is brain and what is tumor. Biopsy came back that it was stage 2 going to stage 3. Now radiation is the next step with chemo on top of that. Radiation is a one time deal...lets hope it is successful!!!

He is starting radiation for a 6 week period hoping to get the seizures under control. He is doing fine as you can be. We are on a ban of coming to see him with the kids, due to noises affecting him and we can NOT get him sick...and children tend to be sick a lot with colds. Maybe one day we will leave the kids with Bryan's mom and go see him. ;o) We take it one day at a time and hope that Heavenly Father can relay to us what his plans are. I know that He has a bigger plan and that is all that keep us going at times.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. they are truly felt.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

christmas day 2009

Later in the day of Christmas we went to Bryan's parents house and celebrated with his family. Lisa and Erik did not get in until around 9pm that night, but everyone else was there.

This is Amanda opening her "home made" gift that she was not too stoked to this face I would think she was excited to get it...Here she is styling her gift. Made by Eliza...given by Bryan. Now she can learn how to cook.Kambria got some Disney barbies...the new Frog and princess movie characters....she is deciding if this is what she wanted...Yep, she decided she likes them.Weston got a basketball hoop...And a car play/driving mat. He like the ripping of the paper part the bestThe day after Christmas Don and MaryEllen moved out of their house into a temporary apartment until they find a house they Madalyn came over to our house to play and stay out of the way. The girls liked their new dress up clothes and played very well together. They even liked to play in Kambria's new tent. Madalyn of course had to have ALL her dolls with her and her drink too ;o)This is Kambria wearing her Hannah Montana wig and microphone that Santa gave her and her new dress up clothes. She looks like a true dancer eh? definitely weird for me to see her with long hair...

Christmas morning pictures 2009

Christmas morning we spent at our house. This was the second Christmas we have spent in our little house. We may rent, but it sure feels like our house. The Christmas tree was so fun to decorate and looked so pretty when we were home enough to enjoy it...which wasn't very often. This was in bed with mom after we had to wake Kambria and Weston up...In bed with dad...aren't we so festive.Kambria LOVED her stick horse. She even demonstrated the proper way to ride it.Weston received a vacuum. We hoped the he won't be scared of the vacuum any worked!!!He loves to help vacuum now.Kambria got a medical doctor kit. She was thrilled to try it out on her brother!And we all got to open some movies. Weston got the sandlot. He will appreciate that movie a little more when he gets older.

There were very few surprises that Bryan and I had this Christmas..which is the way it goes ad you get older. but this was one. I found this game at a store and since we LOVE the "train game" also known as ticket to ride...I thought I would surprise him. He was SURPRISED!!! Got the face and everything!

Christmas family pictures 2009

This year we somewhat successfully took our own family Christmas shots. This was the very first was truly the only one that came out decent. Isn't that how it always works? So here is our little family photo...we even all matched and everything! Way to go mom and Dad

This is our princess...she wanted braids in her hair. They didn't turn out to bad either!
This was when we got to go to the temple as an extended family with my family with Brady. This was the manger display in front of the Denver temple. It was quite a sight. We loved it!This is Kambria with our "gingerbread" (graham cracker) house. It was a pretty pathetic sight, but at least we made the effort to do it...(we kind of got side tracked with all the "stuff" that happened. ;o)And this is Kambria when she met Santa. We visited him at the mall with her school. Weston wanted nothing to do with it...but Kambria was so brave. She told him she wanted a train...I think she just saw the train they had there and got nervous and had to tell him something. needless to say she didn't get a train from Santa..

Christmas Eve pictures 20009

We spent Christmas Eve at Eliza's parents house. it was fun to have everyone there. The night started out with a yummy dinner...that I did not get any pictures of.

Throughout the night games were played to try and entertain the kids. This one was composed of flipping frogs into the bucket.

This one is elefun. Tess had fun with this too! ;o)We then did Luke 2. Kambria was Mary. Hayden was Joseph.Weston was not too he was the "sheep."Chloe was an angel...

Ella was an angel too but did not care to wear the costume.Then came the Christmas songs. Bryan was at the piano...this is one reason I married him! I LOVE when he plays the piano.And everyone joining in to sing...even the kids joined in...trying to play the piano.

This was Nonnie's gift to the grand tents. So she gave one to Leah's kids and one to my kids. Kambria and Weston LOVE theirs. They play in it ALL the timeHere is Hayden trying to play the trumpet ornament. Tess tried too and actually could get a pretty good noise out of it...That is what a trumpet player can do.This is my gift to my mother. i made her an apron. I thought it turned out pretty good!!!Brady teaching Bryan how to do cat's cradle. Don't know if they ever truly were successful in the teaching!Hayden and Weston got bomber jackets from Nonnie and Papa...cuties!!!And the girls all got matching jackets/pant outfits. They were so cute to be all matching! This was our Christmas eve festivities!