Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We are moving!!!

SO this is the first chance that I have had to sit down and write about the last week of our life...and what has transpired!!!
Last Monday October 27 he got a job offer from Casper WY!! well...we thought we were going that direction and we excited that we were only 3 hours from Fort Collins and 4 from Denver. So our minds were heading to Casper and what our lie would bring...BUT

Last Thursday I went to Denver for Kambria's 2 year check up.
Here are her stats:
29 lbs = 50-75%
35 in = 25- 50%

She JUMPED in weight so the doctor told me I could switch her to skim milk since she seems to be getting enough "fat." The doc said that she is by no means "fat" but that I should just make sure that she is getting enough exercise and that I should make sure she is eating enough protein.

So while I was in Denver Bryan was in Windsor at an interview. He got the job offer later that night and things have been progressing FAST!!!

Yes, that is right Bryan got a job offer in Windsor CO and he took it! The guy wanted Bryan to start on Nov 3, but he said he wanted to try and find a place and get a little settled first so he said he would start on the 10th. Which is this next Monday.

So Friday we started looking at apartments, while we were also waiting to see if my mother's boss's in laws would rent us their house in Windsor. We found nothing but TRASH for the amount we really want to we were hoping that this house would work out.
Friday night we get a call back from an older lady who I had called to come and see their house on Saturday. So Saturday morning we got out and see the house. It is little 3 bedroom house with a little back yard, a storage shed and a 1 car garage. I thought it was wonderful and wanted to take it right away but we told them we would call them later that afternoon and let them know since we weren't sure about my mom boss's in laws house...

We wanted to see if the Poplaski house would work. Unfortunately it did not work out...they are going to sell instead of rent. So we called Freta and Ken back and said we would take the house if they painted. They agreed!!! We were so happy.
Then Bryan realized we would need a washer and dryer. So we looked on Craigslist and found a 2 year old set for $380!!! It was great!!!

Then we went to the house on Monday and got the keys and signed the "contract" which consisted of us agreeing to keep the place clean and up kept. It is a month to month so no lease agreement. It has turned out GREAT!!!

We went today and they had cleaned the blinds and painted some of the rooms. It is amazing what a coat of paint will do. They did not paint the whole house, but they at least painted the front room!!
Things have been VERY fast and VERY busy around here. I don't know when the next time I can it might be a while. But wish us luck.

I am excited to unpack my things that have been in storage for over 2 years and to have a place I can call my own! As soon as we get some pictures I will put them on here. We are moving the storage stuff tonight and then setting up the rest of the stuff throughout the weekend!! YIPEE!!!!


Sarah and Nate said...

Congratulations!!! Windsor will be great for you will get a chance to have your own space, but you have both sets of grandparents close by, too! How exciting! Can't wait to hear updates when you get a chance!

Tamie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! wow....when things are right, things are right. heavenly father sure moves things along when it is, eh? and windsor is a beautiful little town and you've ven got your own little upstairs or downstairs apartment neighbors...sigh, what i wouldn't give for such a place (that is affordable too)
enjoy and hey: kambria is in no way a fat little girl...she's not even big...and she's active. take what a doctor says in stride. you're her mom, you know her better than the doctor who only sees her on check-ups. :)

Heather said...

Congrats! It has been a long road, so I'm glad the scenery has started to change.

Brittney and Michael said...

Yeah for you guys! I love Windsor - and how perfect that you're still so close to Denver and Fort Collins. I would choose CO over Caspar anyday!! Isn't it amazing how Heavenly Father comes through on his promise to take care of us.

Kristy said...

What a whirlwind! I am so glad you get to stay in Colorado closer to both of your families. And having a little house of your own is even better. Good luck with everything. Tell Bryan congratulations!

Jackie B. said...

YAY!!! That is SO exciting!!!

ValSterByDe said...

congrats on the job! how exciting that they liked Bryan so well to offer that day! glad you found a little house to have your own space! and so happy for you that you don't have to live in windy wyoming!

Jensen Family said...

That's so awesome! Glad you guys can finally settle down in your own place!

kahluakitty said...

Congrats, Eliza! That has got to be so exciting, but stressful too. I hope all goes well for your family during the move. It will be worth it! :)

Shannon And Tyler said...

That is so cool that Windsor worked out, and you can stay close to your family. Have fun unpacking everything!

child family blog said...

Yea!! You are so close to me!! We definately must get together soon! Are you in the Windsor ward with Steffanie Wright? If you were just a little south you would be in my ward in Johnstown!!