Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tennessee state fair

The second weekend in September we went to the Tennessee state fair. I will tell you that neither Bryan nor I were very impressed, but it was fun to see the excitement in the kids faces.

We had lunch there...Kambria and Weston shared a LONG corn dog while I had nachos and Bryan had a hot dog.Weston was definitely in a silly mood and did not want to take a picture until I started acting silly too! Kambria used some of her quarters from her birthday and rode 2 rides. This one was HILARIOUS! it whipped her around the corner and she LOVED it. See the video below!

The truck ride was not as fun...but notice she had to get the green car and the green truck...only cause green is her favorite color! And she will let you know it!

of course I broke down and had to get a funnel cake! We all shared it. Thank goodness we shared it because all of us had plenty to eat and were feeling kind of sick by the end. I do not know how anyone can eat one all on their own! We had fun and are glad we went and experienced together!

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