Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving all by ourselves!

this year we got to have thanksgiving all by ourselves! This is due to us living so far away from extended family and we thought we would just try our own celebration instead of inviting anyone over or being invited over.

We got to skype with my family and talk to Bryan's family on the phone. It was good to hear from them both and listen to all they were doing that day! We enjoyed making ALL the goodies from traditions on both sides of the family...we just made them in smaller quantities!

So here is our turkey..not bad for a first timer! Bryan helped a ton and I am so grateful for that! he even pulled all the innards out! My aunt Sherie would be so impressed!
And here is our humble table setting!

Bryan and the kids with all the fixins!

And here I am just for posterity's sake!!!
We made yams, green bean casserole, fresh orange/cranberry relish, homemade stuffing, rolls, jello, turkey, and even had fruit slush for drinkage! We even continued my families tradition of having candy corn and each one of us saying what we are thankful for. It was very humbling to hear your kids say that they are thankful for you!
I am a truly blessed mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend! I am grateful for all the trials and blessings in my life! They certainly help me be who I am today...and I think I am not doing too bad!

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Kristy said...

Looks delish! You did a great job cooking on your own.