Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meeting santa

We decided to take the kids to see Santa at Bass Pro shop. All the other stores around it are closed due to the flooding, but they have reopened and it was quite busy! We waited in line for quite a while, but it was worth it!
Here the kids are posing in front of the snow man! Look at those cheesy grins!!!!
Here we are meeting Santa. We had to do a little coaching to get Weston to stand by Santa. he was crying at first until he saw that Santa had a candy cane to give him if he took a picture with him! It was great. He stopped crying and proceeded to smile! This Santa was good!

After the candy cane we went and saw the big grizzly bear. Weston was a little nervous until we showed him it was not "real," in the sense that it would not hurt him! Of course Kambria was not scared at all!

A nice lady took a family shot for us. So here we all are in front of the grizzly. All you can see is the tummy ;o)

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