Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas

Since I am so slow this year, Posting this on my blog and facebook will have to do! Enjoy!

December 2011
Hey Y’all!!!

We can not believe another year has come and gone! We are so thankful for all the wonderful things that have happened this year. As you noticed in the greeting…we are officially from the south. Nashville, TN to be exact, well our house resides in Nolensville, but close enough! Last year at this time we thought we would only be in the south for a little while. The big news happened after Bryan passed his final board exam and the company he works for asked him to stay in Nashville. After a few tearful prayers, we decided it was best to stay! So other big news—we bought our first house! We know the decision to stay in TN was right when we decided to buy a house and everything fell into place! Everything! We LOVE our neighborhood and the people we have met.

We welcomed our third child, Ainsley Reese Fairbanks, to our family this year. She was born on March 22, 20011. She has a GREAT birthday...3,22,11. She was 7lbs 10 oz and 21 in long! We can hardly believe she is almost nine months!! Time flies. She was crawling at 6 months, furniture walking about 7 1/2 months and last night she just climbed up her first stair. We will not be surprised if she walks at 9 months! This girl is a mover! We love having her in our family and feel so blessed for what a wonderful baby she has been. She has such a beautiful smile and her excitement for life is infectious.

Weston turned 3 and was potty trained right after we moved in June. YEAH!!! Only one child in diapers! He LOVES to learn and even knows some of his letters and the sounds they make. He has preschool one day a week at home and then is going to preschool at a local church one day a week to give him some “play” time. He is learning so much. It also gives mom some one-on-one time with Ainsley and “quiet” time to do those things she doesn’t get to do with all the kids running around the house! :o) Weston is a big helper and loves to help mom with Ainsley. Almost too much of a helper! He loves to play dress up and help cook in the kitchen. He is still tender hearted and loves to give kisses and hugs. Sometimes we just wish his inquisitive mind would not ask “why?” so much.

Kambria started kindergarten this year. She turned 5 the day before school started! We live right behind the elementary school, (one reason why we love our neighborhood). Although we are close, she gets to ride the bus to and from school. She loves it. Her bus driver is a member of our church and we feel so blessed with how good he is with the kids! She loves Mr. Jesse! Kambria is so glad to have a sister and loves her very much. She carries Ainsley around and Ainsley just squeals in delight. It is fun to see them interact with each other and be excited to see one another. She likes having her own house and can’t wait to decorate her room with mom. The piano is still an interest for her and so is telling her brother what to do!

Bryan is doing well with his job. He is officially a C.P. now. That is a certified Prosthetist! After becoming certified his company asked him to stay in Nashville and he accepted! All the schooling finally paid off. He likes the company and the people he works with and is happy with what they have to offer him. He is also the pianist in the ward primary. He was skeptical at this calling at first, because he thought he would not get to know people in the new ward, but if you ask him about it now, he LOVES the spirit the children have there. Bryan has also become quite the handyman with owning a house. He has installed ceiling fans, changed light fixtures, installed towel racks, laid down sod and somewhat helped in the decorating process.

Eliza LOVES LOVES LOVES having her own house and looks forward to having a craft room to do her sewing in! She is grateful the Lord works in mysterious ways and has shown her that TN is the place to be for now. She has started to learn that decorating a house is a process and one that she is just beginning. But it has been fun and very fulfilling. She has made some good friends with some ladies in the neighborhood and enjoys learning from them. Eliza has loved having a happy and healthy baby and is enjoying spending time watching Ainsley grow and learn. As an update on her brother, he is now cancer free after two years! We are grateful for him and for the sacrifices he has given and are thankful that the Lord has spared his life and that he is doing well now.

We are so grateful for the blessings that have come our way this year and for the wonderful children we have been blessed with. We are truly blessed by having you as friends and family. Thank you for being a part of our lives.

Bryan, Eliza,
Kambria, Weston & Ainsley


Brady said...

Thanks Eliza. I'm grateful to you and your family for the thoughts in my behalf. Lots of love.

Saundra (Gorham) Dennis said...

Merry Christmas goes out to you and your family. What a great picture! I hope this finds you well. Take care and enjoy the holiday. Lots of love Saundra:)

Kristy said...

Your family is so beautiful! Merry Christmas! Love the update on everything. Especially about Brady. That is great news!