Wednesday, June 20, 2012

our little cutie

This is what our little Ainsley is doing as of lately. She is talking up a storm. I feel like I have been neglecting her photos and videos of her doing the things we will soon forget. So here are her "tricks". She jabbers ALL THE TIME!! Literally all the time. There is not even a time in the car she is not cooing herself to sleep or just jabber and talking away. It almost gets annoying in the car after a while... :)

And she can sign thank you, please, so big, more, bye bye, and she can blow kisses. We are having so much fun watching her become her self. It truly is amazing.


Jackie B. said...

so cute! she is so blonde too.

Kristy said...

My niece does this too! So cute but I could see how it would get old, especially in the car. Rollie's little girl gets louder when she it tired too!