Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

We carved our pumpkins tonight for FHE. This was Ainsley's first time being involved. And yes, she WAS involved. She enjoyed herself very much. She just wanted to play in all of the goo.

But she did have her way of telling us it was "yucky"

 Kambria carved her own pumpkin this year. She did a really great job. Better than I thought she would do.
 Weston with his finished product. He did not want to carve it.
 Bryan hard at work. This is his favorite part...even if it is tedious.
 What a cutie!!! she liked playing with the seeds, so that is what she did.
 Kambria with her finished product. A bat cat.
 And Bryan's finished product...can you see the witch holding a newt over her cauldron? I was impressed!

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