Friday, December 08, 2006

crazy times

I have not written in a while, and for all my faithful readers I am sorry. I do not have a lot to say other than holiday times are BUSY! And I am not even THAT busy. I just think it is all in my brain. I do not know if any one else feels this way, but I think that I feel busy because there is a lot of hussle and bussle about. I am trying to remember the the TRUE meaning of christmas and keeping my thoughts in check. I am more in the mood of gift giving than gift reciving, but it still does not seem like Christ is quite in the center of it all...I am working on it!

Well like I said not much happening. Just everyday doing the same old same sleep and take care of Kambria...that takes all my time.

Until next time


PotatoJack said...

Cute Picture. Yeah i'm getting a little stressed on finding the right for a few people. Oh well. Like you said, i have to think of the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Glad you are doing good.

Kristy said...

What a cutie! She is looking more like you each time I see a new picture, and you both are beautiful! Is her hair going red? Her three month pictures that you posted look like her hair is a little red. Way cute!