Thursday, March 13, 2008

I want some warmer weather!

So while we have waited for some warmer weather, we have shown Kambria how to play with
Play-Doh. I do have to still watch her when we play because she likes to still put it in her mouth! YUCK!

However, I have to say that we are TIRED of cold weather! We have had a taste of the warmer weather here the past couple of days and have been enjoying ourselves. Kambria LOVES to go outside and so the past 3 days, we have gone to a new park everyday! We are checking them out just in time for us to leave for a couple of months. But the parks vary so much in the quality of them that I am learning which ones I like and which ones I do NOT like very quickly. I have decided that I like the plastic playgrounds a WHOLE lot better than metal and/or wood ones. And I like wood chips for ground covering or recycled tires, NOT pea gravel of ANY sort!


Jensen Family said...

She is such a cutie! It was fun seeing you at the park the other day! Hey I tagged you! Look on my blog for the instructions!

Kristy said...

Play dough is so much fun for kids. Messy, but fun. I still haven't figued out why they like putting it in their mouths, it tastes terrible. You are right about the parks too. Plastic is much better and no gravel please.