Friday, April 25, 2008

Finally here in Chicago!!

So we left for Chicago on Thursday April 17th around 9am and drove and drove until 8pm (which is 9pm in Iowa) when we stopped for the night in Carroll, Iowa to spend some time with our friends Nate and Sarah and Hannah!! We spent until Monday morning with them. Hannah and Kambria are 3 weeks apart, and they loved playing with each other...of course as long as they got to throw their fits when the other one had their toy!!! but all in all it was a fun time to spend some time with them again and of course play Ticket to Ride!!!

Here is Nate with Hannah and Kambria one the ONLY sunny day we had there!
So on Monday April 21st we left Carroll and drove another 7 hours to Chicago! We drove into Chicago about 4:30pm. And that was even with the traffic, which is HORRENDOUS!!! Bryan will be doing the majority of the driving I can already tell!
So the next bunch of pictures is a brief walk through of our little, but VERY expensive apartment in downtown Chicago. Where we come from you could buy a very nice 3-4 bedroom home for the $300,000 that would buy you this 1 bedroom condo. They have only been open since November, but there are only a few condos left so you better hurry. We are literally about one mile from Northwestern Chicago Campus!
This starts the tour...
This is the view you would get when you first walk in the the left is the bedroom and to the right is the living room.

Before you get to the bedroom, there is a bathroom on your thing that is nice about the counter is that it sits a little higher and has double sinks. So no fighting over the sink! ;o) With Bryan taking a picture of the big mirror...
This is the jetted tub which we are excited to use, but Bryan went to try it out and gross stuff came out of the jets, I don't think it has ever been used yet and there is dust and stuff clearing from the jets. So we have run it a couple of times and it is getting better. So one day soon one of us will get to try it. Who knows I might even learn to like baths again!
So next to the bathroom is the laundry closet...not room, but closet. It does a small load of laundry, but I am grateful that I do not have to go to a laundry mat but can do it in the comfort of my our apartment!!
This is the bedroom. We are looking in from the doorway and you can see that it is small, but very do-able. Once again, Kambria gets to sleep in the pack-n-play. But she does very well in it! For this we are grateful!!! It was a worry and there was no need to worry because she sleeps well in it! The bed is a "king" size bed...which turns out that they have two twin bed pushed together each having their own set of sheets on them with a king size comforter. It is a little different, but I like the room we have to sleep in! And it makes having Kambria in bed with us a lot easier too. (which has only been once so far. cross your fingers)This is the view sitting on the bed looking out into the apartment. The walk in closet is on the left. This is the walk in closet. Which Bryan and I have decided that we both LOVE!! Walk in's are GREAT!!

So going out of the bedroom into the living room. This is the entertainment system. Yes it is a flat screen tv, with basic cable, which will probably spoil us when we have to go back to our 27 inch tv...but it is fun for now!

So this is what you see as the living room when you are standing in the kitchen. This is the couch and chair...And Kambria sitting on the stylish zebra chair grinning for the camera!!!This is out the living room door on the balcony. Kambria is doing her leg swings for you...And this is looking from the balcony into the living room/ kitchen.This is on your immediate right when you very first walk in the door...the kitchen! With nice stainless steel appliances and dark cherry wood cabinets. The stove/oven are gas which Bryan likes, but I have to get used to. and this is the fridge. So that is the basic tour of our little abode we are living in while here in the big city of Chicago.


Sarah and Nate said...

Glad you guys made it safely! Even though your condo may be small, it sure is NICE!!! Brand new everything, and fancy, too. Enjoy your time in Chicago!

Jensen Family said...

That is such a nice apartment! Glad you guys made it OK and hopefully are getting use to it there! It looks like such a fun adventure for you guys living right downtown!

PotatoJack said...

So glad you made it. What a great looking apartment!

Kristy said...

I love the apartment/condo. It was a good idea for you guys to get a furnished apartment. I wish my apartment was that stylish and new. And your own laundry...I'm jealous.

Tamie said...

what a pad! i had no idea that you guys were going to be right downtown...waht an adventure for the next few months! how exciting for you guys...enjoy while you can!
eben though your place is extremely expensive, it is really cute!