Monday, April 28, 2008

The free zoo!!

So there are two zoos in the greater CHICAGO area. The Lincoln Park zoo is free everyday!! So since last time Kambria and I just went we decided to go and see more of the zoo with dad. We did not want to pay for Parking so we went with the meters and paid 75cents for an hour and a half instead of the $14 parking lot. We just had to walk a little more...that's what Chicago is all about anyways huh? So we started at the Farm portion of the zoo. We saw cows, and goats and chicks. This picture is Kambria playing in the egg that shows children how chicks are born.

And these are the baby chicks that were already hatched and then the ones that are in the incubator in the back.

This is Kambria sitting on the tractor. She wanted to go inside it, but there were too many kids in line, so we opted for the tire ;o)
This is daddy and Kambria looking at the monkeys, Kambria's favorite animal.
This was WAY funny. This is an aardvark that was asleep in a barrel.
And then on the way home we thought we would share how gas prices have JUMPED here in Chicago. Some places have even been at $4.09 for the "cheap" stuff.
And this is our nightly ritual to sit and watch the horse drawn carriages that pass by our street every night at 10pm. It is fun to see horses around town. We are not quite sure where they take them, but we figure it is somewhere close by.

This is a video of the monkey at the zoo that has no forearm. We tried to listen to what the zoo keeper was saying, but there was a lot of kids running around and laughing. So we just understood that the monkey got it's hand stuck in some sort cage and it ripped off the forearm all within 15 seconds. But he seems to get around just fine...


Andrews family said...

Looks like so much fun! I have never been to Chicago. Sorry to hear about the gas prices... yikes!

Kristy said...

I feel your pain with the gas prices. But a free zoo is pretty cool. Have fun!

Chele said...

Looks like things are going good. I have never been to Chicago. My supervisor for At Home AMerica is wanitng me to go to a conference in Chicago in August. I Still haven't decided if I am going yet. You look so cute pregnant.

Lund Family said...

I am so happy for you guys. I bet you love having your own place. Have fun in the big city!