Monday, September 08, 2008

New haircut!

So I got tired of having the same hair cut that I have had for a long time AND I wanted short hair due to the fact that I have less time now with 2 kids. So here are the results.
The first 3 photos are fine...and then the fourth photo is when I went to striaghten it....I was upset and could not get it to go the way I wanted it.

I first went and had it cut as little longer...then about 2 hours after of trying to style it the way I wanted it...I did not like it and went back and had the girl cut it shorter. It was supposed to be a posh like a-line hair cut and did not exactly turn out that way...but I like it none the less. and let me tell you it is A LOT easier to do...straight or curly!
So the end result after all the pictures, is a little shorter and layered.

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PotatoJack said...

I LOVE IT! You look so great! i have been thinking about cutting mine short again...but i just don't know if i can do it. LOL.